#CreativeZone: Can We Truly Keep This Up? – Odedele Akinwande

Odedele Akinwande

Hello! It is our #CreativeZone Day with Odedele Akinwande.

AKINWANDE is a lover of words, he believes there’s so much wisdom concealed in words. Hence, he seeks to unravel the depths of wisdom by exploring the strengths of words. He does this as a creative; writing songs, poetry and generally, all things creative.

He has many poems to his name, and a debut single titled Bialabaku.

The poem is a Free Verse.

According to poet Odedele Akinwande, the poem was actually written when he took a deep look at the world and saw how strange it felt. One question he said he asked himself was; “Are we always going to be like this; can we truly keep this up?”

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The genre of this poem is Dramatic and the style of writing is monologue.


Can We Truly Keep This Up?

We yet smile in hope
We still look up to see the beauty in dark clouds,
Our minds walks on sea-soaked sands.
Dreams, our only connection with a better day.
Can we truly keep this up?

Odedele Akinwande

Painting persists in the mind’s studio,
Waiting to be hung on walls uncreated,
A perfect gallery of the memory art
Seeking to be built in a world of new innocence.
Can we truly keep this up?

Odedele Akinwande

He told us, yet we forgot!
Tales of how men slept,
Yea, mere tales we thought he told…
And now our popping eyes beholds.
While men slept, strangers walked the garden.

Odedele Akinwande

Sowing Strangers planted strange seeds,
And men with eyes still didn’t see
Well, could mere sight have really seen?
Alas! the mad and sane grew in bond,
They fed from the generosity of same soil.

Odedele Akinwande

Can we truly keep this up?
A mad world of sane men,
If only we had seen the madness cloaked in sanity.
Now he’s naked, we hide.
Our doors closed, the naked and the clothed must not meet.

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Can We Truly Keep This Up?

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