Strange But True: Life Of A Woman – EP 9

Life of a woman

Strange But True: Life of a Woman – EP 9


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Strange But True: Life of a Woman – EP 9


When Tunji (not the real name) and I were dating and I introduced him to my mother, she called me aside later to say she didn’t like him. I asked why, she then responded with ‘his face is too strong. He looked like someone who would be a wife beater’. It was a ridiculous thing to say. How would my mum judge a book by its cover?

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Few days later, my mother called me to tell me of the dream she had of how Tunji had almost killed me with punches if not for my mother who had come to my rescue. She warned me again about him and I had told her that she had such dreams because of her feelings about Tunji. 

I got married to Tunji, and three months into our marriage, Tunji had returned from work one day upset about something someone did to him in the office. He told me about it and I saw that he was at fault. He had slapped a janitor and his GM heard about it and warned him never to repeat it again if he didn’t want to lose his job. 

I had told him that he shouldn’t have laid a finger on anyone at work no matter how upset he was. He may be higher than them in position but that didn’t mean he was superior to them.  

The next statement I wanted to make didn’t come out as Tunji landed a slap on my face. He asked what right did I have to be against him. He said I was his wife, my job was to support him in all that he did. I didn’t believe my eyes that my husband could hit me. That was the beginning, o.

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Strange But True: Life of a Woman – EP 9


Tunji would beat me most times as if I was an animal. I couldn’t even tell anyone. Not even my mother. How could I tell her? After all, she had warned me. I didn’t want to hear “I told you, so?”. I just continued receiving my beatings jejely. 

One day, my mum had visited us. The second time she had done such since I got married. She brought some foodstuffs she had got when she traveled to go see some elders in the village. 

My husband entered as usual and later complained he didn’t like the way my mother had looked at him. And I was there. She had greeted him well. In fact, my mother had accepted him well since I told her that he was a good guy. 

He asked me to tell her to leave. I told him he should at least be patient that she would soon be leaving. Tunji said he wanted her to leave that minute. How would I face my mother and ask her to leave my house because my husband said so? 

A woman who had fought and sacrificed a lot for me. I then told him no. He beat me like never before that day. My mother rushed into the room. In the midst of trying to make my husband stop hitting me, Tunji had landed a punch on my mother. 

Strange But True: Life of a Woman – EP 9


When he saw the blood that came out of my mother’s mouth, he then realized what he had done. That day, I followed my mum home. 

Tunji and I divorced over 8 years ago and I’m glad we did. Our marriage didn’t even last 2 years. And guess what? The ‘I told you so’ I was so afraid to hear from my mother that didn’t make me tell her what I was going through, she never said it till today!

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