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new year's goals

How to achieve New Year’s goals at the beginning of every year and as we reach a new quarter can be a big challenge for many. In fact, many people set both New Year’s goals and as well quarterly goals for themselves, but a study shows that 92% never achieve their goals. So, I’ve been wondering what could be the reasons and challenges. Our guest today has shared some important factors and proffered some possible and practical solutions that can help us with our goals.

This is March already, how many goals have you achieved so far?

Busola Afolayan is a corporate and business leader, and relationship and family expert.

TPB: Let’s start with what New Year’s Resolution is?

New Year Resolution is simply about setting new goals, targets, and objectives in a new year and accomplishing them in the course of the year. When we talk of a new year, literally, we talk of the closing or ending of a calendar season (365 days) to be ushered to start another cycle of 365 days (or in certain cases – 366 days). Resolution means what somebody has resolved, determined, intended, and made up his mind to DO.

A resolution is an act of determination, decidedness, purposefulness, stick-to-itiveness, resoluteness and resolve. Putting the two together, New Year Resolution means what one has determined, decided, and resolved to do in the new calendar year. It could be setting new goals to be accomplished in the New Year. It could also mean, meeting up with previous goals yet to be met. New Year resolutions are usually targeted at accomplishing, attaining or doing new things or meeting up with a specified target.

TPB: What are the most common New Year goals people make?

Weight loss and improved diet, Changing jobs, Starting a business, Personal improvement, Completing the Bible in a year, Serving God more, Saving more money, being more prudent financially, Better time management, Sleeping less, Exercising more, Reading more books, Pass examinations, Get more academic and professional degrees etc.

new year's goals

TPB: Why do people make New Year’s goals?

There is an innate desire in human beings to experience new things and this strong belief is usually attached to a new day, week, month or year. People believe that something new must happen in their lives or a new chapter must be opened as the day, week, month or New Year unfolds.

New Year goals are made as a form of setting a standard and raising the bar for new achievements and setting new personal records. Setting these resolutions serve as a motivation to push, stretch and break out of the comfort zones and mould stagnancy into attainments of new feats and goals. They also help to stay focused and keep in line to reach goals and accomplish set objectives. People also set New Year goals to become what they have desired, yearned or wished to become. For example, I can desire to be an accomplished fashion designer in the year 2023. As at the beginning of the year, I am not yet in it but I know by December 2023, I could become it. New Year’s goals is like the ray of light guiding and urging me to a desired destination.

TPB: Studies show that an average of 9-12% of people keep their new year’s goals. Why is this a challenge and what are the factors responsible?

I read an article on a gym that invested in more equipment at the beginning of the year because of the massive upsurge of enrollment in the gym on the 1st of January. But by the 7th day of January, the gym had to pack up the new equipment they bought due to a sharp decline in attendance. Within the first week of the year, many people failed in their resolutions.

The challenges that I perceive when it comes to making New Year’s goals include:

1. Many made New Year goals out of sentiments and out of following popular opinions.

2. Some people are so unrealistic when making resolutions.

3. Lack of sense of responsibility and accountability for resolutions made.

4. Many people lack the staying power and strength in achieving their goals. They quit too easily.

5. A little opposition or challenge makes people quit on their resolutions.

6. Many do not understand the word RESOLUTION. It connotes decisiveness, firmness, hardness, not-shifting ground, and determination. It means, no matter what happens, I AM COMMITTED to achieving this goal. The true meaning of the New Year resolution has been watered down.

7. Many do not count the cost of their decision. It was made out of flippant and flimsy mindsets and attitudes.

8. Many people who set New Year goals are not used to setting short-term goals and accomplishing them. Many do not even know how to set daily, weekly, or monthly goals and targets and accomplish them. So they set New Year goals and it looks unattainable and impossible to them.

9. Indiscipline and laziness are great enemies of achieving resolutions.

It is only the few who truly have an understanding of what New Year Resolutions entail that achieve them. Unfortunately, it is only a few percentages.

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new year's goals

TPB: Do you think New Year’s Resolution is a fallacy?

The idea of a New Year resolution is not a false or mistaken idea. It is just that many people do not have a grasp of what it means and entails. To achieve anything involves total dedication, commitment, involvement and hard work.

TPB: How can young people keep and achieve their resolutions/goals?

Let young people train themselves by setting daily, weekly and monthly tasks and goals. Success at this will motivate to setting 3, 6, 9 months goals. From here setting a year goal and accomplishing will not seem like a tantamount task but an accomplishable one.

Also, there is a need to critically analyse the different departments of their lives; and set about listing those areas that they need change or improvements.

1. Vision. New Year’s resolutions must be in line with your vision.

2. Dedication. There must be a personal commitment to achieving the results desired.

3. Passionate pursuit. You do not rest until you get to the destination.

4. Focus. Keep your eyes on the end result and avoid every form of distraction and other pitfalls.

5. Be courageous. Do not allow any form of discouragement. Arm yourself with courage till you get the desired results.

6. Don’t put yourself under undue pressure. Believe in God and yourself. Be at peace and rest and confidently face the year. Keep saying to yourself that YES I CAN.

7. Be positive.

new year's goals

TPB: Advice for those who could not achieve their goals in 2022.

Don’t berate and underrate yourself. Just tell yourself that you will do better in 2023. Encourage yourself and don’t lose your self-esteem. More so, it is another year. Get up and get going. Tell yourself that you have what it takes to hit your targets. You are a super achiever. That you didn’t succeed at your goals in 2022 does not mean you will fail at them in 2023. Take the 7-point advice enumerated above and gird yourself for action. I see you at the top. Happy 2023!

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