Strange But True: LIFE OF A WOMAN – EP 6

Strange but true

Strange But True: LIFE OF A WOMAN – EP 6


Bamike (not real name) and I got married 12 years ago. Our marriage had been simple and straight. She never gave me any issues and I made it a point of duty to give her rest of mind.

I mostly travel out of Lagos for work and when I returned, I ensured that I satisfy my wife in every area if you know what I mean.

We had our 3 children plus a young man named Kola(not real name) that I had taken a liking to and I decided to help. He stayed in my BQ. Kola was 26years thereabout when a friend introduced him to me to be a cleaner in my office. He was a well-behaved boy and I later found out that he was a graduate with first class for that matter. So I decided to change his position in my office and also moved him to my house eight years ago.

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An old friend of mine from secondary school ran into me and had forced me to promise to visit him. This particular day, I decided to do so. I drove to Ota where my friend’s business was situated from my house at Ogudu. He owned a hotel.

Strange But True: LIFE OF A WOMAN – EP 6

We were catching up on old days at the bar when I suddenly saw my wife passed. I wouldn’t have recognized her from afar if not for the fact that she was wearing the same outfit she wore earlier that morning. I told my friend who I just saw as I was about to get up to go meet her.

My friend told me not to do that. He said it would be better if we digested the situation before reacting.

My friend later told me after he spoke with the receptionist for a while that my wife and a young man were their regular customers. In fact, they had a room on standby solely for them which was paid for on a monthly basis.

Then my friend taught me a plan. We dialed his other phone and gave it to an attendant who took drinks to their room. He dropped it under the bed. Then I could hear my wife talk with a man. it didn’t take me long to know who she was with after listening patiently to the sound of their love making.

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The man was telling my wife that they needed to stop their affair as he was about getting married. My heart got broken the more as I recognized the voice to be that of Kola, the boy I raised and trusted. I experienced the shock of my life when my wife told him that if he left her, what would be the fate of their daughter?

Strange But True: LIFE OF A WOMAN – EP 6

My wife had our last child whom I have been raising for the past six years for Kola. And they both knew of it. I couldn’t control my anger anymore. I went straight to their room and I made sure they saw me.

Bamike and I are no longer together but my last child is 12 years old now and I still take care of her along side with her older siblings.

I can categorically tell you that the heart of a woman is deeper than any deeper sea that one has ever seen. I find it hard to trust any woman or anyone till today.

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