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Let me start by welcoming you again and again officially to The Penvoice Blog on www.thepenvoiceblog.com which is a brand and arm of its parent company, Penvoice Media.

For the past six months, we have been on the journey of rebranding our platform – The Penvoice Blog – so that we can give you just the best contents that you cannot find elsewhere. We are on a mission to dishing out premium contents – creative, exclusive, and original – that are also 100% African based.

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We have gone through different phases to ensure that we re-launch with awesome contents. Unlike the previous contents we had on the website, The Penvoice Blog would be portraying the typical African setting. This, we mean is that, the medium will focus more on telling the African story – its people, lifestyle, places, culture, foods and lots more that would interest you and the global eyes.

The Penvoice Blog increased its contents from four to twelve (12). Wow! Isn’t that amazing? So, today, we shall be unveiling these exclusive contents for you to see, read, share and know about. To begin with is our very own Executive Hub.

executive hub


Who doesn’t love to read about people who are in the news, making the headlines and using their stories to inspire others? None, I believe.

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Executive Hub talks majorly about the stories of business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, startups, career gurus, and experts to mention but a few. 

the african woman


Let us talk about our African women. I am super proud to belong to this amazing gender and heritage. ‘The African Woman’ content focuses on the challenges and sacrifices of African women who had/have to put on the line of their lives, family and careers to ensure that everything around them succeeds.

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I am also talking about women who would not give up their dreams at the expense of their homes and careers, they don’t quit on their goals and visions in life. In fact, they have mastered the art of work-life balancing. How they are able to achieve these still remains a puzzle to many. These puzzles will be unraveled here on The African Woman. They worth celebrated. Their stories worth been shared.

We hail them o!



Health and wealth are two factors that life depends on. No matter your goals and visions in life, we all need our health to pursue them to a satisfactory point.

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WellYou is a major goal for me and that is why on the WellYou content, you should be expecting impacting health and wellness contents that will inspire you to live healthy and wealthy.

yellow lyf


It is Yellow! Yellow!! That is the code. Youths and the culture of making everything fun yet inspiring. Our African youths are graced with knowledge, advancement in technology and all-round ways of having fun – this is what this category is all about and more. It is for the culture – the yellow lyf.



When I first came across this weird word, I felt good about it because my friend who addressed me as Alte made me to realize the uniqueness of my outfits. Bringing this idea as a fashion and beauty content is one category I am so passionate and fascinated about.

It would amaze you to know that Africa is blessed and rich in diverse attires and ways of spreading the gospel of beauty. We are intentional about our fabrics, accessories and appearances. Our diversities in culture reflect in our dressing and we are proud of that part of us.

Join me as we tell the story of African fashion and beauty.



Love is a beautiful life. However, there are times when we find thorns among this sweet love. There are times when the ships of our love life sink; and there are times we sail. These are the magical stories we want to tell. Telling the way love is shared and enjoyed in an African way and style. Should I tag it Lovewood? Smiles!

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African love is sacrificing, that I know of, but is this generation of love the same with our forefathers? We shall see as we sail through the ships of different love. Love! Romance! Relationships! Family! Marriage! Many more!

hello, God!


I have heard many people thought that what if God has a line they could reach Him. So, I am putting the same thought across to you – What would you tell God if He had a mobile phone or line to call Him? Hello, God! is a category that talks about everything godly and inspirational. Are you a lover of God, then, here is your favourite content on this The Penvoice blog. Let us put a call through to Baba God nah – 080Gooooood. Dial the line and let me read your reply from God in the comment section.



Who does not eat or love good and tasty meals? Well, I do. I am a lover of good meals o. In fact, I am intentional about who I choose as friends, so, if you do not know how to cook, I might start considering unfriending you. Joking… The bottom line is that Africa is blessed with sumptuous meals that have raised eyebrows in other parts of the world. I remember the social media contest on which tastes better between Nigeria jollof rice and Ghana jollof rice. Both do ooo but of course, Nigeria jollof rice tastes better. Don’t come for me on this, please.

people and voices


Gossips, rants and unedited audio voices of our very people. Many times, I have heard conversations of passengers, football lovers at newspapers vendors and also little gatherings of people on the street. I believe that this only happens in Nigeria. I am yet to explore this part of other African countries. This is not to posit that we love gossips but usually, these conversations are borne out of lively boredoms in the vehicle, concerns about an issue especially the political affairs, government, people and other controversial issues happening in the society.

Nigerians have developed this habit of conversing in the public space with unknown people – speaking out and airing their voices to share among themselves.

Amazingly, we hear some people who bring their personal matters into the public space to gist about with their friends who are on transit with them. They get engrossed in their gists and pour out their thoughts. These and more are what we shall be sharing with you on this blog. You don’t have to become extra emotional about it, remember they are normal and everyday happenings. We have decided not to edit any part of the conversation so that you can have a full fun of the conversations. Welcome to People & Voices.

dairy of a naija nurse


The health sector especially hospitals and clinics are places where a lot of sacred things happen. Is it from the doctors, nurses, midwives, patients and other stakeholders of this sector? Name it. These scenes and issues are worth sharing because they are real life stories. We want to document these stories and tell the world. Sometimes, they could be pains, losses, joy and victories. We want to tell the story. It is a Diary of a Naija Nurse. Anticipate!!!

african footprints


Africa is rich in proverbs. They are storytelling proverbs. We have our own William Shakespeare, yes, we do. We have a way of passing a message across to generations without using literal language. It is our way of life and we would celebrate it. They are our own footprints which must not be erased from history.

So, tell me, which of these contents do you look forward to? Feel free to drop your anticipated category in the comment section.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

Thank you! See you in 2022 by God’s grace. Much loves.

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