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happy fathers day

Letter to My Future Husband

Dear Future Husband, 

I am glad to write this letter to you, hoping that you will read it soon. I am writing this letter to you in celebration of more Father’s Day we shall both witness in years to come. Carefully read dear:

Dear Future Husband, thank you for being a wonderful and responsible man you are. I’m thankful to God Almighty for equipping you with all the godly and exceptional attributes you need to function as my husband, brother, father, confidant, mentor, influencer, role model, teacher, prayer partner, gist partner, business partner, head and my crown.

Dear Future Husband, I am grateful to God who has kept you till the day you will find me because I know you have received the favour. 

Dear Future Husband, I shall be your helpmeet, supporter, and outstanding mother to our unborn seeds and they shall call me blessed. I shall stand by you in all situations with the help and power of God that works in us.

Dear Future Husband, I shall not cease to love you with all my life and breath just as Christ loves the church. I shall be totally submissive to your authority as it is fitting unto our Lord. 

Dear Future Husband, I look forward to the love you have for me as Christ loves us. I forgive you of your pasts, believing that you did all in ignorance and unbelief. I am glad that you are growing in the light of God.

Dear Future Husband, Happy Father’s Day to you! I love you already.

Your Future Wife.

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