Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 9

Never matter

Never Matter is the true love story of a thirty-five-year-old lady who found love in the least expected place …. with her boss. Doubts, distance and difference in social and family status set in, but love they say always prevails.

Let me officially welcome you to a new inspiring weekly penvoice blog series of ‘Never Matter’ which is a partnership content with Life of a Woman Naija TV.


Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 9

Betty walked back to her table and took a seat. She sighted Hauwa and her new friend talking to someone else a few feet away from her. She thought there was no point in bugging her friend with the gist of what happened….just yet. She would save it till later, at least till they left the party. But the question was, who was the lady? Was she his girlfriend? Had he brought another girl as his date and abandoned the poor lady to chase her? Betty’s mind rummaged through all these.

She had not even had anything remotely close to a relationship with this man and already, drama had started happening. Was this what she wanted? She thought. But one thing was certain, when she was with him, she felt as if she had no legs. Her knees were so weak she almost fell into his arms.

What was this? She had never felt this way before about a man in her thirty-five years of existence. She had always been in control of her feelings and emotions when it came to the matter of the opposite sex, to avoid her heart being smashed. But now, being in control of her feelings for her boss whom she met just few days ago seemed like a difficult thing. How exactly was she going to take care of this? How did she get to this state? She asked herself. All of a sudden, she felt a hand dropped on her shoulder. She turned around to see Demilade bending over to whisper to her ears. “Let’s get out of here.”

“And why should I? Look, I think I have had enough insult for the day from your girlfriend”. She stated coolly.

Demilade immediately pulled out one of the empty chairs beside her and sat on it. His gaze levelled with hers as he said, “First off, Chantelle isn’t my girlfriend. She’s just a lady who has an idea in her head. But trust me, there’s nothing there. Secondly, I’m suggesting we leave so we can talk, about what’s obviously happening between us.. . .”

Betty stared at him for a moment. She felt sincerity from his words to her. And he was right. They needed to talk about what was going on between them. What was she even upset about in the first place? It wasn’t as if she was dating him….yet. So she had no business in whoever he chose to accompany him to an outing. She thought. But staring at him and hearing him defend himself, getting away from this crowded party and spending sometime alone with her boss wouldn’t be a bad idea. Maybe it was time for her to live a little. Just what her friend, Hauwa had been telling her. And she had decided to finally listened to her.

Never Matter – EP 9

She looked at her side and found her friend deeply lost in the bubble of her new found friendship. So leaving with their boss wouldn’t create any lonely vacuum for Hauwa. What do you expect? You only live once right? She thought.

Demilade noticed his beautiful employee’s strong face had lightened up, he said “So you gonna come?” As he laid out his hand. She warmly placed her palm in his as he used that to assist her in getting up. He guided her out of the huge hall into the foyer and out to the car park area. Nothing else mattered to him at the moment. Not him leaving the party without bidding Chantelle goodbye or even his mother. He wasn’t a child though that he had to let his mother know his movement. His mother had been calling his phone though. But he chose not to pick. He would send her a message that he had left and he would call her later. But at this time, talking with this gorgeous woman was more paramount to him than anything. He deepened his hand into the side pocket of his baby blue Buba and brought out his phone. He dialed his driver’s number while Demilade still lead Betty towards a huge car park area. He just hoped the young man had listened when he had told him to find a nearby space to park.

“Kamoru, where are you parked?” he asked in his usual thick voice. He was silent for a few moments as his driver gave him description before he agreed in affirmation and dropped the call. They both walked further into the outer part of the huge parking space when he sighted Kamoru waving at him.

“Welcome sir. Welcome ma.” Kamoru greeted both recognizing Betty from when they had gone out the other day as soon as they walked to him.

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“Yeah. Bawo ni?(how are you?)” Demilade responded in his local dialect. “You know what you’ll do? Send my mother a message or call her that you are around to drive her back home cause I’m sure she will be so tired when she’s done and ready to leave.” He instructed as he stretched out his hand for the car keys. The young man immediately handed it over to his boss as he agreed to the instruction he had given him. He stepped aside as Demilade opened the passenger door for Betty indicating she stepped in while he walked around to the driver’s side and climbed in. Betty had removed her round head-tie and had placed it on her lap in order to make herself feel a little comfortable. Demilade looked at the time from his wrist watch, it was exactly 7:10pm. He looked at Betty with a smile and asked, “where would you like to go?”

Never Matter – EP 9

Ajoke stood at the entrance of the hall dialing Kamoru’s number. She had seen her son’s text message and Kamoru’s indicating that the driver was available to take her home. She was tired from the dancing and all the activities associated with Owambe. This type of thoughtfulness was one of the reasons she couldn’t stay upset with her son for long. She had realized that Demilade had left when she went to look for him on his table after Chantelle had come crying to her that her son had insulted her over a bimbo. She had tried to call his number severally so they could meet outside to ask why he would allow beautiful Chantelle to be insulted. He had consistently dropped her call after which she received his text.

Few minutes later, Kamoru drove Ajoke’s car to the major entrance where she was waiting for him after she had earlier given him her keys and described where she had parked. She entered the car and balanced herself on the rear seat some people often refer to as owner’s corner. She checked her wrist watch, it was exactly 7:45pm. All she needed was to get home, have a shower and sleep. “Kamoru, when did my son leave?”

“Not long ago ma”, He responded.

“Was he alone?”

“No ma. He was with one Aunty that went with him for a meeting on Thursday.”

Ajoke got a little interested. “Do I know her?”

“I don’t think so ma. I think she works in oga’s office here in Lagos.”

If this said lady that left with her son worked for him, then what was she doing at this elite party? The major question was, what was she doing hanging around Demilade out of work schedule? Or could she be the one her son said he had? Or could she even be the lady he insulted Chantelle over? The more question she asked herself, the more interested she became in knowing more about this so called woman. “Do you happen to know her name?” she subtly inquired.

Never Matter – EP 9

“Ah…Oga mentioned her name oooo”, He hummed trying to remember. After few minutes, he lightly tapped the wheel in remembrance. “oh I remember ma. Madam Betty. That’s her name….Betty.”

“Ah!” Ajoke gently and quietly reacted. Her name was all she needed. Knowing that of course was the beginning of many things.

Never Matter – EP 9

Demilade pulled into the drive way of BlookStar Hotel. He needed a quiet and at the same time beautiful place he could speak to her without too many people talking at the same time. He knew the Hotel he was staying had that. Especially the pool side.

He had told Betty on their drive in where he was taking her to and she didn’t seem to mind. All she needed was to be in a serene environment to calm herself down. She had sent a message to Hauwa that she had left the party with her boss so she wouldn’t be worried. Hauwa had replied with, “Go girl! You better have sweet heart warming stories for me when we see.” Her friend’s prayers was finally answered.

Betty’s boss opened the door for her to step out of the car and led her towards the pool side. It was calmer with minimal lighting and more reflection from the pool creating beautiful illumination in the atmosphere with one of Westlife tracks playing subtly. The opened space was sparsely occupied by different people just relaxing with bottle or glass of drink on their tables while some decided to dance to the slow music that filled the air. Demilade led Betty to an empty table and chair by the far end of the space. He pulled out a chair for her to seat while he waved at the waiter before taking his own seat opposite her.

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“Good evening sir…..and ma’am,” The slim, tall waiter greeted as he got to their table. “What can I get you?” he asked. Demilade requested for two bottles of Smir-noff Ice for them after confirming that Betty also wanted it. In few minutes, the drink was settled in front of them. After taking a sip from the cup, Betty removed her high heeled sandal and placed one leg over the other to massage one of her foot. Demilade looked at her with his bag rested on the chair and smiled softly. Many women he had come across had either been too prideful of their status in the society or tried too hard to impress him by been overly sophisticated. But here was a woman who didn’t care. If she was going to remove her shoes and walk bare feet to be comfortable at a time, well she would….and she did.

“Your simplicity is absolutely refreshing.” Demilade said.

“How? Because I pulled my footwear to relax my legs?” She chucked as she switched the foot she was massaging. “This is one of the normal things people do you know.”

“In my world it’s not.”

“Then I think the people in your world need to come down to earth.”

Demilade dragged his chair closer to her and bent to pull her legs on his laps as he started massaging it softly. She looked at him as it became evident in her heart that she had completely fallen for her boss. It scared her. How could she fall for a man within the matter of days? Not to talk of a man with his life somewhere else. Whether she liked it or not, he would go back to Port Harcourt. He would return to his life of being the boss, and she the employee. But one part of her didn’t want to think of that. Because everything was right. The atmosphere, the music, his touch. She just wanted to enjoy all and not think about anything else.

“What are you thinking of?” His voice broke into her thought. She smiled as she looked at the illuminating water beside her.

“Everything.” She said gently. “You. This.” Pointing to his hands on her feet. “one part of me feels wonderful. And another part of me tells me that it’s very wrong.”

Never Matter – EP 9

Demilade put down her feet and drew his chair even closer while leaning forward. “Why don’t we stop thinking…..and just feel. God knows that’s what I’m doing now.”

Betty knew that if she allowed her brain to take control at the moment, she would call a cab and headed home. But did she even want her brain in charge? She doubted that. She was in this beautifully lighted place, listening to slow sweet music with the most gorgeous man she had ever seen staring into her eyes, She decided it was high time she lived. If the night was all she had, she would take it….and enjoyed it to the fullest. Tomorrow would definitely take care of itself. But today, she would let go. Let her guard down. And let the flow of the moment direct her to any where it led.

Just that moment, 1+1 by Beyonce started playing. Betty also leaned a little forward with their faces just few inches apart. “Dance with me.” She whispered. Demilade smiled and led her off the chair. She didn’t bother to put on her sandal. They both stepped a little bit aside from their table as He pressed her close to him while she wrapped her arms around his neck. They both moved slowly and rhythmically to the music. Demilade never knew he was capable of feeling the type of emotions that ran through him. It was absolutely magical. He had been attracted to women. Even loved once or twice. But this…this feeling was indescribable. It felt like his heart was about to be reaped out of his chest with its rate of beats. It felt like everything he did wasn’t enough.

Never Matter – EP 9

He wasn’t holding her enough, so he held her even closer. He ran his palm slowly through her back. He came to a conclusion that if his life ended at that moment, he was okay with it because he had a chance to hold a woman of his dreams. But holding her wasn’t enough. He thought. He needed to have her. He needed to be inside of her. He needed to show her exactly what he was feeling. He felt sparks of electricity has he felt her fingers tickled the nape of his neck. They both had several conversation without actually talking. Betty knew what the man she was dancing with wanted. She was sure she needed it too. She drew his ear closer to her mouth and she whispered, “Make Love to me.”

Demilade paused while he stared at her. He knew there was nothing he wanted more than making love to Betty. Showing her how he felt. And taking her to a place she had never been before. But he needed to know if she was sure. If it was really what she wanted. “Are you sure?” He asked.

“Yes.” She answered.

Demilade went to their table, picked her sandals from the ground and walked back to her. He took her hand as he lead her from the pool area towards the elevator. The ride to Demilade’s floor was quiet while their hands were tightly locked together. He led the way slowly to his door as soon as they stepped out of the elevator. He knew he had all night with her so there was nothing to be in a hurry for. He brought out the key card that he had collected from the reception and swiped it across the lock area. He opened the door and stepped aside for his companion to enter before following her.

Betty walked into his spacious hotel room. His strong masculine scent filled the air. It wasn’t has if she had not been in a room like that. She had slept in the identical room just few days ago. But being in her boss’ space even made her heart race the more. She heard him switch on the light and immediately dimmed it to a minimal brightness. She sighted the shoes he had worn the first time they met on the floor in a corner of the room.

The room was chilly which made her wonder if the AC was ever off. She stood and stared at the beautifully laid bed in the center of the room. Demilade who had locked the door and had successfully placed her sandal on the floor beside his shoe had walked up behind her. He placed his two palms on her upper arm and said gently, “You want to back out?”

Never Matter – EP 9

She slowly turned to face him. She stared at him for a moment before she got on her toes and planted her lips on his. She wrapped her arms round his neck as she deepened the kiss. She loved the way he explored her mouth. It was with confidence as well as experience. She immediately knew the night was going to be full of absolute pleasure. And she was glad she didn’t miss it.

Demilade stopped the magic he was doing to her with mouth and he turned her around to back him. He traced the zipper of her long lace dress and gently dragged it down to expose her bare back with just a strap of her black bra in view. He turned her back again to face him and he helped removed her hand and in no time, the dress dropped to the floor and she finally stepped out of it.

Demilade took a moment to admire the woman who stood in front of him in this satin black half bra and pant. If he thought she had a wider hips before, seeing her in lingerie now made him know that what he appreciated before while she was fully clothed wasn’t as close to the almost naked beauty standing in front of him. In his experience of making love to a woman, he had never bothered if he wanted to unclad himself first or as the act went on. But that moment, it mattered. He wanted her to see him too. He needed her to appreciate his body and made her understand that it was all for her. He stood in front of her and removed his Buba, his trouser, and his white singlet.

When Betty had referred to her boss as man-candy when she had first met him, it was an understatement. He was more than that. Standing in front of her in his white tight brief, he looked like a Greek god image she had seen in one of the epic movies. His muscles were chiselled and shiny as if oily substance had been rubbed all over it. Suddenly, she was proud that this man was going to have her. And she was absolutely glad that she was willingly giving herslef too.

Never Matter – EP 9

He led her to the bed and gently placed her back on it. Even though, Betty was right in front of him. He still felt he wasn’t giving her enough. The urge to completely please this woman was hundred percent baffling to him. He wanted to make her see everything. Experience pleasure that he could ever give. He wanted to give her all he was capable of. And he was glad that he had all night and several attempt to do that.

They both danced to the tune only the both of them could feel the rhythm. They explored without any hesitation or shyness. The more pleasure each gave, the more either of them craved. Demilade knew he thought earlier that if life ended with him having Betty once, he would be fulfilled. But exploding inside of this woman made him change his mind. He didn’t want life to end just yet. He wanted more. He wanted to experience more of magical moments like this….in the arms of this same woman where nothing else in the world mattered. Not his wealth, his position or his status. Absolutely nothing else.

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