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Sam Obafemi

How to Handle Emotional Crises in Business – Coach Sam Obafemi (The Octopus)

An emotional crisis is a state where a person is faced with challenges that overwhelm his/her mind; which in turn affects relationships and productivity.

Sam Obafemi popularly known as ‘The Octopus’ is the Founder of SOBCA (Sam Obafemi Behavioural Change Academy), Africa’s foremost academy for Anger Management, Emotional Intelligence, The Human Response code and solutions provider for Mental Health First Aid (MFHA) and Positive Psychiatry and Business Study Group.

According to Coach Sam, “I am a man who believes that there is a solution to every problem and I aspire to be the reference for solving problems for individuals and organizations.”

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EH: Coach Sam, can you briefly tell us what emotional crises are?

An emotional crisis is a state where a person is faced with challenges that overwhelm his/her mind; which in turn affects relationships and productivity.

EH: How does emotional intelligence aid and prevent emotional crises in business or as a thoughtful leader?

Emotional Intelligence is when a person is able to identify how he/she feels about situations around them and the people they relate with. This is done to the extent that the person can turn every situation to their advantage. So by this definition, you would see that when you track your emotions and manage them positively, you can master any crisis, even if you don’t prevent them.

EH: What are the uncommon mindset skills that can mitigate and improve both individual and organisational goals?

A very critical mindset is the ‘can do’ mindset. We must see possibilities in everything we want. Another mindset is the ‘flexibility’ mindset. All goals can be achieved but not all methods can achieve it, so it’s important to be flexible about methods while focusing on the goal.

EH: How do you recondition your mind amid a business crisis?

I read books. I engage trusted friends. I take a break and do some leisure and I pray in the Spirit for the wisdom of God.

EH: Considering the current global economic crisis, how can individuals and organisations leverage the ‘concept of metamorphosis’ in relation to the new normal we find ourselves living in today?

Change is permanent. Change will always happen. It is constant. So if people can embrace flexibility, change won’t break anyone. There’s a theory called FIXED AND GROWTH MINDSET by Professor Carol Dweck; she says when a person sees a situation from a Growth perspective, they can metamorphose faster and seamlessly. If it’s a fixed mindset, you will break.

EH: How profound is this saying, “the greatest opportunities in life, business and career are hidden in the greatest crisis and challenges?”

It is 100% true. It is in the greatest trials that we learn about our survival and coping strategies, our competencies, strengths and capabilities.

EH: How do you unwind?

Music, reading, movies (occasionally), and travelling.

EH: Who do you look up to in this coaching industry?

In Nigeria: Dr Maymunah Kadiri.

Outside Nigeria: Robbin Sharma

EH: Can you share your worst mistake ever in this business?

Raising startup funds of over $50,000 without knowing how to handle the funds for operational success.

EH: Three key things people don’t know about you.

A. I am an introvert. I mind my business. 

B. Many people feel they are close to me but I am not close to them; because I make them feel very close to me.

C. I am a True Blues (Chelsea FC).

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