Maintaining mental wellness during the COVID-19 Era (3)


Mental wellness and health, as mentioned earlier, is more than just the mere absence of illness or sickness. It cuts across mental, social, physical, financial and spiritual well being. Anything that is capable of bringing threat or actual harm can cause a mental health problem. 

According to World Health Organization, WHO 2020 global report on Mental Health, it is expected that depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges are expected to be on the increase during and after the pandemic. 

Following the breaking news, there had been reported increase in substance use problems, suicide and other health problems globally.
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Nigeria has had her own fair share of it. How then can I manage my mental health during this era? 

We’d look at tips on how to maintain and manage your health during this pandemic.

1. You need to be self aware. Understand that it is normal to be anxious, afraid or worried. We all are! So, you’re not alone in this. 

Through self awareness, you get to understand your state of mind per time and respond accordingly. Know when you’re reaching your breaking point and pause to refire again.

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2. Limit the news you consume about the pandemic to most important ones e.g NCDC, WHO, etc. 

These are verified and you need to keep abreast as there are new changes being discovered. You also need to listen to local news updates to be abreast of situations as it evolves in your area.

We will bring you more tips on how to maintain balance, wellness and other practical tips next week. 

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