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Latest Trending Gele Head Tie Styles for Weddings and Occasions (Pictures)

Gele comes in various fabrics, textiles, and styles. Such as Aso-Oke (Jean-like fabric), Brocade (Starched Cotton fabric), African Print, and Paper-like fabric with plain or bold patterns (Sego, Jubilee, and many other brands of similar paper-like fabric).

We also have Damask (heavily patterned Paper-like, Velvet-like fabric) wrapped by hand to form a hat.

Geles are beautiful and fascinating when you tie them, commanding respect and grabbing the attention of onlookers. In fact, this part of Nigerian fashion has been embraced in the western world ad Europe where you see their women identifying with our fashion and beauty as a form of reverence for the Yoruba culture.

Latest Gele Style by Xtremeplus Makeover

Re-inventing Gele

I honestly prefer the auto-gele styles. They also come in different styles, various fabrics and the fact that it is easy to tie makes gele fun to wear.

Latest Gele Style by Signatures

You don’t have to be the next bride before your wear a beautiful and fascinating gele, you can rock your gele to different occasions including church, baby christening and so on.

Allow these hot classy gele styles to serve as an inspiration for your next outing from our incredible gele stylists.

Latest Gele Style by Calliah’s Touch

Check out more latest trending gele head tie styles for weddings and other occasions.

Latest Gele Style by Xtremeplus Makeover

Which of these is your favourite gele style or would try next time?

Keep rocking the African Fashion.

You are the real Alté!

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