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Men also use GOD!

This post is a response to a friend’s post on Linkedin talking about men using men; so i decided to write on how men also use GOD! You may want to read hers, she is a good storyteller.  So, Peace Adedolapo Adeniran wrote on how people should beware of men users and this was my response.  After I replied her post, I felt the need to share my own view of what she wrote. Hmm. …

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Whose Son and Daughter are You?

Waking up this morning, a friend asked me: Nike, what is your Oriki? Oriki in Yoruba language refers to a Eulogy. Eulogy is a form of speech or writing in praise of someone or something. This is mostly done by elderly people and Nigerian musicians. A eulogy is common in my culture, especially when you are privileged to grow up visiting your grannies at the village or peradventure, they visit your parents. They also render …

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Five controversial women to read about this weekend

There are five unlikely women who changed eternity you should read about this weekend. I have studied them and I found them super amazing. Their names are not unfamiliar if you are a scholar of the Word. I’ll briefly write about them according to the original writer of the book. They are: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary. According to the author, Francine Rivers, these five women are in the lineage of Jesus Christ. These Eastern women lived …

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Your Future is God’s Past

Who told you that your future is bleak and uncertain? Who told you such blatant lies? They are lies from the pit of hell that must never be condoned or accepted. They are lies!  Your future is God’s past. It has already been settled in the plans of God, waiting for the manifestation at God’s appointed time.  Before you were conceived in your mother’s womb, God knew you and already set out His plans for …

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We have heard about the spiritual bondness called Joint-heirs. Dear Young Leader,  Let me begin today’s article with a thoughtful story of a small but prosperous kingdom in a small city.  This kingdom was very rich and powerful despite its minority among other kingdoms in the city. The king had two handsome sons who loved their father genuinely.  The king provided everything they needed and even what they did not think of requesting. The king …

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