#EndSARS: Blog Letter to Nigeria Leaders


The #EndSARS protest was a peaceful activity where Nigerian youths participated in order to lend their poor voices to the ears of Nigeria leaders, but what did it result to?

Both old and young citizens of this nation were involved in the call for change, and transformation in the way our leaders are ruling this country, but what was the outcome of the wailing?

#EndSARS protest could have come and gone calmly but our leaders changed the tune of the music and beat of the drum. 

20th day of October in the year 2020 will never be erased in the history of Nigeria – in fact, it has already been named with different hashtags such as: #Lekkimassacre #GenocideinLagos and so on. Who can be blamed?

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My Blog Letter

This is my blog letter to our leaders especially those who are in the position of making weighty decisions on the matters or state of the nation.


I am talking about our leaders who are called to serve and protect the dignity of this country and preserve the nation’s call. Who are they? The President, Vice President, President of the Senate, Secretary-General of the Federation, State Governors, honourable or prominent figures, godfathers, and so on. 


It is disheartening to know that Mr. President is still yet to formally address the outcry of his citizens. But why? International bodies and prominent persons have called out our number one citizen on this matter; but nowhere to be found.

Dear Leaders, what have we done to have deserved this kind of vicious treatment from you? Nigeria just clocked 60; why didn’t you allow this long age to fully birth its transformation? 

Stained with Blood

Our national anthem has been dragged into the mud of corruption and injustice. What about our flag? It has been stained with the bloodshed of the innocent. 


We are known as the Giant of Africa; but you have literally killed the giant in each citizen especially the youths. Day upon day, we voice out our pains and frustrations but no one has come to our rescue.

I am a youth of this dear nation; fighting for our rights is a honourable thing to do. Fighting for a cause that would eventually lead to the freedom of all is what we crave for. 

As a youth, the #EndSARS protest could have birthed the restoration of the soiled negative tag foreign nations gave us. But you exercised your power and turned it into a bloody protest.

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Our Dear Leaders, you refused to change from your corrupt ways but we took the mantle upon ourselves and decided to put an end to menace on ground; but you retaliated with your power. We see that, too!

Stained with Blood

Watching the videos of how the people who swore to protect lives and property in Nigeria failed in their duty; but yielded to the call of the government to fire gunshots at unarmed peaceful protesters in Lekki area of Lagos, tear my heart apart in tears and pains.


The statement of the state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu during his live broadcast seemingly tells us who we have at the leadership seats of this country. 

“No fatality was recorded” – this is disheartening.

The youths of this nation are resolute; and determined to bring the change we desire and no one can stop us. But what then shall be the legacy you intend to leave behind? What shall be the story to tell generations unborn?

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