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Digital transformation

How to Leverage Digital Transformation in Business

Digital Transformation (DT) has become the process of the new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, Digital Transformation cannot be overemphasised when it comes to the topic of business. It is highly required in the survival of every business today, across the world.

The evolution of modern technologies has not only surfaced as an essential element to the survival of businesses; but also a major determinant to the success of any brand, enterprise or establishment.

Ranging from an individual, a group and an organization, technology has become an integral part of all, which is believed to be the future.

Through the constant transformation in technology from one generation to another, practically all activities have been digitalized including the convenience and comfort of humans with the aid of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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The categorization of new technical eras into generations has confirmed that there would be consistent transformation and synchronization between man and machine.

This is not only to realize the concept of the Global Village as envisaged by Marshall McLuhan; but also, to embrace the ideology of the Internet of Things as proposed by the new Fifth Generation of technology known as 5G.

In spite of the proposed juice of comfort to be savoured from the new generation of technology; 5G, there have been many critics who expressed skepticism on the proposals of the technology.

But on the contrary, some are pessimistic about the proposed technology. Only time would tell.

However, Covid-19, the current threat of the world has validated the significance of digital technologies to the growth of businesses across the globe; making it a priority to the sustenance of human existence including the business world.

Hence, all businesses who previously shunned the digital space, are compelled to adopt the new norm in order to create survival, success and sustainability.

With the development of various computerized machines and software applications, trading transactions have been made so easy even at the comfort of one’s chamber.

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As a result, many businesses have embraced the new normal – technology and started to leverage it.

Its challenges

On the other hand, there are some challenges that are attached with digital transformation.

Some of the affected sectors and systems include, but not limited to are; the education sector, transport, health, start-up businesses, and non-essential organizations.

The major challenges were the inability to re-position and re-align the full pivotal of businesses; adaptation of technology; data consumption; cyber security; and sustainability during the pandemic.

Opportunities Abound

However, there are opportunities that abound in digital transformation as the new norm. As a business owner, leader or an aspiring entrepreneur, embracing and leveraging technology is the key solution to the success quest of every brand.

Like the challenges mentioned earlier, the opportunities in digital transformation, include but not limited to are; e-commerce, digital marketing, analytical, incorporation of software skills; re-assessment of business model, effective communication with clients, opportunity to expand your customer database and many more.

More so, there has been the emergency of digital office space with the assistance of some technology application softwares of Microsoft, Zoom, Google and so on.

Apart from the Automated Teller Machine (ATM), Point of Sale (PoS), there are several means designed to aid convenience cash transactions.

The world has not just transitioned into a digitalised sphere because of COVID-19; rather, the pandemic stimulated the process of which it is expected to traverse.

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