Waking up this morning, a friend asked me: Nike, what is your Oriki? Oriki in Yoruba language refers to a Eulogy.

Eulogy is a form of speech or writing in praise of someone or something. This is mostly done by elderly people and Nigerian musicians.

A eulogy is common in my culture, especially when you are privileged to grow up visiting your grannies at the village or peradventure, they visit your parents.

They also render the eulogy when they feel excited about something or someone.

These days, eulogy may be referred to as the commonly known accolades.

So, back to my story, my friend asked for my Oriki – maybe for the purpose of praising me – well, I can’t tell.

Obviously, I don’t know my eulogy. In Yoruba land, your eulogy must be in line with your lineage history and all that. It must also be indigenous and rich.

So, I told my friend that I have adopted my Father’s lineage. Definitely, I know my eulogy because I know my root. My root is in God. My root is in Jesus Christ.

Here is a short eulogy of who I am:

I am Olanike Akinrimisi.

I am the child of the Original Majesty. I am a priceless jewel. I am virtuous. I am an heir of God and joint-heir with Christ. I am bold and confident in Christ. I am full of power and honour.

My mouth is seasoned with grace and full of godly wisdom. I have the understanding of God, my Father. I am born of God. I am born of the Spirit. Therefore, I am spirit.

I am fearfully and beautifully made. I am the image of Christ. I am a true disciple of Christ. I have in me the seed of righteousness. I have power and authority.

I have the presence of my Father in and around me. I am rich, wealthy and flourish.

My name is greatness, glory and favour. I am Olanike Akinrimisi, the beloved daughter of I AM THAT I AM.

One of these days, I will write on the eulogy of my Father, the Original Majesty!!!