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Executive Hub: Let’s Talk about ‘Boys Matter’ with CEO, Eloviano Initiative, Eloviano Afakpe Abolarin

In this exclusive interview with the founder of ‘Boys Matter‘, a project of Eloviano Initiative (Boys Matter), Eloviano Afakpe Abolarin shared with Executive Hub about her inspiration towards the establishment of the initiative and also debunked the idea of using her platform to push for LGBTQ. Excerpts…

Can you tell us about ‘Boys Matter’?

ELOVIANO AFAKPE EMPOWERMENT INITIATIVE Eloviano Initiative (Boys Matter) is a Non-Governmental Organization established to advocate for the BOY-CHILD. It is designed to building the mindset and mental attitude of the BOY-CHILD towards sexual abuse, morals, behavior, character, relationships, education and finance.

Eloviano Boys Matter Initiative Revolves round M.A.D.E stands for:

Mental Health


Our mission of Boys Matter is committed to:

Increasing unrestricted affection of love, care and support towards the Boy-Child.

Building back self-esteem and confidence in the Boy-Child makes them believe and understand they are not an enemy of a girl’s success rather they have a major role to play in society.

Advocate for improved child care (Mental, Physical and Trainings) for the Boy-Child in our homes, schools and society.

To create platforms where young boys can freely discuss issues they experience among their peers, homes, schools and environment.

More so, to empower the Boy-Child with skills and knowledge required to be a good representative of their selves, homes and society.

To mentor and counsel of the Boy-Child on issues they encounter as they transit from boys to men and how to handle conflicts and abuse of the opposite or same sex is very key in shaping them to be better role models in the future.

What inspired the birth of this idea?

I have been doing humanitarian work for 7years now. Worked with foundation as Volunteer, trainer and project coordinator. I still do because it’s my first love. I am still a trainer with AuntLanda Foundation, etc. But I had the inspiration after I got tired of hearing the girl child and we neglected the boys depressed and getting damaged. So I just wanted something different from vocational training, giving free boys and clothings. I wanted more!

Eloviano boys matter

How has your initiative impacted the reform of abuse against the male gender?

It has been a complex issue in our society as many still find it difficult to believe that the male gender can be abused but as more publicity is going on to make boys speak out. We are beginning to see proof and the impact of abuse against the male gender.

As awareness rises, parents and wards are beginning to take care of their male gender as much as the female too.

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Why did you choose this path against the normal trend of girls advocacy?

I saw the need to advocate for the male gender because boys are beginning to go into extinction in terms of morals, education, social development and also family affairs. We thus need both genders to be empowered so that we have a balanced society.

Moreso, both genders are human and it is our responsibility to give them the care, love and empowerment they deserve.

What would you consider as your major challenge?

The challenges are majorly minimal awareness and empowerment for the male gender.

Do you propose or consider this advocacy as a movement for LGBTQ?

It is not a movement for LGBTQ. It is simply an advocacy to help empower the male gender towards being a responsible man in the society and also at the home front.

Do you think there would be a time in the future when the male dominance would go into extinction?

We are trying our best to create more awareness and publicity to parents and the society at large the importance of looking into the male gender affairs in terms of showing equal love and attention. Focusing on their mental health, education and empowerment. That way we are saving the male gender from going extinct.

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