It is Never Too Late

It is never too late

December has arrived ‘like play, like play’, but it is never too late to still have that goal achieved. This year has been one of the most challenging seasons for many all over the world; in fact people lost their lives and huge amounts of property worth millions of naira, dollars and pounds.

The grave had a swell time this year, coffin sellers became suddenly rich; and morgues owners experienced a boom in their business. All these kinds of businesses are odd enterprises but they had their times this year.

Of no argument, people lost their means of livelihood with no alternative even at the moment; I lost mine in May, struggled with setbacks and still hoping that miracle will happen in December.

It is never too late

But you know what? We all survived it, yes! We did! Breathing at the moment is a proof that it is never too late to still share that testimony. It is never too late to receive that award. December is here but it is never too late to be pregnant; it is never too late to receive your letter of employment(i receive my letters of employment). 

It is never too late

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My beloved, this purpose of this post is to inspire you to get up and shake off your worries and begin to plan for the next year. According to my father in the Lord, Pastor EA Adeboye, you don’t plan a war in the battleground, neither do you begin preparing for an exam in the examination hall. You do all these before the set time.

It is never too late

Pick up all the mistakes you made this year, learn from them and let them guide you into a new year. 2021 is less than thirty-one days. Let the planning begin now that you are seeing the new year ahead. But most importantly, allow God to direct your steps.

You don’t have to grumble over this year, it is never too late to start all over again and be what you want to be. 

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