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Your Future is God’s Past

Who told you that your future is bleak and uncertain? Who told you such blatant lies? They are lies from the pit of hell that must never be condoned or accepted. They are lies! 

Your future is God’s past. It has already been settled in the plans of God, waiting for the manifestation at God’s appointed time. 

Before you were conceived in your mother’s womb, God knew you and already set out His plans for you. God already made the plans of Jesus coming to this earth even before the creation but there was an appointed time set for the fulfilment of the plan. Jesus was the hidden plan, wisdom and mystery of God.

God is too big to start thinking over your future, no. He has all set out for His children; only if we make ourselves align with His purpose and plans for us.

You can only make yourself align with His purpose if you allow Him into your life by accepting Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour. Else, everything becomes vague and you begin to chase shadows, leaving the reality which is Jesus.

As a lady yet to be married, God expects us that all our desires should be to please Him with our lives and our entirety. Only then would He help us to fall into His plans for our lives.

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While waiting in the Lord’s preparation room, God expects us to do the following:

Build a strong secret place with God.

 Develop godly characters.

 Take heed of how we live our lives.

‍ Pray and intercede for the man God is also preparing you for.

 Pray for the fulfilment of God’s vision and plans for your life.

 Learn basic things as a woman such as cooking, house care, personal hygiene, and other things needed to take care of the home.

The woman is made for the man, not the man for the woman.

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