Strange But True: Life Of A Woman – EP 8

Strange but true: life of a woman

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Strange But True: Life of a Woman – EP 8


I was organising my closet when my three year old boy kept jumping on the bed. I had warned him severally to stop; but he would resume again after he noticed my attention had gone back to folding my clothes so I decided to leave him to let him have his fun.

Not long after, there was a loud sound from the bed. It seemed like the wood under the bed had broken. I was upset at my son. I immediately sent him to his room. Then I moved the clothes on the bed to the floor wanting to know the extent of the damage.

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I lifted up the mattress to rest on the wall. Then I noticed the wood didn’t break; but only shifted. I arranged it then was about to put the mattress back when I decided to switch to the other side; since it was still cleaner than the normal side my husband and I sleep on.

Strange But True: Life Of A Woman – EP 8

I was laying the bed back when I noticed a bulging part which was formally on my side; but because I switched, has now fallen to my husband’s side. I started to wonder how my son managed to insert his toy inside the mattress.

I traced it with my hand. It was hard with a funny shape. I immediately brought out a blade to cut a smaller size of the mattress so as to bring it out. Lo and behold, I was staring at a gourd with a red cloth round its neck and three cowries. (Gourd is called ADO in Yoruba language).

Life of a woman

I immediately threw it on the floor. I began to wonder what a gourd was doing in my house, in my matrimonial room, under our bed especially on my own side. My husband and I had never had a maid. And we don’t usually have family visits. I started speaking in tongues as I picked it up with a nylon.

Strange But True: Life Of A Woman – EP 8

My husband returned at night from his Saturday hangout. “What is this doing under our bed?!” I attacked immediately as I showed it to him. He was shocked but it was glaring that he wasn’t shocked not because he hadn’t seen it before. But because I found it. He told me he collected it from his uncle for our protection the last time he went home.

I had never known my husband to be fetish. We had always put God at the centre of our lives. He’s a successful business man and so am I. And I had never had any cause to suspect him. But with this discovery, I don’t know what I should think anymore. If it was for protection as he claimed, why was it on my own side of the bed? For how long have I been sleeping on it?

Since four days ago when I discovered it, he has been begging and assuring me it was nothing more than for our protection. I have been sleeping in my son’s bedroom because I don’t know what else is hidden somewhere that I do not know of again.

I’m confused!

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