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Never matter

Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 11

Never Matter – EP 11 is the true love story of a thirty-five-year-old lady who found love in the least expected place …. with her boss. Doubts, distance and difference in social and family status set in, but love they say always prevails.

Let me officially welcome you to a new inspiring weekly penvoice blog series of ‘Never Matter’ which is a partnership content with Life of a Woman Naija TV.


Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 11

Huh huh was all Mrs Ajoke Martin kept saying in affirmation to all the questions she indirectly inquired from Ndidi, her cook’s daughter whom she had helped secure a job as a customer care officer at GlodiTech with her influence. In no time, she was able to get important information on the lady that was with her son over the weekend. Her name was Betty Badejoko. She was the Customer Relations Manager for her son’s company, Lagos branch. Not bad. She thought. But had she gotten the position by merit or by simply sleeping with her son? She wondered. Nothing wrong with an ambitious woman but in this case, she just didn’t want this lady’s ambition around her son. She had an ambition of her own and she wouldn’t allow any low life to mess it up. She thought. The earlier she did something about it, the better.

Monday mornings were always hectic in GlodiTech. Meetings and briefs on what’s to be done in the week was always the major focus. Hauwa and Betty had not even had time to see each other for the Saturday gist Hauwa had been disturbing her friend over the phone. It was finally lunch time and the assistant Marketing Manager had bursted into her friend’s office like she usually did without any care in the world. She wanted to hear every detail of what happened after they parted at the party on Saturday of which Betty explained without sparing any detail. She reached out to hold the hand of her friend after she explained how Demilade had been avoiding her.

“But how are you so sure that he’s avoiding you? With the vivid description of the night you guys shared, I somehow find that hard to believe.” Hauwa asked, still looking confused.

“Is it not obvious?” she paused for a moment before she continued, “why would his phone ring for such a long time at different times without picking or returning my calls. Only for his PA to pick later and give a ‘cock and bull’ story of him not being in the country. Between what time to what timetime, abeg? Is that how fast someone leaves the country?”

“Don’t say that Betty. You are forgetting that this man is the CEO of a huge organization. Anything could have come up to make him go anywhere all of a sudden.” Hauwa defended.

“Without even sending a simple text message to let me know? And this is what I was trying to save myself from. Look Hauwa, I have decided since last night that the only way to help myself get through this…is to try and forget about him. I know it’s going to be hard but it’s definitely doable.”

“That’s harsh now. Try and relax. Hold on first, let me make an inquiry.” Hauwa picked her mobile phone from the table and dialed a number.

“who are you calling?” Betty asked as her friend while Hauwa was waiting for who she was calling to pick up.

“I’m calling someone in the PH office to ask some questions.”

“Why are you bothering yourself? Abeg let’s……..” she stopped when her friend said hello to her phone indicating who she was calling had picked up. She watched keenly as Hauwa started a little chit-chat to lighten the conversation before asking the other person, “Our MD had been trying to reach Mr Martin since morning but has not been able to. Want to ask if you have seen him today.” Hauwa paused as she listened quietly to the other end of the line. After a short period of pleasantries again, she ended the call.

Never Matter – EP11

“He’s not around. The word is, he travelled to the Philippines yesterday afternoon and no one knows when he’s coming back.” Hauwa explained.

“He’s coming back next week. At least that’s what his PA told me yesterday.” She sternly stated.

“Then relax. Wait till he’s back to hear him out at least.” Hauwa said.

“Maybe I’ll just…..” Betty stopped what she was trying to say as her intercom came to live. She immediately picked it to speak with the receptionist. All of a sudden, she froze in shock as she slowly dropped the receiver. Hauwa quickly inquired what the problem was when she noticed her friend’s sudden change of reaction. “Mrs Martin is on her way up to see me.”

“Who is that?” Hauwa asked, looking confused.

“Our boss’ mother. That’s what the receptionist just told me now.”

“what?! How? What’s your business with her?”

“I have never met her before. Just as I know I have no business with her.”

“Then relax. Let’s know what she’s here for. Let me excuse you for a moment.” Hauwa tried standing up

“Oh no. Don’t leave me alone with her.” She said raising up her palm in a way to stop her friend. “You can hide in the restroom or something.” She pointed at the door in her office.

Hauwa quickly got up to hide in the restroom situated in her friend’s office while Betty’s heart-rate increased as she adjusted herself. A gentle tap sounded on her door, “come in.” she said. A slim tall woman walked in. The first thing that caught Betty’s attention was the strong fragrance that immediately filled her office the minute this elegantly dressed woman stepped in. She wore a shimmering cream colored suit with a red flat heel and a purse. Betty quickly stood up to greet her. “Good afternoon ma.”

“Afternoon.” Ajoke Martin said sternly as she stood in front of Betty’s office table.

“Please have your seat ma’am” she pointed at one of the two chairs opposite her table.

“Don’t worry my dear because I won’t be staying long.” She paused for a moment as she focused her gaze on Betty before resuming her talk. “I came to warn you off my son. I don’t want the likes of you around him.”

Betty was taken aback by her statement but at the same time confused. “I don’t understand you ma.”

“You are an ambitious woman. This I know because I am one too. I believe you won’t have gotten to this level in this organization if you weren’t. But you see, my son Demilade Martin already has a fiance, Chantelle. I believe you’ve met her. His family is already in agreement with this woman. The likes of you with no credible background don’t stand a chance in case you have a funny fantasy of being Mrs Martin. Stay away from my son!” She concluded and turned to leave as Betty just stood there still vividly confused. “Oh, one more thing…..” Ajoke looked at Betty again. “Try not to dare me young lady because if you do, you’ll definitely regret it. That I can promise you.” She stated on a note of finality and walked out of the office.

Hauwa stepped out from the restroom where she was hiding after she was sure Demilade’s mother had left. She saw her friend standing behind her desk in shock. “What just happened Betty?”

She stared into thin air. She moved her mouth but no words were coming out. Her mind spinned to try and process what had happened but she couldn’t. she dropped her weight on her chair as she looked at her friend and finally said, “I simply have no freaking idea.”

Never Matter

When the group of CEOs said they wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of work, they really meant it. After over 16hrs in the air to Puerto Princesa, he met his personal tour guide holding his name on a placard at the airport. The young man had driven Demilade in a van to El Nido. The drive had been a little over five hours. By the time he arrived at the Matinloc island resort which was specifically booked for the retreat, it was late at night, and he was extremely tired. He’d registered his name in attendance in a little tablet that the receptionist had provided from behind the massive desk she was seated. Judging from the number he had been, that meant fifty-eight men had arrived before him. He didn’t care. He just wanted to stretch himself flat on the bed and had a deep sleep.

The following day, he had woken up way before everybody. Before their general tour guides showed up. He wanted to get to the reception to speak to the attendant on how he could connect a long distance call to his PA or send a mail. But he was told the deal to book the resort for the retreat was to disconnect all internet activities. He remembered his friend had told him part of the rules was No phone, No work, No distractions of any sort. The idea was to be cut off from the world to relax, refresh and connect. This couldn’t have come at the worst of time. He thought. The only thing was just to relax and try to enjoy every moment of his less than one week stay. Not that he was counting though.

Demilade was well travelled. He had been to different places in different countries. But he couldn’t deny the fact that El Nido was beautiful. The Limestone rocks, endless sea and the bancas on the pristine emerald-turquoise water was quite a sight to behold. The scenery enchanted him and he was glad that he made a decision to be on Matinloc island. But all of a sudden, he wished he hadn’t been alone. Experiencing all these beautiful sights alone. He thought of Betty. He wished she was with him. He imagined how widely she would smile. Her smile. Something that had come to brighten up his world. He would do anything to see that smile at the moment. He brought out a digital camera he had bought at the Puerto Princesa airport and started taking some pictures. Most of his life activities had been about work.

For the first time, he had to truly enjoy something. Maybe the idea of cutting the CEOs away from the world for a week was a good one. Maybe him forgetting his phone was even for his own good. Maybe it was time he found himself again. What he liked and what made him happy aside from work. If he was going to settle down with a woman, he needed to re-discover what made him happy in order to be able to make the woman happy. He decided he would kill two birds with one stone on this trip. First, have a wonderful time with the rest of the CEOs and put GlodiTech in the radar of international view. At least that was the major reason the retreat was organized. Second and most importantly, launch ‘operation re-discover Demilade’. If he was going to marry a woman…..Betty, he needed to get his priorities straight. He also needed to seriously understand how to strike a balance and most importantly, delegate.

When some men said they knew they were going to marry their wives at the very first sight, he didn’t understand what that was. But he understood it now. How could one meet a woman within a short period of time and she already had so much power over him? He smiled to himself where he was seated staring at the sun rise, he knew so well he was in love. He had fallen endlessly and hopelessly in love with Betty. And he was going to marry her. That decision was a fact. What he needed to do was to make her trust him. Trust the strong connection they both had and let go. She had said she loved him already. Even though she said it casually and she thought he hadn’t picked that. But he did. And he was willing to show her that he could love her past her flaws. But first, he had to know Demilade for Demilade and not Demilade for work. And after, he would bring Betty to Matinloc Island for their honeymoon. He decided.

Never Matter

The scene that had happened earlier at her office looked exactly like one from the Nollywood movies. She still couldn’t believe it. Betty thought as she laid quietly on her bed. It was 1am and sleep still eluded her. She had heard of rich families wanting their children to connect with other rich families. She had even seen it in movies once or twice. Where the wealthy parents intimidate the life out of the other partner with a lesser background. Alas, even have him or her killed. Demilade’s mum had issued a direct threat to her. She had told her that her son already had a fiancé that the family had approved. Chantelle, she said. Wasn’t that the lady that she met at the party on Saturday? The one who insulted her? Yes. She remembered Demilade had called her name. But he had said there was nothing between them.

Men! Men!! She snuffed. Had he lied so as to get her into his bed that night? And she had totally played right into his hands. She usually used to be smarter than this when it came to the issue of men. But on this one, she had outrightly displayed her folly. What was she going to do? Hauwa had told her to move on with her life and focus on her job as if nothing had happened and wait for Demilade. But could she do that? Wait for a man who had lied about being committed to a woman in order to bed her. A man that had taken what he wanted from her and gone his way without looking back. To come and do what exactly, fight for her? Nah. She was the only child of her aged mother. She would not give anyone the room to cut her life short for her mother. So she decided she wouldn’t even have any fight with anyone. She just wanted to continue her life. Also and most importantly, figure out how to stop loving the two timing bastards. She thought.

Dr Richard came out of the bathroom. His hair still damp from the hot shower that he just had. He opened his refrigerator to search what he could munch. He found some apples that he had bought a few days ago. He took two before he went to take his seat on his big sofa placed in the center of his living room. He put on the television to catch up on the latest stories in the news. He looked around the parlor. He ran two fingers across the big centre table and discovered a little dust on it. He knew he needed to have the house dusted. It wasn’t his fault though that his house was in that state. He hadn’t been there for the past four days. He had been having one surgery after the other. If he hadn’t done it at his hospital, another hospital had demanded his specialty. He had chosen to spend his day off sleeping like a log of wood. Just after he finished his fruit. But first, he needed to make a call. He remembered he had not even called Mrs Badejoko’s daughter since he got her number. He had been swamped with work of late and he didn’t want to not pursue the call after he made it. Since he had chosen to take two days off work, he decided it was the appropriate time to call and subtly follow it up. He grasped his mobile phone from beside him and started dialing Betty’s number. It rang for a short period before it was picked, “Hello, this is Betty.” She said immediately she picked her call.

“Hi Betty, uhm this is Richard. I mean Dr. Richard.”

“Hi Dr. Richard. How are you?”

“I’m okay. How was work today?” He asked

“Well, it was okay. Did what I could do today. Tomorrow is another day.”

“You are right.” He took a moment before continuing, “so I was thinking I owe you that story of me being chubby once. How about I take you out tomorrow evening after work and I tell you all about it. Will that be okay?” There was a little pause from the other end of the line for a few seconds, “uhm… hello? Are you there?”

“Yeah I’m here. Sorry, I…”

“If it’s not okay, I’ll understand.” Richard cut in.

“No. No. It’s okay. In Fact, send me a text on when and where. And I’ll be there. I’ll equally tell you all about what I do.” She chuckled.

“Great. Expect my text then. And I’ll see you tomorrow.” He cut the call. He was glad the short conversation went well. He leaned back on the sofa wondering now that he had succeeded in getting a date, where would he take her? He asked himself. He remembered a Chinese restaurant that he once dined with some medical doctors that came to Nigeria for a conference a few months ago. He liked the place. The ambience was cool and beautiful. And besides, it was in Ikeja. A central location for both Betty and himself. He would take her there. And most importantly, he would definitely enjoy hanging out with her.

Betty put down her mobile phone immediately after her call ended. She had just agreed to go out with Dr. Richard tomorrow evening. Was she stupid to do that? She questioned herself. She needed everything and anything to make her forget Demilade’s existence. If going out with the doctor was what would help her, then yes, she would do it. And the doctor too wasn’t bad looking. He was calm and easy going. She liked the way he talked. But he could never be like Demilade. She stylishly pinched herself. Thinking of how amazingly attractive her boss was, was the kind of thought she didn’t need right now. She would dress well, go out with this cool doctor tomorrow and she would try and enjoy herself. This, she would do and maybe she would continue to do till she knew she was free of increased heart rate anytime the name of Demilade came up.

Ajoke Martin drank from her second cup of raw orange juice that her cook had served. She had just returned from her friend’s place and the drive back had taken a toll on her. But she was glad she was able to have a great conversation with Chantelle and her mother concerning the prospective relationship between their family and hers. She was also able to let Chantelle know that the situation of a nonentity that her son was in with sometime ago had been dealt with.

One thing had been ringing at the back of her mind though. Was life with Chantelle what her son really wanted? She had not been able to shake off the question. But it was her job and responsibility to ensure her son did the right thing for himself, and for the family. She decided she wasn’t going to accept his word for it when he said at the party that he had found his woman. If he had found one, then it should better be a woman from a prestigious family and not one who would soil their family name that her husband had worked so hard to build. At least, she had been arranged to marry Demilade’s father and they grew to really love one another. She had a strong belief that Demilade would grow to love and appreciate Chantelle just the way she did his father. She wasn’t being selfish or overbearing. She just wanted to ensure that her son made the right choice that was good for him and most importantly, for the family name.

Demilade sat on his room porch enjoying the distant view of the sea with a bowl of Puerto Princesa’s Chao Long Noodles that had suddenly become one of his favorite meals so far. He appreciated the thin rice noodles in a sweet-savory broth with beef served with requisite plate containing springs of mint and basil. He had only tried the meal the first night he arrived and he had become hooked. Chao Long Noodles wasn’t the only thing he had tried so far. It had been six days since he got to El Nido and he had visited so many exciting places. Demilade and his group had dipped in the secret lagoon. They had relaxed at the Shimizu Island in its white-sand beach. They had also laid on the sandbar of the famous snake island. They had even climbed the Raw cliff and saw a panoramic view of El Nido town and Bacuit Bay. But one thing that he did and he enjoyed the most was when he drove and explored Marine life. The underwater experience gave him peace and quietness he never knew existed. He agreed that the trip had helped him personally more that he could say for his business. He appreciated it and he had decided that he wouldn’t let work over shadow his life anymore. He would live more and laugh more. That way, he would make Betty the happiest woman in the world. But he missed her. He missed her smile. And he damn well missed her kisses. In less than three days, he would have her in his arms again. To tell her how much he missed her.

Never Matter

He got up to get himself a cardigan to wear over his T. Shirt. It had been a little windy and cloudy since morning. He even thought it would rain, which was why the tour guides had to cancel their trip to Nagkalit-Kalit Waterfalls. The next day was when they would all be leaving the island. It had been fun and amazing, he wouldn’t lie. Just when he entered the room, his sight caught the headline of the news on the flat screen TV hanging on the wall. He immediately picked up the remote and increased the volume.

“…….Several dead after Typhoon Phantone hits central Philippines. It’s weather agency PAGASA has suggested all flights to be grounded for the next two to three weeks as Typhoon Phantone keeps increasing…….”

He couldn’t believe what he just heard. Typhoon. Flight grounded. Three weeks. Just then, the intercom in his room came to life. It was one of the CEOs. He was watching too. They planned to convene for a meeting with the rest of the CEOs at the lobby in an hour. He couldn’t stay at Palawan for one more week let alone three. He needed to leave. Get back to his life. Therefore, if it was going to take him to walk through the freaking Typhoon from El Nido back to Nigeria….. Back to Betty, he damn well would!

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Hauwa ran to catch up with Betty as she was stepping out of the office premises to enter into a waiting Uber vehicle. She called her severally till her friend heard and stopped to wait for her. Hauwa paused to catch her breath for a moment when she caught up with Betty. “So you are heading for your date with the doctor from here?” she finally said.

“Yes, I am. We are to meet there in 30 minutes. I pray the traffic is light. I should be there in 15.” Betty responded. She had filled her friend in on the latest development about Dr Richard during their break time at the office. She didn’t fail to see it in her friend’s reaction that she wasn’t in support of her hanging out with the physician. She had made Hauwa understand that she had no say in it.

“But if I have to say my opinion…again, I would still advise you not to be hasty. At least wait till ‘you know who’ comes back. He deserves to be heard out you know.” Hauwa said calmly.

“You didn’t tell me that you have taken up a new job…as his lawyer now. Look, my relationship with Demilade is already complicated. You are talking as if you have forgotten about his mother’s drama. Even if I’ve forgotten about him sleeping with me and taking off, I can’t forget about his mother’s threat. Therefore Hauwa, I need this hangout more than anything to heal and move on with my life. All I need from you right now as my friend is your support.” She held her friend’s hands, “help me through this Hauwa.”

Hauwa squeezed her friends hand in hers, “You know I’ll stand by you no matter what. It’s just that the look I saw on that man’s face at the party didn’t look like someone who was capable of just letting you go. Not even after…after…you know what I mean.”

Betty cut in, “well he did. “

Hauwa sighed before talking again. “Its alright. Do whatever it is that makes you feel better. I’m with you all the way.”

Betty drew her friend closer to hug her before hopping into the waiting Toyota Camry. She sat in the rear seat of the car and her thoughts divided into million pieces. Was she doing the right thing? Going out on a date with someone while she was madly in love with another. She concluded that even if it was right or wrong, she would do anything possible to help her move on. And going out on a date was definitely one of the first steps.

Richard looked at his wrist watch, he realized that he had arrived at the restaurant forty-five minutes earlier. Just what he wanted. He picked a table in the centre of the large circled, well decorated room. He loosened one of the buttons on his suit jacket before sitting down. He had chosen to wear a black suit without a tie. He had decided to keep it simple yet formal. He felt a bit awkward because he hadn’t done this in a while. Taking a woman out on a proper date. But he liked this. He liked Betty. Richard had always been a traditional man and he liked to do things in the old traditional way. Chase a woman. Take her out on a date. Woo her. Court her. Then go down on his knees to ask her hand in marriage. But with the way the world had been, that had not been possible. Infact, women had mostly been throwing themselves at him. They had even mostly been the ones asking him out on a date. He didn’t see anything wrong in that though. It showed the world had evolved. But with Betty, he needed to do it right. Even though it made him so nervous, it also kind of gave him control over the situation.

Fifteen minutes into his wait, he sighted his date at the entrance. He didn’t fail to have a smile on his face as he stared at her walking towards him. She had on a wine colored midi dress, a beige plum shoe and a black rectangular shaped handbag. She had her hair all packed in a pony tail with her face a little brighter in her minimal made up face. But one thing that his eyes never failed to notice as she elegantly walked towards him was her hips that swung left and right as she cat-walked. Damn, Mrs Badejoko’s daughter surely was absolutely beautiful. He silently concluded. He stood up to welcome her when she finally got to him. “You look amazing.” he complimented.

“Thank you. And you don’t look bad yourself Dr Richard.” She said as she took her seat opposite him.

“Thank you. But please call me Richard.”

They had both picked the menu that was later given to them by a waiter and they ordered their meals. They had talked and laughed about a whole lot of things. How he got into the medical line, her childhood, her job, what he liked. What she liked. They both would admit that the evening was delightful. Their hands had even touched on the table once or twice. The electricity that shot through Richard’s system had no bound. He hadn’t felt this way in a long time. Sitting across this beautiful woman, life suddenly felt colorful and he immediately decided having this type of woman in his life forever would definitely not be a terrible idea.

They finished their dinner and a longer conversation came up after. He had insisted to drop her at home after she had opted to order for a cab when they had decided to bring the evening to a close.

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“Thank you so much for the evening Richard. I really had a great time.” Betty said as soon as the physician parked in front of her house.

“I had a wonderful time too Betty. If you don’t mind, I’ll like to do this another time, soonest.” He said.

Betty fondled with the handle of her hand bag and swallowed hard before responding, “Sure. I don’t mind at all.”

Richard reached out his hand and placed it on hers. He looked directly at her eyes, “I like you a lot. And I really want to get to know you closely Betty.”

She looked at his hand placed on hers for a moment before looking at him and smiled, “That’s okay too.”

“What the fuck are you saying?” Demilade yelled at the receptionist. First, he wasn’t the yelling type and second, he wasn’t the cursing type too. But since yesterday that the news about the raging Typhoon broke, he had been on the edge. Himself with the other CEOs had had a meeting and had concluded to not risk their lives in trying to leave the island. They had just requested for the internet to be restored so they could talk to people. The slim petite lady had told them that it would be sorted by morning. Demilade was the first to visit her desk the following day and only to find out that the internet had been down. It must have been affected by the heavy breeze. “Have you sent any of your technical people to try and fix it?” he said, trying to calm himself down.

Never Matter – EP 11

“Yes sir. We sent some technicians yesterday and we were told the mast is completely down. And it’s not advisable to work on it now since the wind is still raging seriously sir.” She said.

“Shit!!!” Demilade exclaimed. He started pacing round the reception. He didn’t know what to do. And he never liked that feeling of not knowing what to do. If he couldn’t get a way of leaving Palawan, at least he could talk to someone. He knew his business couldn’t suffer without him being there but he just needed to contact his PA to pass some information to his mother and most importantly, to Betty. He was still standing at the reception thinking of what could be done when suddenly, he saw one of the Asian CEOs emerging with his luggage. Looking at the man, it was obvious he was leaving. But how? When all airlines were grounded. He quickly walked up to him and asked him how he was to leave after they had exchanged morning pleasantries.
“I have a Cessna Citation CJ4 heading to Taiwan parked just a few miles from here.”

Hearing this, was like hearing that it was Christmas. He wasted no time in requesting to tag along if the jet wasn’t fully occupied. Although, Taiwan was still a long way from Nigeria. But he preferred to be in Taiwan than being stuck for two weeks in Palawan without a way of contacting home. He had been to Taiwan severally on business. Although his Taiwanese visa was no longer valid but the CEO had some connections and he had promised to get him a Tourist visa immediately they landed. To Demilade, it was the best news he had gotten all morning. It didn’t take him an hour to pack his things into his luggage and followed Mr Chung. They had arrived at where the aircraft was parked in a private hangar in the outskirts of El Nido. Another asian man who appeared to be the pilot was already waiting for them by the craft. At first, Demilade was wondering how they were going to take off without the approval of the tower controller since all flights had been grounded. But Mr Chung already took care of that as well with his connections. All they needed to do was just to take off as clearance would be given by his person that was on duty. One part of Demilade was afraid knowing fully well they were about to take a huge risk in the raging wind. But Mr Chung had calmed him. He had told him he had the best pilot as they had flown in a more dangerous situation than that. Demilade needed to get out of Palawan, Chung was his best bet to do that and he wouldn’t let that chance pass him by.

At 9:35, the pilot was cleared for takeoff. He acknowledged the clearance. The engine power increased for takeoff, and 30 seconds later the airplane became airborne. An automated voice announces altitude. Another altitude announcement followed seconds later. Three minutes into the flight, a sound similar to a decrease in engine power was recorded. Two seconds later, the enhanced ground proximity warning system provided an excessive bank angle warning.
“Mayday mayday….” Demilade heard the pilot say into his microphone. A wave of wind hit the craft and they lost control of one engine leaving them with one. The pilot kept trying to get in touch with the tower controller but all efforts proved abortive.

Never Matter

Demilade started to shake. He felt his life flashed through his eyes. He knew he would die one day but he had always thought when the time came, it would be on his bed when he was old and all wrinkled up. He started to regret his actions. Couldn’t he have waited or stayed back in Palawan where it was still safe? He questioned his stupid decision. His anxiousness to see the love of his life took control of him. And now, he would not be able to see both his mother and Betty forever. Tears dropped freely from his eyes as he held the oxygen bag into his nose.

Just then, the pilot announced for them to bring out the parachute under each of their seats and wear it. Demilade and Chung struggled a little with it but in no time had themselves suited up. Just then they lost the second engine and the craft lost control. The pilot joined them already wearing his own gear. He ordered for them to join him by the door in which they did in no time. The heavy wind hit their faces as soon as the door was forced open. Demilade’s heart started beating rapidly. There was no time to think whether to jump or not as the aircraft was already free falling. Staying in meant death while jumping had a 70% survival chance. Just then, he heard the voice of the pilot ordering both him and Cheng to Jump. Three of them stepped out of the falling aircraft in the windy atmosphere into the unknown.

Ajoke suddenly opened her eyes. She knew she had been moving back and forth on her six by six king-sized bed. Alas, she had even been whimpering. She looked around and realized that she had been sweating. Despite the fact that the air conditioner was on, her silk pajamas were a little bit soaked from the droplets of her sweats. She reached out to put on the lamp by her bed and checked the time from the wall. It was 3:07am. She had been dreaming. And it was a nightmare. She pushed aside her duvet and sat up on her bed. Why would she have a dream that her son fell into a big dark ditch? What exactly was going on? Ajoke Martin didn’t often dream. But when she did, there was always a message. Not only had she come to understand that over the years, but so was her husband before he passed and her son. They even sometimes teased her with the name ‘Joseph the Dreamer’ because her dreams often came through.

What exactly was going on? She didn’t like to have bad dreams over her son. What could have been happening to him at that moment? She started to wonder. She knew she had called his PA when she hadn’t heard from him for days and his mobile phone was switched off. And Theo had explained how he had forgotten his phone on his way to the Philippines. She knew it wasn’t today that her son had been traveling to different countries for whatever it was that he went for. But this time, it felt different. Ajoke became suddenly afraid. “God, please watch over my son.” She muttered. She immediately reached out to lift up the other pillow where her husband used to sleep and brought out her big sized Holy Bible. She held it in her hands and started quoting some psalmist chapters before she went into full conversation with the Lord.

Demilade had been floating in the air for two minutes. He tried to look around for his companion that they had jumped off the plane together. He found each of them a few feet away from him. At least his mind was calm that he wouldn’t be alone anywhere he landed. Where to land. That might be a problem because all he had been seeing under him for some seconds now had been water. Then it dawned on him that they were surrounded by the south china sea. The control of their movement was left entirely to the wind. In a few seconds, he would be on the ground…..or water. He was scared. His heart rate increased. He looked down, he was just about to land on the ground that had plenty of rocks. He needed to stretch out his legs so as to land properly without having to hurt himself just the way he saw it in the action movies. The speed was high. There was no way of controlling it. He was just a few feet away from the ground. There was a very big rock among other small ones where he was to land. He was trying to push himself to sway away. Four feet. He was pushing his body. Three feet. He pushed harder. Two feet. He started twisting to enable him to sway away. One feet. Then he landed. Something snapped and he went blank.

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