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‘I am Depressed!’ – who?

‘I am Depressed’ – I wonder how many times I have come across this depressing confession by people in recent times especially during this pandemic. Depression is not a good state of mind anyone prays to be in. But what happens when you slightly or gradually find yourself or someone around you in such a situation? So, I would be talking about 3️⃣ quick emergency solutions you can proffer to a depressed person. 1️⃣ Ability …

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panic attack

5 ways to maintain mental wellness

Mental wellness has become a necessity for everyone across the globe. A lot of things have been happening during this pandemic; such as people falling into depression and not been able to manage mental stress.  So, in this article, we have put together five ways on how you can maintain your mental health during this covid-19 pandemic. Remember to take breaks. Anticipate stress and plan ahead. This helps create some order and control in your …

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