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  • How to achieve New Year’s goals – Busola Afolayan

    How to achieve New Year’s goals – Busola Afolayan

    How to achieve New Year’s goals at the beginning of every year and as we reach a new quarter can be a big challenge for many. In fact, many people set both New Year’s goals and as well quarterly goals for themselves, but a study shows that 92% never achieve their goals. So, I’ve been wondering what could be the reasons and challenges. Our guest today has shared some important factors and proffered some possible […]

  • Oil of Trust

    Oil of Trust

    When there is NO TRUST, there is NO RELATIONSHIP. Trust is one of the strongest ingredients for any relationship to thrive and survive. A relationship, irrespective of the dimensions and definitions, is only as great as the level of trust. Trust in a relationship is dependent on the level of integrity of the parties involved. Therefore, TRUST IS BUILT ON INTEGRITY. What makes your client decide to continue patronage with your brand is because of […]

  • Oil of Affection

    Oil of Affection

    Affection is sweet, tender, devotion, giving, caring and delightful. It is a gentle feeling of fondness or liking. Affection is the spice of our relationships. Once the spice is missing, the relationship loses all forms of flavour and colour.  A research has this to say about how important affection is in our relationships: Consider this: Affection is the Number One reason couples seek therapy (Doss et al., 2004). It is so unfortunate that as relationships […]

  • Relationship Series: Oil of Unity

    Relationship Series: Oil of Unity

    Last week, we talked about Oils needed in our relationship. Today, we shall be taking it further – Oil of Unity. Progress and super achievements in a relationship are faster when there is a strong bond of unity and agreement. The key word is TOGETHER.  Togetherness in agreement, bond, unity, connection. Mat 18:19  “And I tell you more: whenever two of you on earth agree about anything you pray for, it will be done for […]

  • Relationship Series: Oils of relationship

    Relationship Series: Oils of relationship

    Relationship is an important aspect of the human race. We shall begin a relationship series with a relationship and family life coach, Busola Afolayan. Oil is a liquid lubricant when applied to an engine that aids in the smooth and proper functioning of such. The engine will malfunction whenever the oil level is lower than the required gauge level.  In the same vein, there are many factors involved in making and keeping our relationships strong […]