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Practical ways to snap out of blackouts

Many times I wake up to look forward to a highly productive week but blackouts wouldn’t give a chance. In fact, I had already prepared my weekly content calendar with the plans of fixing all that needed to be fixed. But then…something happens. Blackouts! Downtime moods!

This was exactly what happened to me today. For the first early hours of Monday, I was practically out of words to put together for my loyal readers waiting for an amazing article from me. 

I told my cousin, Wande, that I’m out of content ideas to put together. She laughed and giggled.
She is a registered nurse, so, she went on to discuss some medical issues with me (guy,
I didn’t even have a clue of most of what she said). 
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But she kept on talking, and then, boom! My brain began to reset. I began to flow in the medulla juice of creation. Her gist with me was not the only way out of my blackout. I engaged in other activities.

Join me here tomorrow as I share these tips on how to get out of blackouts, especially if you are a writer or an idea maker.

You can read other articles below and share your views on any of the topics or whichever you want me to write on in the comment section below.

See you tomorrow in our world of content creation. Hope your day is running well. 

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