LIFE OF A WOMAN – Real Life Experience 

Life of a woman

LIFE OF A WOMAN – Real Life Experience 

Life of a Woman is a real life experience of different Nigerian women who have found boldness in sharing their stories across this platform, with the aim of inspiring other women into a better version of themselves.

Let me officially welcome you to our weekly blog series of Strange But True – SBT on this platform of The Penvoice Blog, the written content arm of Penvoice Media.

We shall be sharing true life stories of Africans on this blog series weekly. SBT is solely to inspire you. Welcome!

This week on SBT, we are sharing an experience of a woman, though it is a bit long so it will be in three episodes. Please, enjoy this inspiring piece, my amazing reader!



I met Boye (not the real name) when I was working as a receptionist in a property company in Abeokuta. He was there as a client to ask us to get an apartment for him. He came to town to commission a long term project.

Boye was very jovial and lively which made me take notice of him. He would come in and practically tease everyone before any agent available would take him to check apartments. 

He started taking a liking to me and because he wasn’t bad looking, also because of his lively attitude, I took a liking to him too. We went out together few times and in no time, I was head over heels in love with him. 

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He couldn’t get an apartment he liked from all the ones we had shown him, so he stopped looking for. He later moved in with a friend who had offered.

Dating Boye was smooth and downright easy. He was managing his father’s organisation since when the old man passed on. He was also doing part time study to be a life coach. That alone made me love him more. Because he always had the right word for every situation. He would be in town to work during the week and went back to Lagos on weekends. 


We dated for almost two years, he finished his project and he moved back to Lagos. We werent seeing as often as we used to. That was when he proposed. It was a dream come true. 5 months after, we were married. 

We returned from our two weeks  honeymoon trip in Cyprus. He had told me that we would be moving into the 5 bedroom big building that his mum and two sisters still lived in. Since the ladies would still be married and his mother was already older, the house would practically be his. 

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I had my issues with the arrangement but he assured me that it was okay. Also that it was his mother’s idea. 

I moved in with my husband in the house he shared with his mother and two younger sisters. 

And then… all began!

To be continued….


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