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#ReformThugNG: My Experience of Invaded Cultists at Mile 12

#ReformThugNG will soon become a trend in the reformation process of a better Nigeria that we all seek. This is a national call and obligation. I recently wrote on this hashtag but directed the article to Nigerian youths who are clamouring for a radical change for this country. But my experience of cultists on Sunday, 1st of November, 2020 changed my mindset about a whole lot of things. I saw what I never experienced during …

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#ReformThugNG: Next Agenda For Nigerian Youths

#ReformThugNG is one war that Nigerian youths must conquer if we indeed want a better Nigeria for ourselves and unborn generations. Having seen so much in my few years since birth, there is a weakest link between real hustling youths and real dawdling youths. What is the difference between the two? Real hustling youths go all out to make ends meet, push until something good happens; while the other does but in a negative and …

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