Setting a new goal or not for 2021?

Setting a new goal

Many of us are trained on setting a new goal at the beginning of a new year which some find it difficult to accomplish at the end of the year. The question on my mind today is should we set a new goal or not for 2021?

Setting a new goal or not for 2021, I think, shouldn’t be the next question. 2020 was a difficult year for many people across the globe. While some lost their jobs and lives, others battled with survival. The truth is many of us could not achieve our set goals for the previous year. 

Goals are easily achievable when the resources we need are readily available for its process. Some fell into depression as a result of their goals. In fact, medical reports have it that the percentage of depression rapidly increased in 2020. Why? Failure to accomplish a set goal due to various factors especially the pandemic and lockdown.

Setting a new goal or not for 2021 is also a welcome idea if we all would be realistic with it. I think what some of us fail to include while planning our new goals is the threat that comes with the goals. There is what we call the SWOT Analysis

The SWOT Analysis explains the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat that come along with a goal in life. If we can bear this in mind while setting out our plans and goals, it will save us a whole lot of depression and suicide attempt. 

Every goal contains this analysis but we fail to include it. Most successful businesses include this analysis in their plans at the planning stage till the implementation process. 

It is not enough to set new goals for a year, rather, sit down and map out your SWOT Analysis. 

Another thought about setting a new goal or not for 2021 shouldn’t be a bone of contention. If you know that you did not achieve your set goals for last year, 2020, it is not a failure if you revisit them. You may re-strategise your working process and begin to work them out. 

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This is one thing most young people lack. We easily push aside an unaccomplished goal and set out for a new one. You don’t have to count your losses yet if you haven’t achieved that particular goal. How then can you achieve your set goals if you have already written them down?

1). Be realistic.

There is one thing I have learnt from successful people when it comes to setting a new goal for themselves or their business – it is the ability to be real with their goal setting. You need to be realistic with whatever you are setting. For instance, if you have a small or medium business you are considering starting this year, you need to set the goals within the reach of your resources, at least, for a start. Start with what you have. 

I made that mistake last year about my idea of content creation and development. So, I waited to have a big camera for my production but I still couldn’t achieve it all through the year. I thought using my phone would not deliver the quality job I imagined. 2020 came and went without the camera, so, I couldn’t achieve that idea even though it was a fantastic one. I discovered in December during a training I attended on how well I could have achieved the idea. Start with the little resources you have. 

Setting a new goal

2). No pressure.

Yes, no pressure. I don’t put unnecessary pressure on myself, neither do I beat myself too hard when my goals are not becoming real and visible. You need to learn not to put pressure on yourself no matter how tempting it could be. Pressure leads to depression and suicide. Stop pushing yourself too hard that leads to depression over a goal you couldn’t meet. I am not saying that you shouldn’t set goals for your life, but not to the extent of mounting pressure on yourself. Take it a step after the other. 

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3). Roll them over.

Setting a new goal may also involve scrapping out some obsolete ideas you invested in your goals that caused a withdrawal or setback – you need to check them out too. You don’t have to put pressure on yourself or beat yourself so hard for not accomplishing your goals in the previous year. Many successful people don’t accomplish all their set goals for a particular year, most times, they roll them over and keep pushing. 

4). Delegate your weakness.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses in life. My strength could be your weakness. Strengths and weaknesses I refer to here are not your attitude or habits. For example, I may not be excellent in calculation or writing on a particular subject matter whereas my business partner may be perfect in that area. It is expected of me to delegate that aspect to him or her if the need arises. This will also help reduce the workload and stress. Some employees prefer to handle all the matters at work all by themselves instead of delegating to their colleagues or younger staff, which often leads to delay in job delivery. Learn to delegate this year. 

5). Focus on God.

God is the ultimate goal in life. If you focus on God, other things will fall in place for you. Truly, some atheists are successful but I tell you that you too can become a success when you put your trust in God. You will have the peace of God within you that passes the understanding of men. 

This year, you can set a new goal for yourself but I tell you that setting a new goal without God in the centre of your plans will amount to a temporal achievement. 

More so, setting a new goal is not only about writing them down in your diary; but also putting all these factors into consideration.

Happy New Year of Abundant Ideas and Success to you!

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