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Never matter

Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 8

Never Matter is the true love story of a thirty-five-year-old lady who found love in the least expected place …. with her boss. Doubts, distance and difference in social and family status set in, but love they say always prevails.

Let me officially welcome you to a new inspiring weekly penvoice blog series of ‘Never Matter’ which is a partnership content with Life of a Woman Naija TV.


Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 8

“This is a huge surprise”, Demilade said with a smile immediately Betty got to him.

“It is sir.” She agreed while Hauwa tapped her as a sign to introduce her to the big boss. “Oh, this is Hauwa Dauda. She’s the assistant marketing manager at your company.” She introduced.

“Hello Hauwa,” he took her hand in his. “I don’t think I know you.”

“You do not know the majority of us sir, but we know you.” She Hauwa ended with a smile.

When it looked as if Demilade wasn’t going to introduce honorable Kashi to the ladies, he decided to do the honors by himself. “Hello beautiful ladies, I’m honorable Kashimawo but you can call me honorable Kashi.” He introduced a thick yoruba accept while taking their hands in his one after the other. “So what are your beautiful names?” he asked both of them but was looking straight at Betty.

“I’m Hauwa and this is Betty. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine omoluabi.” He turned to Demilade, “This is really fantabulous. So you have these types of amazing ladies working with you in your office? I definitely will visit. We can continue a possible partnership.” He laughed sheepishly.

Demilade knew not whether to join-in in what he termed a ridiculously annoying laughter by honorable Kashi. The young CEO knew the pot bellied man had his eyes on Betty. And that thought alone made him sick to his stomach. Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea doing business with….with this buffoon. He thought he would have to look into another giant tech company in the area he was looking to join the honorable’s organization on.

Then he suddenly felt he wouldn’t need a company whose CEO couldn’t be focused. But where was this sudden decision coming from? He hoped it wasn’t out of jealousy. Jealousy? Over who? Betty? Why would he be? The lady obviously didn’t want to have anything to do with him. So why would he be jealous? He just simply wants honorable Kashi to take his promiscuity away from his company and staff. He defended.

“Martin, come to my office on Monday, let us continue this conversation because I am really interested.” He deepened his hand into his Agbada and brought out a complimentary card which he handed over to Betty. “Here, this is my card with my private and direct contact. Call me, Omo daadaa.” He said as he immediately walked away to meet a former senator who had just entered into the premises.

Hauwa cleared her throat to break the ice which had obviously formed a huge mountain in their midst. “It’s really wonderful to meet you in person sir.” She turned to Betty, “Let me go search for our table. I’ll see you inside.” She left.

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“Running into you at this party is really a surprise.” Betty said as a way of breaking the awkward moment of silence between them as she inserted the card she received from honorable into her gold mini purse.

“And why are you putting the card in your purse? Oh….do you want to call him?” he inquired grudgingly. “Something I expected you to have thrown away immediately he left.”

“With all due respect sir, I don’t think it’s any of your business to tell me when I should or I shouldn’t trash a complimentary card. As a matter of fact, you don’t expect me to litter this clean exquisite environment just because I want to show you or any other person that I have no use for the card or the man that gave it. Excuse me….sir” she walked away.

Demilade stood there staring at her as she walked away. Okay, maybe he overreacted. He had just allowed his emotions to take the better part of him. What was he concerned about anyways? The lady had made it clear to him she wanted nothing more than a professional relationship. Then why was he bothered about honorable Kashi and his card? Could he be jealous? He wondered. He immediately composed himself and headed inside the hall.

Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 8

Betty found her friend seated on the 45th table. Hauwa was deep in conversation with one of the handsome guests sitting next to her. She wasn’t joking when she said she was determined to find her prospective Mr Right. Betty thought. She settled down on the seat next to her friend who already had a beautifully garnished roasted Tilapia fish in front of her. She immediately signaled the waiter standing by, obviously put there to cater to their table as each had waiters to attend to the guests on it.

She told him what she wanted as the waiter disappeared. Betty looked at the crowded hall and silently gave kudos to the Family and people getting married. It was extremely obvious that expenses were not spared in any way. Her gaze shifted to the flowery designed stage where the newly wedded couple were. The bride and groom sat together as the popular comedian who was the master of Ceremony was taking them through a series of activities to make people laugh.

Five minutes later, a simmering chicken soup was dropped in front of her with a glass cup of chapman. The aroma made her tommy grumbled which was a vivid reminder that she hadn’t eaten anything all day. She was thankful that the chicken was well diced otherwise, tearing it with her teeth might mess up her makeup. She took several spoons from the soup. Rich people sure knew how to make proper soup. Her attention was so on what she was taking until she felt a warm, strong hand placed on her bare neck followed by a gentle whisper in one of her ears, “I’m sorry.”

She looked back and her eyes met with Demilade’s. Their gaze were locked for a moment before he stood straight and walked into the crowd. Her heart melted. It began to beat so fast. Every strand of the hair on the nape of her neck sure was standing. Her boss just apologized to her. And to say he did it in such a sweet manner. She wondered what exactly was going on. Could it be true that her boss really liked her? Because it wasn’t every day that you see a powerful CEO of a gigantic company like GlodiTech apologize to his employee. Maybe she just needed to relax a little bit, not to take everything too seriously. Just what Hauwa said. She needed to learn to loosen up and have fun. Live free and live life. You only get to do it once……right? She asked herself.

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Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 8

It had been over an hour since Demilade took his seat on his table. Chantelle of course brought her usual drama which he was already prepared for. My food had too much salt, get me another meal. The cutlery wasn’t properly cleaned, get me another set. The drink was not cold enough, get me another one. It went on and on that his ears hitched. And this was the person his mother thought was best for him to settle with? He would rather remain single than give himself a deliberate high blood pressure.
He remembered he had not seen his mother since he arrived.

“Where are you going? Your mother told me that you and I need to plan and move away from this friend zone we are currently in. And I think she’s right.” Chantelle said, placing her palm on his when Demilade stood up.

He didn’t want to sound rude or insulting while her other friends on the table watched. He gently smiled and said, “don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll have our time.” He walked away.

What exactly was his mum thinking trying to fix him up with someone as shallow and prideful as Chantelle. Was she ever thinking of him staying married or just married for a while? He thought as he sited his mother laughing with a known ex-president of the federation. She saw him as he walked towards her. “Come Ademi.” She said . “Please meet president Obisanya.” She turned to the man next to her, “Here is the Chief Executive Officer of GlodiTech and my son.” She concluded smiling.

“Nice to meet you, your Excellency.” Demilade said As he bowed a bit as a sign of respect.

“Good to meet you too son. Your mother here has told me so much about the wonders you are performing in the InfoTech world.” The plumpy older man said.

“Not only me sir. I have a team of Wonderful people who are great at what they do.” Demilade smiled.

“That’s great.” He brought out a complimentary card from his pocket and handed it to him, “Here. Call my assistant and book an appointment with me. I’m interested in knowing more about your organization.”

“Thank you so much sir. I sure will. Soonest.”

His mother stood up to stand beside him. “come….come”. She held his hand while walking away from her table. “Have you seen Chantelle…..Ademi?”

“Mother, I have. And whatever it is you are planning with Chantelle and I, will not work.” He made his mother stop walking as they stepped aside to a non crowded spot. “I only agreed to attend this party just to make you happy. Not because I have any interest in that spoilt brat. So please stay out of it!”

“I’m just trying to do what’s best for you. You haven’t given me any options since no lady has been formally introduced to me as a potential wife.” She defended, recognizing that her son was upset.

“Well mother, you don’t need to worry yourself anymore cause I already have a woman!”

Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 8

Ajoke was dancing at the life-band arena along with the newly wedded couple. There was a heavy rain of five hundred naira notes from her bag pouring unto the couple while the live band singers sang her praises. This act was what made her highly recognized in the socialite’s circus. Although she was smiling, dancing and displaying the wealth of the Martin clan. But her mind was far away from her surroundings. She had not been able to let go of what her son said. He had a woman already? Then why hadn’t he introduced this so-called woman to his mother?

Why had he been making her believe he wasn’t ready for marriage? But who was she? Who was her family in the society? Her mind continuously asked these questions. She needed answers to them all. Most importantly, she needed to know if this so-called woman was worth showing off to society.

Hauwa seemed to be enjoying the company of her newfound friend, as they had not stopped conversing about everything. Each time Betty looked at them, she couldn’t help but smiled to herself. She knew her friend was on a mission and she wasn’t willing to disturb her in any way. The hall was already crowded with the nits and grits of the most important people in Nigeria. She knew at a function filled with Notable people like this one, business deals and negotiations are what they do most. Although Betty admired this type of wedding she was currently in, it was not the type she wanted if she ever found the right person and eventually tied the knot. What she liked was a small classy ceremony with just very close family and friends. The number is not more than 20. That way, she could genuinely feel the beauty and love involved in a marriage ceremony.

Betty took a sip from her cocktail drink as she watched the newest bride dance with her father while a Luther Vandross tune filled the air. She smiled gently as she slowly wished her father was still alive. Although, her mother had done a great job raising her alone. Sometimes, she often wished she still had a father to run to when something didn’t go the exact way she wanted. She was still reminiscing on the beauty of a father figure in a child’s life when her mobile phone vibrated in her purse. She brought it out and saw that it was an instant message from her boss, Demilade. “Look up to your far right.” He wrote. She looked up as the message directed. She sighted him seated on a table in the far front area of the hall. He waved off two fingers slowly with a warm smile. Just then, Betty’s phone buzzed again. “Would you like to come dance with me?” she read with her eyes shining in surprise.

Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 8

“I don’t think the dance floor is open for guests sir.” She subtly turned him down while she wondered if he was crazy. Why would he want to dance with her in front of everyone?”

“First off, I believe we are friends, so please drop the ‘sir’ and call me by my name. Second, I don’t care whether the dance floor is opened for guests or not. I just want to dance with you.” He wrote.

Betty couldn’t believe her eyes when she read what he sent. The part where she was to start addressing him by name wasn’t as surprising as when he said he didn’t care if the dance floor was opened. She looked up and saw him already up from his seat and trying to find his way to her. Immediately she knew what he was coming to do. She wasn’t ready to put herself in the face of people that way. Infact, she knew she didn’t have the boldness to do that. The best thing was to bolt, she decided. Betty immediately stood up and started walking towards the exit of the hall before Demilade could get to her. Sighting her movement, her boss re-directed his steps towards the same direction.

He caught up with her at a mini foyer before the exit, holding her arm. “Where are you going?”

“Trying to escape from dancing with you in front of all these people sir.” She said unaware of the ‘sir’ in her conversation.

Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 8

“I thought I said no more ‘sir’. “

“Sorry si….” She immediately corrected. “Sorry.”

“With you, it’s Demilade from now on.” He said as he moved closer to her.

“Okay.” She responded shyly.

“Say it.” His gaze pierced hers

“Say what? “ she asked.

“My name. Call my name”. He insisted as he held her hand in his.

Betty sighed knowing full well there was no way she was getting out of it. “Demilade.” She finally said. Although, it was a little weird calling her boss, the man that owned the multinational organization that everyone had come to respect by name. But she sort of liked it at the same time.

“So about that dance?” he teased.

“I told you I’m not going to dance with you in front of people. They will start having different idea of what we are to each other” She said softly.

“And what are we to each other?”

“You are my boss!” she subtly stated.

“And a friend who wants to be closer.” He said while running the back of his finger down her right cheek.

“I told you about this sir….Demilade, having a different relationship with you other than work is not good for us. Especially for me.”

“Why? Give me one good reason…just one reason why you feel it’s such a terrible idea to have more than a working relationship with me.” He persistently.

Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 8

“Because I might fall for you. Yes you heard me. I might fall for you so hard that if it ends up not working out between us, I’ll have to quit my job, which I love so much.”

They both stared at each other for a few seconds as her chest rose and fell intensely. Demilade opened his mouth to respond when they both heard his name being called. Both their gazes directed towards the main entrance into the hall as they both sighted chantelle standing there. “How could you leave me sitting on the table all by myself and you are here hanging out with this…thing.”

Betty looked strongly back at Demilade for a few seconds and walked back into the hall.

Demilade, moved closer to where Chantelle was standing and stood in front of her. “You see that lady? Don’t you ever call her “a thing” ever again.” He warned sternly and walked past her into the hall.

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