The African Woman Blog Series: Life of a Woman – EP 14

life of a woman

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The African Woman Blog Series: Life of a Woman – EP 14


This gay thing amongst men is very rampant I tell you. A lot of these men who are openly married to a woman even with kids engage in it without their wives or Family knowing their dark little secret.  And na Dem dey take care of their wives pass because they mostly need her as a cover-up.

Most women will say, “My husband is not really a sex person. He stays at home with me and our children a lot, but he rarely even touches me ” Madam abeg, check him very well, he might be hiding something.

When my own happened eh, it was like a nightmare that I hoped to be awake from. My ex-husband was all that a woman could ever wish for. Good looking, has good poise, a great job, is caring, spirikoko (at least I thought he was).

If I thought he was too attentive to my needs and the sweetest man when we were dating, he was even more fantastic when we were married. He would take me out shopping almost every weekend. We would go to the market together. We would even cook together. I won’t lie; being married to Dennis (Not real name oooo) was the best time of my life.

We were married for five years. The day I found out that Dennis was gay eh, I nearly died. His single best friend mostly came to our house to spend weekends.

The African Woman Blog Series: Life of a Woman – EP 14


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They would play video games together and I would even cook for them. To me, it was better for him playing his game at home with his friend rather than him hanging at beer parlour.

One night, I woke up in the middle of the night to ease myself which was rare as I usually slept all through the night. I realised Dennis wasn’t in bed.

It was one of those weekends when his friend was around. So I thought they might still be playing games overnight as they sometimes did. When sleep didn’t come immediately, I thought to go get myself a cup of water and also check on the men.

On getting to the sitting room, only for me to meet my husband and his friend kissing on the couch with my husband’s boxers halfway down his knee. Now, if it was just mere kissing, I for even overlook am. But nah serious passionate kiss you would give someone you love so much o.

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The African Woman Blog Series: Life of a Woman – EP 14


We didn’t have children yet, so there was no fear of kids walking in on them. But when they saw me, the look on my husband’s face was more of a surprise than fear of being caught as he said, “HOW are you awake?!”

I immediately ran back to the room, and locked myself inside till morning. As I ran off, I heard his friend say, “You didn’t give her tonight?” And he slowly responded that he did. It was a year after we had gone our separate ways that it dawned on me that Dennis must have been giving me something every night his friend was around. Because I would sleep throughout the night without even moving as he had made it a ritual to always make night tea for me.

But as Dem say, every day is for the thief, and one day is for the owner. He did the tea for me as usual, but he rushed to the toilet to poop. While he went, accidentally, over half of the tea poured onto the floor. I mopped and told him I was about to sleep when he came out of the toilet.

He said he was going downstairs to play a game with his friend that he would come to bed later. He gave me a quick kiss and he left. Dennis had been making sure I slept all night for years so I could never walk in on him and his lover in my own house.

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The African Woman Blog Series: Life of a Woman – EP 14


I didn’t even want to know or understand anything. I left him. This was someone that his family was already on my case over children oo.

Meanwhile, this guy no even want kids. Our separation was messy as I opened up to his family about who he really was because the talk was flying up and down that I was cheating on him. He found out and he was sending me packing. Some even said I had no womb. Finally, their son was getting his senses back. And Dennis didn’t even try to defend me. So I decided to burst the speaker.

I left with dignity. Na their family issue. Make dem start to dey put themselves together o.

As for me, I moved!


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