Dear Lady, know your menstrual cycle

menstrual cycle

Not knowing your menstrual cycle as a lady can be disastrous. Something unexpected happened to me recently. I went for an interview in Lagos. The environment was a serene one. Their toilet was clean and enticing. I did not know that my period was near. It was not my marked date of expectation; so, I was not fully prepared.

On this fateful day, I was fully prepared for my turn to go in and prove my skills and abilities before my potential employers. Suddenly, I felt the need to visit the female restroom.

Lest I forget, the texture of the dress I wore that day was a satin fabric and a bright colour. So, any stain will definitely be obvious.

When I stood up to excuse myself from the other applicants, one of the ladies called my attention to something. She said: “Sis, check your dress, it is stained”.

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Your guess is as good as mine. I was shocked. I felt embarrassed. I dashed into the restroom without blinking an eye. I looked around the toilet, all I found were hand wash liquid, hand basin, tissue paper and hand dryer.

The first thought that came through my mind was to wash off the stain. I did that, but the water now formed a map at the back of my dress. The lady who called my attention to the stain came in and made a surprising and intelligent suggestion.

She said: “Sis, why not use the hand dryer to dry your dress?” That was just the perfect idea anyone could have thought of. I was thinking of an iron which was very impossible at that time.

What I did was what the lady suggested. I used the hand dryer to dry my dress; and within two minutes, it was all dried and looking smooth.

I learnt my lesson though. No more unawares situation like this. I was able to walk into the interview room and prove my skills and abilities and was offered the job. God did it for me. It would have affected my confidence, safe, the hand dryer.

Dear Lady, knowing your menstrual cycle would save you a lot of public embarrassment. However, what would you have done if you found yourself in this situation? Kindly share your thought or similar experience.

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