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Do employers underrate applicants with their offers?

Employers with their presumed mentality of ‘anything’ should be offered to applicants; because the latter seem to be in dire need of financial power, skills enhancement, career pursuit and purpose fulfilment.

But in the real sense, do employers underrate applicants with their offers? I leave you to be the judge of that.

Let me begin with applicants. At one point in life, almost everyone has had cause to be an applicant; either for a paid job, contract or business proposal. But my focus today is on job application.

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As a graduate of a tertiary institution in Nigeria, you spent a minimum of four years studying and denying yourself of some juicy offers from lecturers (if you are a female), or enticement from cultists to be a part of them.

After graduation, you packaged your cv in search of your dream job but the daily job vacancies you see are either of these: five to ten years of work experience, not more than 26 years of age, certified in this or that field or programme. Hmm!

I have been there, it can be annoying but what could have been done? Where do employers expect fresh graduates to have all these requirements from?

Another instance or category of applicants are those who have all the qualifications and requirements for the job position but the salary offer is below their worth. Yet, the employer wants such intellect in their team in order to drive the goal of the company; but cannot afford to pay the worth of the individual.

On the other hand, I don’t put a blame on the employers too, though. They want the best hand, yet, they don’t have the resources to keep the best.

There are some employers that want to maximize their resources, but this requires high pay.

What do you think of this employer-applicant ground?

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