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Tools Needed for Building your Dreams

Ladies, your dreams are as important as your success. As a lady, dreaming is a prerequisite for fulfilling your destiny. Discovering your purpose is the first step of achievement in life. 

A life without a purpose is not worth living. A woman without a purpose is like a woman without a womb. When you have a purpose, then you can birth great ideas and make them become a reality.

Every builder needs certain tools to help build his desired dream or vision. You can build your dreams with the following tools:

¶ Searching deeper about your vision.

¶ Having a full understanding of what your dreams are all about.

¶ Mapping out strategies on how to accomplish them.

¶ Taking steps to actualising them.

¶ Having an unquenchable passion of fire.

¶ Believing that you can do all things.

¶ Ignoring naysayers.

¶ Developing inner strength.

¶ And trusting God to help you fulfil your dreams.
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These tools are part of what great and successful people we know today used while building their dreams. They are beyond the cash in our hands or millions in our bank accounts. 


You can have all the money, but when you lack the above-mentioned tools, then you are heading towards a shipwrecked dream.

No dream is too small or big to achieve. God is the master planner and He is the one who has given you that dream, so, He expects you to totally rely on Him to bring it to pass.

But then, your dream must be aligned with God’s purpose for your life, else, you won’t find fulfilment in it. What is the essence of an unfulfilled dream?

Wealth is not proof of fulfilment of dreams, neither fame. All these are good but they are not the major factor in determining the success of your dream. 

Don’t be discouraged by the news of people who are making their money or building fortune. Follow your own dream, pursue your goal, because your race is absolutely different from another.

Building your dream entails God (Giver of the vision) and You (Receiver of the vision). Focus on the giver of the dream and He will see you through the journey to the land of success. 

Have a productive Monday!

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