Men also use GOD!


This post is a response to a friend’s post on Linkedin talking about men using men; so i decided to write on how men also use GOD! You may want to read hers, she is a good storyteller. 

So, Peace Adedolapo Adeniran wrote on how people should beware of men users and this was my response. 

After I replied her post, I felt the need to share my own view of what she wrote.

Hmm. In as much as you feel this way, I don’t think it was a bad idea helping out at all times (if convenient). We all have #parasitic friends who trust our involvement in their lives. I see it as a way of sharing Christ’s love, making an impact and so on. 

The idea of using this as a parameter to determine a definition of a true #friendship may not be true at all times. 

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This is however, the case between man and #God. Most of us go to God because of our selfish gains, leaving behind the weightier matters and pursuing his kingdom. If you are not doing the will of God, dear, you are also a parasitic believer of Christ. 

If you are not pursuing the agenda of the kingdom of God, the case is as same as your friend. If you don’t spread the light of God to others and you hold on to the knowledge of Christ in you, it is the same.

Similarly, employers use employees, in fact, exploit them beyond their agreed job description and tag it multitasking job without making payment of the ‘extras and multis’. 

In relationships, partners use one another and take true love for granted. 

And lastly, in our current country, politicians, government leaders use citizens for their own selfish interest.

Not to deviate from the meat of the matter, in one way or the other, people are parasitic believers and users of God. There are users of men and there are users of God. The latter is dangerous.


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