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Never matter

Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 5

Never Matter is the true love story of a thirty-five-year-old lady who found love in the least expected place …. with her boss. Doubts, distance and difference in social and family status set in, but love they say always prevails.

Let me officially welcome you to a new inspiring weekly penvoice blog series of ‘Never Matter’ which is a partnership content with Life of a Woman Naija TV.

Never Matter is solely to inspire you. Welcome!

Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 5

Demilade entered his hotel and it suddenly felt cold. He dropped his backpack on the couch in a corner. He also noticed his bedsheet had been replaced and properly laid with some sort of lavender smell in the air. Didn’t the cleaner know it was a man staying in the room to avoid a soft smell like lavender? He thought. But he liked it anyways. The scent made him experience some warmth from within. The kind of warmth he had been fighting all day that a certain person unbelievably woke up in him. This was just a sense of imagination. He defended himself. The earlier he threw all the horribly funny thoughts out of the window of his mind, the better for him….and the company.

He was hungry, infact famished and needed food. Perhaps something a little heavy like either Semo and vegetable or Ofe Nsala soup. Yes, he heard the latter was good even though he had never tried it before. He had spotted it on their menu the previous night and he might just go for it now. He picked up the intercom on the side to dial the kitchen. Then he suddenly wondered, could she have eaten? Would she want to eat with him? Wouldn’t it be better instead of eating in an empty and quiet room, he could eat and get to know his worker better? There was nothing wrong with that…..right? He questioned himself. This came from an innocent and free mind. It was good to get to know one’s staff better so as to create seamless working relationship. He strongly defended.

He didn’t care if he had not been doing that before. But seriously felt the urge to kick-start that habit immediately. He found himself dialing her room extension instead of the kitchen.

He had just told a lie to her about ordering too much when in fact he hadn’t even ordered. Well, it was just what came out as of that moment. He needed to say something to give an excuse to want to dine with her. And even better, he would be eating in her room. Was the deal that he just broke smart? For the first time in a long time, he didn’t know whether he had done the best thing for himself. And he didn’t care. All he knew was that he couldn’t wait to be on his way to one of the rooms on the next floor.

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Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 5

Her boss was coming up to her room. Betty repeated to herself. And she was just in a huge white towel-like robe. Some part of her wanted to put on some make-up to at least look a little……what? Sexy? This man is your boss you know. So, don’t be funny in your thoughts. She cautioned herself that she would be natural, be herself and above all, never ever entertain the thought of assuming they could be a pair.

Then, she slipped her feet into the puffy, fluffy white slippers she found in the room. The least she could do was to ensure her robe was wrapped properly to avoid giving her boss an x-rated show that she did not intend. She heard a very low tap on her door. Her heart beat began to race more than usual. She stood in the centre of the room to take a deep breath so as to calm herself before walking towards the door.

“Hi sir”, she greeted immediately when she saw him. She noticed he had changed from the Buba and trouser that he wore earlier to beach-like shorts and a white cotton shirt some men often use as underwear. He looked simple…..infact, too simple and ‘hawt’. Immediately, she started to doubt her ability not to misbehave in front of this ‘man candy’. She loved her job and this man was her boss, the earlier she thought to not allow room for her not to mess herself up, the better for her. She started thinking of an excuse to spring up.

“I…uhmm…I….”, she stuttered as she ran her hand through her hair. “ I’m thinking I should go to bed early sir so as to have an even earlier start tomorrow.” She finally said.

He balanced himself in front of her before saying, “At 7pm?”

“I have a lot to do, that is definitely waiting on my table sir.” She defended.

Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 5

It suddenly became obvious to Demilade that she was trying to avoid him. Because he was her boss and him having dinner with her was un-boss-like or what? Who even made these rules anyways? He thought. Seeing her in this puffy robe with even no makeup made her look absolutely sexy. He suddenly wanted to get to know her. He wanted to become someone she could relax with. And not this tension she obviously felt.

“Too bad, I already ordered some food for you on my way up. Rice and some peppered beef. While I’ll have semo and white soup. You wouldn’t want me to waste all that, do you” He said gently. Thank God he had ordered downstairs and didn’t say he would do that when he got to her. “Are you going to let me in?” he added with a smile.

Betty slowly moved aside to give space to let him walk in after a brief moment of confusion. It was going to be a long night. She thought.

Demilade took out the chair placed in front of the dressing mirror and sat on it. Her room smelt of the flowery fragrance he had smelt on her all day. He liked it. It made her look soft and sweet. Betty took her own seat at the edge of the bed intentionally putting some space between them. Not as if it wasn’t obvious a man was in the room. Infact, with her boss’ presence, it suddenly made her overly big hotel room look extremely small. She needed to start a conversation. Something safe to say. “How did you know that I would like what you ordered for me?”

“Everyone loves rice.” He said. “And I thought that you will definitely love their stir and fry rice here. I ate it last night and it was absolutely delicious.”

“I do love Stir-fry Rice.”

“You see, flesh had not revealed that to me but the spirit.”
She busted out laughing.

They had both eased up in the cause of the evening mostly talking about different food they had come across and tasted in their lives. Obviously, Demilade had experienced more due to his business trips in and out of the country.

The room service had eventually brought their meal and both had dug in to do it justice. He had eaten on the dressing table as Betty’s tray of food was placed on her lap as she devoured it while still sitting on the far edge of the bed. Both had not paid any attention to how they should act while eating. Demilade ate his Semo with his hand ignoring the fork and knife they had placed in the tray. Betty had slowly loosened up and was beginning to enjoy the company of her boss. He had asked her a series of questions while they ate and even after. From her family to why she chose the career path she had. It was as if they were on a first date and getting to know each other was paramount to the both of them.

“So tell me the story behind ‘nobody waiting for you at home’ that you stated earlier”, he suddenly asked.

“There’s no story sir. I live alone.”

“And why is there no certain Mr Somewhere in the picture?” He inquired.

“Well, no suitable Mr has shown himself yet.”

“seriously?” he smiled. “or are you too picky?”

She got up to place the tray she had been holding on the dressing table next to him and returned to sit on the bed. She took a deep breath before deciding to respond. “A close cousin of mine got messed up by men. Not one but four different men. I was just a young teenager then when everything happened. She almost lost her life when she was in a relationship with the last guy. That period, I said to myself, that I’ll think deep and access better before deciding to settle down with a man”.

“What kind of men was your cousin attracting anyway?”

“The kind that kept breaking her heart over and over again. I can tell you sir that most men of these days don’t even know what they want in a woman.”

“Do you know what you want in a man?” He asked, looking fascinated as he placed his left leg over the other.

“ Yes I do. Love, respect, friendship and understanding. That’s all I need. And also willing to give these because I believe in receiving what I know I can give.”

Hmm..this is interesting. You should be in your 30s right?”

“35 to be precise.”

“And what if what you need in a man never showed?”

“I am not desperate sir. If I never find what I need, I’ll be fine. I’ll still be myself and most importantly, I’ll be happy.”

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Demilade couldn’t take his eyes off her. All of a sudden, his heart beat for her. He wanted to stand up to hold her in his arms and tell her that he wants her. Wants her? What exactly was his problem? He thought that he needed to leave so as not to completely turn a deaf ear to the tiny voice telling him to hold himself together. He sighed and stood up. “I better leave…..I mean I need to hit the bed.” He stood up and started walking to the exit as Betty followed him. He turned to look at her when he was completely out of the room. She stood by the door holding the nob. She was inches shorter than him and she looked absolutely breathtaking in her wooly white robe. “Dinner was great…..and your company was amazing.” He stated.

She tilted her head a little aside and she smiled. “Aww, thank you. I truly enjoy your company too. I don’t think I have spoken so much about myself to anyone in a long time like I did tonight.”

Hearing that, he locked eyes with her. One voice was telling him to walk away. But this time, he seemed to be ignoring it. It was as if a magnetic force was pulling him. He started to move closer….and closer….and closer to her. She didn’t seem to pull back. She knew what was coming and she wasn’t going to stop him. He bent a little as he gently planted his lips on hers. It felt like his whole body had just been plugged into an electric socket. He felt the rush from his legs to his head. He removed his hand tucked in his pocket and pressed it on her back. Her lips were soft and smooth. He needed to taste every part of her mouth. Her slow pace matched his and the smooth mouth trip was a beautiful rhythmic journey that he didn’t want to stop. But he had to. To save him from having to….to….
He gently released her while he stepped back. She slowly opened her eyes and stared at him. Words eluded both of them as their chests heavily rose and fell. Demilade didn’t know what had just happened. All he knew was that he needed to calm down and the earlier he escaped to his hotel room the better….for both of them. He couldn’t trust any word that could come out of his mouth. It was better if he didn’t even say anything. She was there staring at him as he walked away.

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