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Never matter

Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 14

Never Matter is the true love story of a thirty-five-year-old lady who found love in the least expected place …. with her boss. Doubts, distance and difference in social and family status set in, but love they say always prevails.

Let me officially welcome you to a new inspiring weekly penvoice blog series of ‘Never Matter’ which is a partnership content with Life of a Woman Naija TV.


Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 14

“Thank you so much Chung for everything that you have done for me. I do appreciate you.” Demilade said to the older asian man as they shook hands. “You said I’ll get all my documents back…and I did.”

“You have nothing to thank me for. I’m sorry it wasn’t ready sooner as we thought.” Chung said.

Demilade had waited for two whole weeks for his documents to be fully ready, which its order came directly from Taiwanese presidential office. While he waited, he had spoken to his PA who met him in Taiwan and stayed with him. The young man was glad his boss was okay when he first saw him. And he had filled Demilade in on important things that had happened in his absence. He also updated him on people who constantly called requesting for him which of course Betty topped the list of non official calls. Demilade had tried reaching her once or twice thanks to Theo who noted all the numbers that called his boss in his E-diary incase he wanted to get back.

Never Matter – EP 14

Betty only heard his voice on the two occasions he had called and dropped. Demilade knew she was upset. But she only needed to hear him out for her to understand what he had been through. So he decided he wasn’t going to call anymore but waited till when he saw her in flesh and he was sure she wouldn’t blame him after.

And that time had finally come. Theo helped load his things in the car along with one of Chung’s chauffeur. Demilade only said his good-byes. In less than twenty-four hours, he would be with the love of his life. Did he really mean that? He questioned himself and realized he meant it. He knew he had only known her for a short period of time but Betty surely was the love of his life. The thought of seeing and holding her again had been what had pulled him through the difficult times. Yes, she might be upset right now because Theo had told him that no explanation or information had been given to Betty except the big boss doing a global tour on business.

He wouldn’t blame his PA because he had no idea Betty was Mrs Martin in the making. She must have thought that he had taken advantage of her body and absconded. He felt terrible for putting her in that situation. He decided there was no point reaching her on the phone. It was better he stood in the flesh in front of her to explain what happened. That way, she would be able to see the sincerity in his eyes and understood that he didn’t just take off.

Demilade was glad the event turned out. His two weeks stay with Chung had created and sealed so many businesses with the multi billionaire and also with the Taiwanese government. His business and status had just been shot to a whole different level. He was surprised on how his career life had taken a new turn from a terrible and near death experience. But the most important thing right now was changing the current perception of Betty about him. In a few hours, he should be able to ensure that happens. He hoped.

Never Matter – EP 14

Betty sat opposite the massive table of Mr Gboyega, the Managing director of the Lagos branch waiting patiently for him to finish a nearly ten minutes telephone conversation. She had a brown envelope in hand as she fidgeted hoping to find the right words to explain the decision she was making.

“Good morning miss Badejoko. I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting.” Mr Gboyega said immediately he ended his call.
“It’s alright sir.” Betty gently responded.

“So, what can I do for you this morning?”

Betty handed over the envelope to her boss. “I came to drop this sir.”

He opened and brought out to read the content of the document inside. “A resignation letter? Why?” Gboyega asked, wondering why one of his best staff decided to quit her job just like that. “What is going on?”

“Nothing sir. I just have a personal family situation that needs my undivided attention. I also know that I’m supposed to give at least two weeks to a month’s notice but I need to go immediately sir.” She explained

“But that doesn’t mean that you have to leave. I can give you some time off if it’s what you need. And you’ll be back refreshed and ready to work.”

She smiled gently, “As much as I appreciate your kind gesture sir, I’ll have to turn it down. Quitting is actually what I need right now.”

Mr Gboyega leaned forward on his table a little so as to allow his words to penetrate into the young lady seated on the other side of his table, “Look Betty, I have always admired your utmost dedication to work and brilliant mind since when I’ve known you. Please try and view me as someone who is more than just the managing director of this place. See me as an Uncle or a father and tell me what is going on and I might just be of help. You don’t have to quit your job.” Her boss persuaded.

Betty knew if she stayed a little longer talking to Gboyega, she might just change her mind. Although, the decision was not easy at all to arrive at. She immediately stood up from the chair and gently said, “I appreciate you sir for your amazing work ethics and also being a wonderful person to me and the majority of us here. But this is one decision I thought through and it’s best for me. I’m sorry sir that I’m disappointing you with my quitting but it’s what is best for me sir.”

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Gboyega looked at her for a brief moment knowing fully well that there was nothing he could do or say to change her mind. “Alright then. I’ll let this case rest for now. But note that I’ll keep your space opened for a long time. I won’t stop calling you and also keep this hush hush until you perhaps have a rethink and come back.”

“Thank you once again sir for thinking highly of me. I will hand over everything to Hauwa at least till when you find a replacement. She’s been briefed already. I’ll be leaving as soon as I’m done handing over. Have a great day sir.” She said and calmly walked out of the Office.

The decision to leave GlodiTech became solidified when Betty discovered she was pregnant. Being seen with him had already made his mother issue threats. Getting pregnant for him would make people think she was definitely out to dig gold. She knew she wouldn’t hear the last of the scandal and she wasn’t ready to soil her name in the mud like that. So she decided the earlier she left and completely disappeared into her own world and never to be heard of again in the world of The Martin’s, the better…for everyone.

Leaving her job that she loved so much wasn’t an easy decision to make but it was what she had to do for herself to help get over the man who had abandoned her after sleeping with her and most importantly, to protect her child. Part of what had made this decision easy for her was when she had received calls from Demilade days back. He had called with an international number and she ended the calls twice immediately she heard his voice. He didn’t own her and she refused to be owned. He shouldn’t think just because he was her boss, he could breeze in and out of her life as he pleased. No man had ever treated her that way and neither would she allow herself to be treated that way. She loved him with all her heart but Demilade Martin could go to hell for all she cared.

Hauwa was waiting patiently for Betty when she returned to her office. “Are you sure you are doing the right thing Betty? Your job doesn’t have to suffer for this you know.”

Never Matter – EP 14

“Yes it does. You don’t know that there are so many things at stake with me getting pregnant now. I don’t want his mother getting a whiff of this. I can bet it with you that I won’t be safe.” She said as she gently took her seat.

“How are you so sure?”

“Yes I am sure. Were you not here when she issued those threats just to stay away from her son? What do you think she would do if she finds out that I’m pregnant? Look Hauwa, I don’t want trouble for myself or for my child in any way.” She started sorting out files that were scattered on her table.

“But I just feel you should have at least heard from him first before making this decision. You could have spoken to him on the phone when he tried to contact you….to at least hear him out.” Hauwa gently stated.

“Hear what out exactly oh? Speaking with him won’t do me any good in the state I’m in. Right now, I need strength and speaking to him won’t do that for me.” She paused for a moment before continuing, “I’ve sorted out these files in order of priority. And every other information that you need will be in your mail. Thank you so much for doing this for me.”

“You know I’ll do anything for you. So for how long will you be at your mum’s place when you go there tomorrow?” Hauwa asked.

Betty sighed, “I’ll stay for a week or two first. Before deciding whether to go to either Tanzania or South Africa for a month or two as well. Just to help my state of mind.”

“Have you told your mum about your…you know.” Hauwa used her eyes to point at her belly.

“Not yet. I’ll do that when I get to her place tomorrow.” Betty held her friend with her gaze as she continued, “And remember, never ever bring anyone, I repeat Hauwa anyone to my mother’s place. Also, do not give anyone my new number to call me. Please. I’m telling you now. I do not need unnecessary drama. That’s why I’m going away and cutting off everyone to avoid that.”

“You have told me this before now…”

“Hauwa, I’m telling you again.”

“Then relax. I won’t.”

Never Matter – EP 14

It was already 2pm before Demilade finally touched down at Muritala International airport. Landing in Lagos was intentional and important. By the time himself and Theo had finished through security checks, it was already 3pm. They charted a vehicle that was headed straight to Ikeja where his office was situated. Although, his PA didn’t understand why they were in Lagos instead of heading straight to Port Harcourt. But he wasn’t the boss. Demilade needed to deal with a situation that mattered most to him. Betty’s situation. Seeing her was what he needed more than anything in the world. He wanted to let her know what he had been through. How her thought saved him. And most importantly, hold her in his arms.

It was as if the Lagos traffic knew that he was in a hurry to be at GlodiTech as the flow of movement cooperated with him. In less than fifty minutes, their driver pulled outside the Lagos office. He wasted no time in rushing through the reception. He barely answered anyone who greeted him. His mind was focused on the office located on the second floor. He climbed the stairs in two’s and three’s to hasten his movement. He finally got to her office door. He tried severally to open it but it remained locked. Where could she have gone to? He had no phone on him to try her number with. What could he do? He asked himself. Just then, he thought of his MD, Gboyega. If there was anyone he could think of at that moment who should know her movement, he should. He went back to the staircase and climbed to the floor above him. Immediately he opened the door, Gboyega stood up to welcome him. He tried to stay calm so that the older man wouldn’t get a hang of what was going on.

“You didn’t inform me that you’ll be coming Mr Martin.” Gboyega said.

“Yes. I just breezed in to seek something important from Miss Badejoko Betty. Do you know if she’s around?” Demilade inquired indirectly.

“Oh, Betty. She resigned just yesterday.” Gboyega said.

Never Matter – EP 14

Adetutu Badejoko adjusted herself on the bed she was seated as she patiently listened to her daughter narrate the story surrounding leaving her job. Although, it saddened her that a relationship had not worked out between Richard and her daughter but at that moment, all that didn’t matter. The most crucial thing was that her baby was hurting and she had to be there for her. She looked at her daughter as it was quite noticeable that she was pushing back tears and locking up so much emotions. She also knew it must not have been easy for her over the decision she had made. Adetutu moved forward, closer to her daughter who was seated at the edge of the bed. “Come here.” She said as she gathered her into her arms.

All of a sudden, Betty was safe again as she was in the embrace of her mother. It was comforting and assuring. She was in the arms of one person that she could be herself without being judged. All of a sudden, all the emotions she had been locking up inside failed to stay in. She busted out in tears. “Shishshhshshshish….it’s okay baby. It’s okay.” Adetutu consoled her. She held Betty’s face in her palms to gaze at her as she said, “The most important thing is that you loved. Even if this man took it for granted. You still loved. And I’m proud of you for that. What I will just tell you is that, you shouldn’t let this stop you from loving again. Never. Love again. Love hard. Because that is what shows that you are stronger than most.” Betty let out a whim as more tears rolled down her cheeks while her mother gathered her back into her arms. “Just remind me to change my hospital so as to avoid a certain doctor give me a lethal injection” Adetutu suddenly said. Betty busted into laughter in the midst of her tears. “Now that’s the smile that I needed to see.”

It had been three whole years since Demilade had stayed at his mother’s house. Whenever he was in Lagos for one thing or the other, he’d preferred to stay in a hotel than hear his mother whine about how he needed a standard wife in his life. But this time, he didn’t know how long his stay in Lagos was going to be hence his staying with his mother. Demilade had sent Theo back to Port Harcourt to do some things for him, which part of it was sending his mobile phone to him via express mail.

Never Matter – EP 14

All he knew was that he was not leaving till he found Betty. He had located her home address from her file in the office. He had also been there but she wasn’t there. One of her neighbors he had met told him she left the house with two huge luggage and had also sensed that she had travelled. He had tried asking more questions about family or anyone close to Betty that he could be linked with. But he couldn’t get any information.

Demilade left her house down casted. How could people know so little about their neighbor? He was frustrated. He sat on the massive chair as his mother’s cook served him a glass of water. He gulped it while his mind wandered all over. He picked up his mobile phone and dialed Betty’s number for the twentieth time that day, it was still switched off. Where could she have gone to? Why couldn’t there be anyone that could give him information about her whereabouts? He thought. Why can’t there…. His thought paused. He stared blankly into the air. There was a lady. The one he met with her at the party. She said the lady also worked at GlodiTech. What was her name again? Demilade stood up.

Never Matter – EP 14

He paced around in a spot while he gently tapped his forehead. He remembered she had a northern name. Something ‘wa’. Oh yes! Hauwa! He started to smile to himself. He felt like he had won millions of cash. He picked up his phone and dialed Gboyega’s number. He had asked for the Managing director to get him the young lady’s address at all cost and also to stylishly find out where exactly he could get her that Saturday afternoon. Although, Gboyega was confused but had no choice but to do what his boss asked for. Demilade continued to pace anxiously to get feedback. In less than ten minutes, Gboyega had called and relayed all what he found out. He didn’t wait for a second as he rushed out into his Prado Jeep. Kamoru offered to drive him to where he was going but he refused. He wanted to be in control of his movement as much as he needed privacy. He entered the address into his google map and immediately was on the move.

Traffic didn’t make the journey as fast as he would have wanted. But after two and a half hours, he was standing outside Hauwa’s black gate. He pressed the mini door bell that was hooked in a corner. Three minutes later, he heard a female voice asking who was there while she approached the gate. He stated he was looking for Hauwa from her office. When the gate was finally opened and a slim, tall young woman he recognized so well was staring at him, he could tell that she was in shock.

Never Matter – EP 14

“Mr Martin, what are you doing in my house?” She had asked.

“I’m here to ask about your friend, Betty. She’s left the office and she’s no longer at her place…..”Demilade explained as Hauwa interjected.

“You’ve been to her house too?”

“Yes I have. And a neighbor said she may have travelled as she was seen with luggage yesterday. So I’m here to ask you if you can please tell me where I can find her. I really…really need to see her….to talk to her.”

For the first time, Hauwa looked at him closely. Damn!!! The man is handsome. She now saw the reason her friend had not been able to get over him after just one night together. She immediately decided she wasn’t going to bulge. This man left her friend after taking advantage of her and she wouldn’t let him have his way simply because he’s cute. “And what makes you think that I know where she is sir?”

“Because both of you are close friends as I’ve recently gathered. Look Hauwa, I have no idea what is going on. Yes, she might be a little bit upset that she couldn’t reach me for a while, which there’s a reason for that. But for her to get up and quit her job that she’s excellent at, that beats me. She changed her mobile number, and she also left her house. I’m confused. That’s why I need to see her.” Demilade explained.

Never Matter – EP 14

“A little bit upset you say? I don’t freaking care whether you are my boss or not. So don’t expect me to be overly respective over this case that’s on ground. You slept with a woman, got her pregnant and absconded into thin air and you say she shouldn’t be upset?” Hauwa raged in anger.

“What did you just say? Betty is pregnant?! Demilade expressed his surprise.

“Look, I wasn’t even supposed to say anything to you or anyone else. She will kill me for that. But don’t just stand there and act as if what you did has no weight.”

“I have a whole lot of reasons for the gap of communication between us. It’s a long story. But she shouldn’t have just taken off like this without talking to me. At least, not with my baby.”

“Well, maybe you should ask your mother why she did.” Hauwa blurted.

“Excuse me?!”

“Yes, you heard me. You say you don’t know why she took off, then ask your mother. That’s all I can say. Excuse me sir.” She said and immediately returned to her compound and bolted her gate from behind, leaving Demilade standing there. He was more confused wondering what his mother’s got to do with the whole situation. In no time, he rushed back into his vehicle and headed home….to his mother. The older woman had a whole lot of explanation to do. He thought.

Never Matter – EP 14

Ajoke Martin sat down in the mini floral garden in her big compound counting her blessings. What would she say the Almighty had not done for her? Good health, a good life and a wonderful son she was super grateful to God for bringing back alive. She realized it took an almost near death experience like what had happened to her son for her to understand that there were some things that just didn’t matter in life. And she was also grateful to have come to her senses in time before it was too late. Some people always say for every situation that happened to people, there would always be a deeper lesson in it, if one looked hard.

In her situation, she didn’t need to look harder for her to quickly grip her lesson. Whatever made her start enforcing Chantelle on Demilade in the first place? Because of social status? How shallow minded that was? How could she think to want to sacrifice her only son’s lifetime happiness to suit her own agenda? What was she thinking? She knew Demilade’s dad would not have forgiven her wherever he was. And to say she had gone to threaten the young lady at GlodiTech. How low could she have sunk herself? What does it matter if her son had chosen to date a lady with no class or social status? And it didn’t mean the lady lacked focus. She already had a higher position at GlodiTech, which she meant she was smart. And truth be told, she was beautiful. Very presentable. So what else was she looking for? She thought.

Never Matter – EP 14

Ajoke decided she was going to pay the young lady a visit first thing on Monday morning. She needed to make her know how sorry she was and also to make her understand that she had no intention to carry out any of the silent or direct threats she had issued. She just hoped that she found a way to do that quietly and quickly as possible without her son knowing. Or better still, she could task Kamoru to find out her phone number so as to call her which was better than visiting the office in person. She didn’t want anything to make her son suspect her because Demilade hadn’t shown any sign of leaving for Port Harcourt anytime soon. Speaking of Demilade, she heard him call her name. No. She heard him scream her name. “I’m in the garden!!!” she responded. She sighted him heading towards her. She knew whenever her son was upset. Looking at him approaching her, Demilade sure was furious. “What is it Ademi?” She asked immediately if her son got to her.

“What did you do to Betty?” Demilade questioned. His chest rising and falling noticeably.

Ajoke looked confused with what her son was saying, not easily sinking in. “I don’t get you?”

“Mother! I said what did you do to Betty, the lady that works in my office?”

His mother closed her eyes for a moment with a crestfallen expression knowing fully well she had nothing to say in her defense. What could she possibly say to her son? That she had only gone to warn her to back off from whatever she had with her son? She decided against giving any explanation. It would be good for the both of them if she didn’t. “I’m so sorry son. I didn’t know what I was thinking.”

“Mother!!! What exactly did you do?” Demilade asked, dazed with anger.

“I may… may have issued a little threat just for her to stay away from you.” She stuttered. “Now I know what I did was wrong and I’m sorry. Really I am.”

Never Matter – EP 14

“How could you mum? Is it that you just love to see me being miserable? Because of Chantelle? How many times have I told you that I have no interest in that spoilt brat? And you kept pushing and pushing me on her. What is your problem mother?!!!” He yelled. His mother sat down with her face in her palms. “And now I will say, Congratulations. You have succeeded in chasing away the only woman that mattered to my life. She’s quit her job and left. I can’t even find her anywhere. Not when she’s carrying my child. Thank you very much mother.” He said and started walking away.

Ajoke got up and chased after her son. She held his arm to stop him. “She’s pregnant? I am going to be a grandmother at last?” She asked with little drops of tears on her cheeks.

“You will be a grandmother, only if I can find her.”

“Please forgive me for what I’ve done. Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, I’m deeply sorry.” She took a pause before continuing, “Do everything in your power to find her. Tell her to come home… to her new family.”

“I think you should see him Betty. He wasn’t looking happy when he came here.” Hauwa said into her mobile phone while adjusting herself on the sofa she was seated.

“I don’t care if he’s happy or not. I’m done with someone playing with my emotions. So you mean he came to your house? How did he find it?” Betty asked.

“Omo I no know o. When I opened my gate and found him standing there, fear catch me. I just summoned courage to talk to am I swear.” She jokingly said in broken English language.

Never Matter – EP 14

“I just hope you didn’t say too much? Because I don’t trust you when it comes to spitting too much information.” Betty inquired.

Hauwa paused for a moment with her mind flashing back to when she dropped the bombshell about her friend’s pregnancy to Demilade. She decided she wasn’t going to let Betty know that she had messed up in that area. “No now. You told me not to, didn’t you? So put your mind at rest in that area.” Hauwa replied. Just then she heard her doorbell go off, “Betty, I have to go. Someone is at the door. I’ll talk to you later.” She checked her wall clock, it was a few minutes after 8pm. She wasn’t expecting anyone. She dropped her mobile phone and rushed out to her gate. She just hoped it wasn’t who she was thinking it was. She peeped from the smaller hole on the gate. And it was him. She paused for a moment wondering what she was going to say to dismiss him.

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“Hauwa please open up. Please…” Demilade pleaded when he noticed that she wasn’t letting him in after she had seen him. “Please…”

Hauwa Finally opened. “Mr Martin, what is it? It’s rather late.”

“Can I come in? I need to talk to you.”

Never Matter – EP 14

Hauwa thought about it for a second and decided to let him in. They both walked into her five-bedroom building. In a few minutes, Demilade settled on one of the luxurious sofas wondering why a single lady was living in such a huge and beautifully furnished house working for him in the first place. That wasn’t even the issue that mattered to him at the moment. He decided. Demilade sighed before he started from the beginning. He told Hauwa everything that had happened. From when he forgot his phone, to finding himself in a very small village in the Philippines. Hauwa expressed several shocking reactions as she carefully listened to her boss narrate his experience. He even showed her some injuries he had sustained. “Look Hauwa, I haven’t known Betty for a very long time. Unlike some people who believe that you have to date a woman for a certain year before you can be convinced that she’s worth staying with forever. For me, it’s not that way.

I got hooked on Betty from the first day I set my eyes on her and I can’t let go. I love her to pieces. She’s the blood that runs through my vein that I can’t live without. I can tell you freely that she saved me. Because the thought of coming home to her was comforting and it made me fight harder.” He paused for a moment while he took a deep breath, “You see, I didn’t leave her on purpose. Circumstances beyond my control happened. So please help me Hauwa. Help me find the woman that has taken my heart. So I can have a chance to tell her how much she means to me.”

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