Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 6

Never matter

Never Matter is the true love story of a thirty-five-year-old lady who found love in the least expected place …. with her boss. Doubts, distance and difference in social and family status set in, but love they say always prevails.

Let me officially welcome you to a new inspiring weekly penvoice blog series of ‘Never Matter’ which is a partnership content with Life of a Woman Naija TV.


Never Matter – EP 6

“Betty, please let me have the Joba and ville’s file. There is some information that is missing from the PPT that was shared with me” Hauwa said immediately when she entered her colleague’s friend’s office. She took her seat opposite Betty while she waited for her to search through her system.

Hauwa had been a staff member of GlodiTech two months before Betty joined. They didn’t hit it off at the beginning but when both had been asked to work on a project together, Hauwa being an assistant Marketing Manager appreciated her colleague’s professionalism and eyes for details which eventually landed them a bigger account. Naturally and seamlessly, Their relationship Went beyond work. They simply became best friends. Betty had always been the type of person that liked to keep her private life…..private. But since when she met her colleague, privacy became a key she threw out the window, at least in the assistant manager’s world.

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Never Matter – EP 6

Hauwa was a woman one would regard as blunt. She would tell the truth either it wanted to be heard and accepted or not. Her motto was ‘you say the truth, you die. You don’t, you still die. So why not say the truth anyway’. Betty saw her genuineness which had simply and easily made them inseparable. Hausa originated from the northern side of Nigeria but had been born and bred in Lagos before she travelled for her high school and university education in London. She had to return when her parents had a fatal auto accident and lost their lives. After their burial, she decided to stay back to partly monitor her father’s law firm which was being managed by her father’s partner and best friend.

“Why are you smiling?” Hauwa inquired.

“I’m not smiling.” Betty denied.

“Yes, you are. You have been smiling to yourself since when I entered your office. And the fact that you denied it means there’s something going on. So please, spill the beans.” She tapped the table.

Betty paused from searching through her system to face her friend, “I kissed the boss. He kissed me….We kissed.”

“What?! You mean you kissed Mr Gboyega, that married old man?” Hauwa displayed a disgusted look.

“No silly! I mean the overall boss. The CEO that I told you I’ll be meeting yesterday morning.” Betty corrected.

“And you are just waiting to tell me?” She rushed to close the door into her office to prevent anyone else from listening or walking in to hear probably the hottest gist in the history of GlodiTech. She pulled one of the chairs closer to her friend as if sitting across the table would make her miss out. “What happened? Who started it? How was it?” she bombarded?

Never Matter – EP 6

“Which one do you want me to answer first?”

“All of them. Just tell me everything.”

Betty started narrating from the beginning when she met her boss to when she had left the hotel earlier to head to work. It was still unbelievably unreal to her that the CEO of one of the topmost information technology companies in Nigeria had shared a short intimate moment with her. She had decided it couldn’t have been what he really wanted. Maybe he was looking for who to play with and she was not going to let herself fall victim. She loved her job too much to allow anything or anyone mess with it. Especially not her boss. “As great as the kiss was, I think it was a mistake. One that I don’t want to repeat again.” She concluded.

“A mistake? You had one of the most amazing nights in your loveless and boring pathetic life and you call it a mistake? When will you start to live?”

“He’s my boss!” Betty tried to make her friend understand.

“So what! He kissed you. He’s a single guy who might just like you.”

“Like me?” Betty chuckled to herself, “Have you seen that man? He might be single but I’m very sure he has someone if not so many. And I do not want to be one of those fishes.”

“Don’t underestimate yourself dearie. You are a very beautiful woman and any man would want to be with you…whether he’s a man candy or not.” Hauwa encouraged.

“Awww. That’s so sweet to hear. But I’m still not giving in.” She said, turning her gaze back to her laptop.

Hauwa stood up and started walking towards the door. “Then you should better consider erasing the sticky love-struck smile that’s on your face.”

“I’m just trying to enjoy the thought,” She responded.

Never Matter

Demilade rolled back and forth on the bed. He found it difficult to get up. Not because he was tired to do so, but it was the thought of what he did the previous night that was heavy on his mind. He kissed his employee. Something he had never done before.

He had broken one of his major rules in business. ‘Never have any sort of relationship with the employee except Business’. But he had just done what he had always been strict about. And worse, he liked it. He had not been able to get Betty off his mind. Her lips were one of the sweetest he had ever tasted in his thirty nine years of existence. Soft, full, and succulent.

The movement of her tongue around his mouth was gentle yet aggressive. There was no doubt about it, Betty was surely an excellent kisser. Alas, he wanted to do that again. Was it sensible? He didn’t care. All he knew was that kissing Betty had officially become one of the most paramount things on his to-do list.

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Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 6

He wanted to head out for an outfit hunting for the wedding party his mother had invited him for the following day. But before doing that, he suddenly felt the urge to head out to his Lagos office. It had been close to three years he had physically been there. But he needed to go to the place. He wanted to see how his staff were faring. He wanted to see their director. And he wanted to see a certain lady again.

He rushed into the bathroom for a quick shower, had a Chinos trouser and a shirt. He knew he looked nice but he just wished he had brought more clothing options.

Three hours later, he had pulled into the driveway of GlodiTech; Lagos office. Those who knew him immediately pulled themselves in order while they quickly and gently greeted him and those who didn’t, paused to check him out. He headed straight to the office he had in the building. The chief security officer who had the key to it, opened the door for him. It was obvious the office cleaner did her job every day as the executive furniture was spotlessly shining. He collected his bag from the CSO and thanked him.

Demilade had a series of meetings with different heads of department. He finally was wrapping up a-close-to two hours meeting with Mr. Gboyega, the managing director. He wanted to save the best for last. He picked up the phone box and dialed one of the extension numbers pasted on it. “Hello, please come to my office.”


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