Oil of Affection


Affection is sweet, tender, devotion, giving, caring and delightful.

It is a gentle feeling of fondness or liking. Affection is the spice of our relationships. Once the spice is missing, the relationship loses all forms of flavour and colour. 

A research has this to say about how important affection is in our relationships: Consider this: Affection is the Number One reason couples seek therapy (Doss et al., 2004).

It is so unfortunate that as relationships grow, especially in marriage, affection between couples wanes and dwindles. 

The high level of affection that is shown and experienced when courting or dating, even at the earlier years of the marriage is hardly sustained. 


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Affection is an emotion that is grossly overlooked and underplayed as we mature in relationships. Over-familiarity with our partners and spouses overlooks and downplays affection. 


The oil of affection is what helps to sustain and preserve closeness and romance. Affection keeps the flame of romance burning in a relationship. 

Romance is easily relegated to the backside in our marriages under the guise of increased responsibilities and over-familiarity with our partners. 

We find out the responsibilities of Child bearing, catering, fending, funding and providing for the family, and other burdens stifle romance and affection. 

The misconception that romance is only meant for young couples and newly weds,
especially in this part of our clime and culture, should be dissuaded in our minds. 

Affection and romance should deepen and mature as sweet wine as our relationships matures. 

The conscious display of affection, in exchange of intimate and loving looks, shares of smiles and laughter, loving touches, pats, hugs and cuddles,   date nights,  vacations, and so on, should be daily and not one-off.

I read this about old wine – A wine that has reached its plateau of maturity can be simply magical—offering nuances and textures unimaginable in a young wine.

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Exclusively Written By: 

Pastor Busola Afolayan is a Family and Relationship Life Coach. She is the Senior Pastor of Glory Impact Christian Centre & Host of THIS IS MY REALITY TALK SHOW. 

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