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how to treat chapped lips fast and naturally

How to treat chapped lips fast and naturally

Harmattan or dry season is here as usual and one of the best ways to feel good is by ensuring that there are no chapped lips.

Chapped lips can be painful and irritating when you do not apply the right methods to keep them healthy. 

I remember a season when I had this experience, oh, I felt bad about my looks and ashamed to speak in public. Why? That was because I had chapped lips. It would interest you to know that I tried some recommended products and even medications but they didn’t work or should I say, perfectly until a friend proposed some natural ways to treat my chapped lips. 

There are many ways you can treat chapped lips – pills and natural products. I chose the latter because I love natural products. However, these natural ways of treating chapped lips and also quick are what I would be sharing with you in this article. Let us begin.

How to treat chapped lips fast and naturally

how to treat chapped lips fast and naturally

Sugar Exfoliation

Let us start this process with sugar exfoliation. You would observe that when your lips are dry and chapped, the skin begins to lift and there are scales all over. At this point, gently exfoliate your lips with sugar, sea salt and honey to remove the dead skin cells which have been welled up as a result of the dryness. The dead cells prevent your lips from moisturizing.

You can make your homemade lip scrub with sugar, sea salt, honey and/or oil. Then mix these ingredients in a small bowl. Use a cotton swab or cotton bud to apply the mixed ingredients to your dry and chapped lips. Afterwards, you can use a warm wet napkin or non-alcoholic wipes to clean off the lips. Kindly do this gently to prevent tearing off your lips skin. 

After doing this, then you can apply any of these natural products within your reach – coconut oil, avocado butter, honey, petroleum jelly, naturally made non-irritated lip balm, aloe vera and any other oily but not the fatty product. The essence of this is to help keep your lips soothing, soft, moisturizing and healthy. 

Let us talk more about other natural products you can use. The next natural way to treat chapped lips is 

how to treat chapped lips fast and naturally

Shea butter

This natural ointment is a wonder product for not only moisturizing the body and hair but also keeping the lips glossy and healthy. Shea butter naturally contains vitamins A and E, both of which make your lips soothing and moisturizing. I tell you that shea butter is a natural healer of chapped lips and dry skin.

how to treat chapped lips fast and naturally


Next to shea butter is honey. Naturally, honey is a healing product or food which can be consumed or used externally. One of the external uses is when you apply it to your lips. Honey may help treat chapped lips fast and also keep them moisturised. It may also prevent infections and reduce any form of swelling. You may choose to apply it directly or mix it with petroleum jelly. This takes us to the next natural way to treat chapped lips.

how to treat chapped lips fast and naturally

Petroleum jelly

One of the major ingredients in lip balms is petroleum jelly. This is because it helps to improve the skin which the lips include. It also protects the lips from dryness and breaking. Although the jelly may not be able to moisturize your lips; it is better used after you have applied the lip balm.

how to treat chapped lips fast and naturally


Who said some fruits ain’t natural treatments for chapped lips? Lol. Have you tried cucumber as a healing fruit? Here we go! 

Cucumber is well known for its hydrating properties and I love this fruit so much. Unlike other natural products I have mentioned, this fruit has some health benefits which makes it a perfect blend for treatments. Some of the benefits are the essential vitamins and minerals it consists of. You may also choose to cut some round slices, refrigerate them and gently massage them on your lips or leave them on the lips for about ten minutes and then wash off with warm water before you apply an oily natural product.

how to treat chapped lips fast and naturally

Coconut oil

I use coconut oil for my skin and hair and I can tell of its amazing health benefits. It contains some anti-inflammatory properties which help relieve the pains and discomfort from chapped lips. Don’t forget that I said I have had my share of pain from cracked lips. 

Coconut oil may help prevent your lips from germs, infections or any other form of bacteria as a result of the sores. It could also keep your dry lips moisturized, soft and healthy. You don’t have to worry about the oily substance; it contains healthy fatty acids.

aloe vera

Aloe vera gel

Many Africans have this wonder plant in their residence but have been used as decoration. Aloe vera is a healing plant due to its natural healing properties. Although it does not have a sweet taste, the health benefits to the body and lips are beyond words can tell. Of course, the plant comes in a gel form which makes it easy for you to apply on your lips. You may also decide to scoop some juice out of it into a small bowl, mix with coconut oil and apply regularly on your lips. This is not only applicable to the dry season, you may also decide to include it as one of your homemade lip balms after the dry season.

chapped lips

Lemon juice

Surprised to know that lemon juice can serve as a natural treatment for chapped lips? So was I until I came across the research and its amazing benefits on the lips. According to research, lemon juice has proven to be effective in treating both chapped and dark lips. It also works as a natural toning of the lip skin. You may choose to mix it with honey or castor oil and apply it all over your lips. For a better result, leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Don’t forget to apply any of the natural lip balm mentioned above after rinsing.

Disclaimer: The content on this website is solely for information, education and entertainment. Penvoice Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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