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Never matter

Blog Series: Never Matter (Grand Finale)

Never Matter is the true love story of a thirty-five-year-old lady who found love in the least expected place …. with her boss. Doubts, distance and difference in social and family status set in, but love they say always prevails.

Let me officially welcome you to the grand finale of our long inspiring weekly penvoice blog series of ‘Never Matter’ which is a partnership content with Life of a Woman Naija TV.


Blog Series: Never Matter (Grand Finale)

Betty sat at the edge of the bed praying so hard for the nauseous feeling to come to an end for the day. It was a Sunday morning and she had already vomited twice. She hoped that the watery pap her mother had gone to prepare for her would help again that day. She couldn’t wait for the first trimester to be over. She’d read on the internet that nausea and a whole lot more would go with it.

The clock in her mother’s living room chimed 9am. Betty would have loved to go to church but she knew she wasn’t feeling good enough to even step out to the front door. She saw her mother approaching from the kitchen with a bowl in a tray. The early morning watery pap had been a ritual since she got to her mother’s place. It had a way of filling her stomach immediately after she threw up. And truth be told, that was the only thing she could keep down as other meal had not been settling in

“Oya oya take this in time so that it can settle in quickly.” Adetutu said as she placed the bowl of pap beside her daughter. Betty looked at her, noticing that she was fully dressed to go out.

“I thought you said that you aren’t going out today at all.” Betty asked.

“I didn’t intend to. But I got an important call very late last night to meet one of my customers. She says she wants to pay up some money she’s been owing for a very long time. I’m meeting her at a place not too far from here. I will be back very soon. I hope you will be fine by yourself?” Adetutu asked her daughter.

“Go do what you want to do mum, I will be fine.” Betty said dragging her bowl of pap close to her.

Adetutu stepped out of the house into the waiting taxi she had ordered minutes ago. She didn’t know why Hauwa had chosen to meet with her outside of her house. Most importantly, without the knowledge of her friend. Adetutu is curious of what the mistery was all about.

Traffic was always very light on Sunday mornings. In twenty minutes, she was at the fast food outlet Hauwa picked as their meeting location. The younger lady had also called her earlier to confirm that she was waiting for her inside. Adetutu paid the cab driver and headed into the restaurant. The place was almost empty with just a countable number of people eating. She was even surprised the place was opened that early on a Sunday.

Then she looked around the open space and there was no sight of Hauwa. She was about to bring out her phone to make a call when Hauwa suddenly came into view waving her over to a secluded corner she chose to sit. The younger lady knelt down half way to greet her friend’s mother. Adetutu had always been fond of Hauwa because she felt she always put sparks into the boring life of her daughter.

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Never Matter (Grand Finale)

“I’m so sorry mummy for dragging you out today. There’s just something I need to discuss with you and it’s quite important ma.” Hauwa said as she led Betty’s mum to a seat.

“Okay, so what’s going on? What do you want to tell me that you don’t want your friend to know about?”

“I just feel that you need to know more about Betty’s pregnancy situation so you can help sort it out.” Hauwa stated.

“I don’t understand what you are saying Hauwa. Can you go straight to the point.” Adetutu said balancing herself on the corner chair she had chosen to sit on.

“I’m talking about the man who is responsible for the child Betty is carrying ma.”

“oh…you mean to say the irresponsible man who abandoned her.” Betty’s mother tried to correct it.

Hauwa scratched the nape of her neck while trying to search for the appropriate angle of defense. “Uhmmm…. Everything is not as we thought it was ma. The man didn’t abandon Betty.”

“Okay. What did he do o?” Adetutu asked sarcastically.

“I think it’s high time I let him speak for himself ma.”

“What do you mean? He’s around here?”

Just then, Betty’s mother noticed a tall young man that was formerly sitting with his back at them, stood up and approached their table. He wore a blue pair of jeans and a white Polo shirt. The masculine fragrance from his perfume filled their sitting area. “Good morning ma.” His deep voice greeted Betty’s mother while he slightly prostrated.

“And who are you?” Adetutu asked the man still down in front of her.

Hauwa jumped in immediately introduced. “Mummy, this is Demilade Martins. My boss….Our boss in the office. The one who is responsible for Betty’s pregnancy ma.” She stated carefully.

Adetutu’s reaction changed. She became angry as she turned her face to the man in front of her. “Oh, so you are the man who got my daughter pregnant and took off. What is always wrong with you men of nowadays gaan? That whenever you have gotten what you want, you run….eh? What exactly is you people’s problem? You spend your time and energy chasing a woman.

And when she finally agrees to be with you thinking you are one responsible human being, then you get her in your bed and there and then, you feel you have achieved your aim. And you run away. You men, I seriously don’t know what to say about you people.” She paused for a moment before she continued, “And to think your mother threatened my daughter. Why do people think they can do or say whatever they like to anyone just because they have money? Who does she think she is?”

“Mummy, I’m so sorry that I’m meeting you this way ma. I wish it could have been on a merry circumstances. But all the same ma, I will like to explain what happened if you can give me a chance.” Demilade pleaded still on the floor in Front of the older woman.

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Never Matter (Grand Finale)

“First of all, please get up and sit down.” Betty’s mother ordered.

Demilade stood and took a seat in an empty chair directly opposite Mrs Badejoko.”Thank you ma.”

“Okay o. Mo ngbo o (I’m listening o).”

“It wasn’t my intention to abandon your daughter ma. The last time we saw each other was on a good note. In fact, a great note. So why would I ruin what we had by leaving her?” Demilade took a deep breath before he continued. “Mummy, I had a sudden trip to the Philippines that came up the last time betty and I saw each other….” Demilade explained all that happened to mrs Badejoko while she relaxed and listened to him carefully. She had reacted sympathetically when she saw few of his bruises.

Now relaxed, Adetutu asked gently, “You should have called her as soon as you could lay your hand on a phone.”

“I tried ma. I called twice when I got to Taiwan. But she kept dropping the calls whenever she heard my voice. So I just felt it would be better to see her in person and explain. Only to find out she had quit her job and moved out of her house.”

“Can you blame her? When your mother threatened she was going to have her killed if she didn’t leave you.” Adetutu said.

Demilade knew Mrs Badejoko had exaggerated with the use of the word ‘kill’. He knew his mother couldn’t have used such a dangerous word. “concerning my mother ma’am, she was just bluffing so Betty could believe whatever she was saying. She’s not capable of doing anything as terrible as that. We had spoken extensively and she now regretted her actions. She knows I’m here now and she’s 100% in support of it”.

Hauwa decided to pick the conversation from there, “Mummy, I was angry at him as well, but when he explained, I had to do something so that we can settle this whole big misunderstanding. And knowing fully well who my friend is, she won’t want to hear anything from me if I start a conversation which starts or ends with ‘hearing Demilade out’. That’s why I had to call you into it. Please ma, what can you do for us?”

Adetutu took a deep breath. It was clearer now that what everyone had been very upset about had not been the case. Patience they say had always been a virtue, she thought. Adetutu realised that her daughter had just been hurting herself for no reason. If only she had taken out little time to hear the young man out, maybe she could have saved herself some of the emotional trauma she had been putting herself into. And to say the man is handsome.

He definitely was the kind of man she would be extremely proud to call her son-in-law. Very good looking, full of respect, and humble. Yes she liked Richard and was sad that her daughter had lost him. But this option surely was way better. Adetutu thought. “Thank you so much Hauwa my dear for your effort. I truly appreciate your good heart.” She said before turning to Demilade, “what’s your name again young man?”

“Demilade Bankole Martins ma.” He answered.

“it is today and not tomorrow that we are going to sort this out. Let’s go to my house.” She instructed.

The three of them got up from their seats and headed out of the restaurant.

Betty sat in her mother’s living room with her legs folded on the couch. Tears flowed freely from her eyes. She knew she had always said that she would have a baby if a husband never came at a point. But she just didn’t know it would be this hard. And to top the whole situation, she missed Demilade. She wished they were doing this together. Time they say heals all wounds. But could she ever stop loving him? She wondered. Because as each day passed, the more she missed him. The more his smiling face became vivid. More so, the more she remembered the taste of his lips. The more she felt his touch on her skin. Sometimes, when she thought of him, she wondered what exactly she was upset about. But his mother.

His mother’s threat kept ringing in her head. Why did her life become complicated? Why couldn’t everything just go smoothly and simply? She thought. The sound of the doorbell came to live. She knew it was her mother. She quickly dried her tears as she tried to drag herself off the couch. The doorbell came buzzing again. “I’m coming!!!” Betty screamed as she slipped her legs into her slippers and started walking towards the main entrance. “Who is it?” She asked immediately as she got to the door just for formality sake.

“It’s me Betty darling. Open up.” Adetutu answered from the other side of the door.

Betty turned the keys and opened. Standing in front of her with his eyes set on her was Demilade. Her heart didn’t only skip a beat but skipped several beats. She slightly opened her mouth a bit to drag in as much oxygen as she could. Her mother and Hauwa were a few steps behind him staring at both of them. Her knees were becoming weak. It wasn’t certain if her two legs could hold her weight anymore. She had to do something. She folded her hands into a fist. “How could you?” she said almost a whisper as she hit his chest with her fist.

Demilade stood there looking at his woman. His woman. Her hair was not properly packed the way she always did. Her eyes were bulging from a vivid evidence of several hours of crying. She was in a pink oversized robe. She looked more beautiful to him than any woman he had ever seen. As her light-weight fist landed on his chest, his throat suddenly felt heavy. She looked frail and fragile.

“How could you?!” she hit him again on his chest as she bursted into tears. Immediately She was about to hit him the third time when Demilade held her hands and immediately gathered her into his arms. She didn’t resist him, neither did she push him away. She looked small as Demilade circled his arms round her while both of them shed tears, that they both knew that moment was the beginning of a whole new chapter of their lives together.

The End!!!

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