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Dealing with Procrastination

Dear Young Leader, Procrastination is a silent killer of destiny. It is a stealer of purpose and a destroyer of vision. 

I used to struggle with procrastination a lot until I became intentional about it. I tried reading up some articles on it, I laid hands on some books a few friends recommended.

I prayed, kept casting and binding. Guess what? My results were temporal and for the moment. 

I became worried and anxious. More so, I had a lot on my to-do list, I wanted to achieve more than just my scheduled plans, but I could not. Mr Procrastination was killing me softly from within. 

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But one thing was evident – I never gave up on my dreams, my visions and goals. Most importantly, God never gave up on me. The Spirit of God kept pushing me.

Amidst all the struggles, these six things have helped me to overcome procrastination. I believe they would help you too:

Speaking out. I began to tell my close circle about this weakness. They wanted my success, so they helped me with possible ways to kill procrastination.

Becoming intentional. I became intentional about dealing with it. It was not easy but I had to. I read books, watched videos, and listened to messages on the subject.

Prioritising. I learned to prioritize my daily activities. In fact, most times, listed my activities out so that I don’t fill up my head with irrelevant jobs to carry out. It helped me. So, I placed priority on the must-do, very important and urgent. 

Energy Management. 

In the process of dealing with procrastination, I learnt to manage both my time and energy. There could be enough time, but minimal energy to carry out the task.

So, I focused more on managing my energy to implement the task with the maximum time I had. And the result was always great. Manage your energy, not time.

Repeat. Repetition is not always a sign of failure. I had to repeat some of the above ways to help me overcome procrastination. So, repeating a good habit helps. 

Trust God. Yes o. I had to trust God to help me to overcome procrastination. I knew the adverse effect of procrastination. It is a killer of vision, and I didn’t want my vision to die.

I also knew I needed divine power to help me overcome it, so I cried to God for help and He surely helped me. He is still helping me on the little parts that I still struggle with. He can help you too.

Dear Young Leader, procrastination will not help you to achieve your vision, set goals and dreams. As a growing visionary, you need to take that step.

You need to start that business. You need to write that book. You need to win that business proposal. You need to pitch that idea and win it over. And yes, you can! 

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