Exclusive: Why I made my products affordable to all – CEO, BOOMFRESH, Bunmi Anjorin

Bunmi Anjorin - Boomfresh

In spite of the hike in the prices of food consumptions as an adverse effect of the world dreaded covid-19 pandemic, some fruits entrepreneurs have taken to the investment of this business, especially startups.

In this exclusive interview with thepenvoiceblog, Bunmi Anjorin, CEO of BOOMFRESH, revealed why she made her fruits and smoothies products affordable to all…Excerpts

Kindly tell us what you do?

I am a healthy living entrepreneur with my business name as BOOMFRESH. BOOMFRESH is a healthy food option providing fresh, delicious, nutrient-rich healthy food and fruits for all to ensure a healthy and affordable lifestyle.

What inspired Bunmi Anjorin into starting Boomfresh?

Personal healthy lifestyle prompted me to start up the smoothie and juice business. Each day I take different recipes to the office and my colleagues would want to have a taste of it. As a business inclined person, I always see business opportunities in my environment. I introduced it to my colleagues first, and they embraced it, now, I have expanded it to a larger market.

What challenges did you encounter?

One of the challenges I encountered is costing. By costing I mean having to sell it at a price that is affordable and will make the new product acceptable by all.

Another challenge I encountered is expanding the business. Being a full time employee, I have little time to produce and so the weekends are usually very hectic but it is gradually becoming part of my weekend itinerary.

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Were there fears when you birthed the idea?

Well, yes and no. Yes, because if I’m expanding to make it a brand then I have to ensure that the branding is acceptable by all (even with the popular brands) and customers are ready to buy the products. On the other hand, I’ll say no because I know that food and edible businesses thrive and so all I need is to create a niche for my product in the large market.

What were your convictions for starting this business amid the pandemic?

I didn’t start during the pandemic. I only expanded my visibility during the pandemic after the ease of the lock down.
Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 and the need to boost immune systems, I birthed the idea of making smoothies and juices that boost the human immune system and it was selling fast. I actually named the fruit combo ‘Immune Booster’. So I took it to my social media handles to promote it and that was when I made it very popular.

As a young entrepreneur, how do you intend to make a difference in this fruit and smoothie space?

I intend to make a difference in my pricing while still making profit. For now the competitors are really priced and so average income earners may not be able to afford it. BOOMFRESH will make a difference in this regard, while maintaining all standards.

Would Bunmi Anjorin say the pandemic is a good influence on your idea?

Yes it is! The pandemic has actually made me become more creative in smoothie recipes. Some businesses are failing during this pandemic, an example is my clothing/fashion and interior business line which is not really in demand at the moment. So, I would say yes, the pandemic has influenced BOOMFRESH to thrive and become better.

What is the sustaining level of your business in Nigeria and the industry?

The sustaining level of BOOMFRESH is the fact that now more than ever before, people are getting to know more about healthy living and healthy lifestyle while ensuring that they eat healthy. Inclusion of fruits in different forms (Fruits juices and smoothies) into daily meals have made the business an essential.

What makes your product unique?

Every business owner in the industry must create a niche for the market. For BOOMFRESH in this regard, we create a niche that is sustainable, profitable and affordable while smiling to the bank.

Bunmi Anjorin - Boomfresh

Word of inspiration for other young startups?

All I will say is: Anything that your hands find to do, do it well. The Bible says in Proverbs 22:29, “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.”

Would you like to share your digital presence platforms?

Sure. You can find BOOMFRESH on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter via @boomfreshng
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.boomfresh.com.ng (work in progress).

Thank You!

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  1. Good one Bunmi Anjorin, I’ve always known you as a go-getter, more grace to you but can we find boomfresh in stores or is it only available on demand?

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