Strange But True: Life of a Woman EP 11

life of a woman

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Strange But True: Life of a Woman EP 11


My younger sister got pregnant with a man 15 years ago. There was nothing we didn’t do to ensure this guy accepted the pregnancy. He even denied having anything to do with my sister at first. Until he said he only did it once. And once shouldn’t have led to pregnancy.

We had to accept our fate after so much begging from me, my sister, and our aged mother to the man and his family. We even told him that he didn’t have to marry my sister. But what we just wanted was for him to accept the responsibilities as things were tough on us. But he said he wasn’t going to accept what wasn’t his.

Unfortunately, my sister passed on during childbirth. The baby boy was given to me to raise with the help of my mother. It was really tough on me as I missed two suitors in the process. They didn’t believe the baby wasn’t mine. One said I was after one and lying about it. While the other one said it was taboo in their family to raise somebody else’s child.

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I’m still single and I do not regret having that boy in my life. He has been more than a perfect child to me. I don’t even explain to anyone the existence of Seyi (Not real name) anymore. He is my son, period. If any man doesn’t want us both as a total package, then he should take a walk.

Two years ago, the animal that impregnated my late sister tracked me down at my office saying he was sorry for not accepting my sister’s pregnancy back then. That was due to some ‘imaginary’ personal pressure that he was going through.

He said he was sorry that my sister died too. And he would like to see his son. It was like I was dreaming. I later found out that he had not had a child in his six years of marriage. The curse I raised upon him if he doesn’t stay away from my child, his generational ancestors will not be able to free him.

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I finally told Seyi about everything not long after. He didn’t say much only to hug me and thanked me for telling him. And that now he knew how to deal with the man who had been visiting him in school claiming to be his father.


The above experience happened to a good friend of mine. This lady did everything possible to ensure her son has a better life and of course good education. Her life was technically on hold for that boy especially when she lost her mother who was also assisting then.

Now she has a great job and this boy attends one of the best schools on the mainland.

As posh as my friend is, anytime she finds Seyi’s dad sneaking around his school gate, she literally comes down from her car and turns to Agbero (tout) raising undiluted curses at him. She said Seyi too had also placed a ban on the man from seeing him again.

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