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Never matter

Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 1

Never Matter is a true love story of a thirty-five years old lady who found love in a least expected place….with her boss. Doubts, distance and difference in social and family status set in, but love they say always prevails.

Let me officially welcome you to a new inspiring weekly penvoice blog series of ‘Never Matter’ which is a partnership content with Life of a Woman Naija TV.

Never Matter is solely to inspire you. Welcome!

Blog Series: Never Matter – EP 1


“Hi good morning, please where’s the reception area?” Betty asked the security man she met at the gate of the hotel she was heading into.

The middle aged man in blue khaki top and a black trouser pointed towards a massive automated door.

The entire building wasn’t what you could call massive but talking about exquisiteness and luxurious was a perfect definition of the interior of BlookStar Hotel. The flowery scent tickled her nostrils which made her experience some extra ordinary warm feeling.

she didn’t bother to inquire anything from the tall dark male standing behind a well-lighted bar. Her appointment was for 10am, so all she needed was to find a place to sit while she waited. judging from what time it was, she had two and a half hours to wait. She sighted two brown couches with a mini table carefully positioned in a corner. she walked towards it and sat down.

Early morning meetings were not one of her strong suits but meeting the CEO for the first time was the morning meeting she couldn’t pass off. Betty had been working at GlodiTech for two years as a Head Customer Manager. She had never met her boss before or spoken to him directly. instead, it had been the COO of the company that she often liaised with simply to give her directives.

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Mr Martins along with the COO operated solely from the Port Harcourt office where GlodiTech head quarter was situated. He was in Lagos to meet some important clients and the COO had advised that Betty had accompanied the CEO so as to be the one to manage them after the deal was closed.

Betty loved her job at GlodiTech. She was dedicated and focused which made it easier and quicker for her to climb the promotional ladder. Being at work made her comfortable and calm which made nothing else matter.


Her mother had tried her best to make her understand that one could successfully have a private life and run it well alongside one’s professional life. When all seemed to fall on deaf ears, Betty was left alone. After all, she wasn’t a child anymore. A 35years old independent woman already knew what she wanted for herself.

She didn’t know the venue for the major meeting with the clients. Mr Martins was with all that information. Her instructions was to meet with the CEO at BrookStar Hotel where he had lodged and they both would now head to the meeting venue. Betty had always been a very confident and highly focused woman.

Her 5 feet 6 inches height had never stopped her from standing taller than some men and women most importantly in the area of intellect. She had adjusted the gold tiny chain on her neck. she should have worn her coral beads. she thought. She felt it was well suitable with her purple and white polk-a-dot midi dress she had chosen to put on that morning.

It was an hour since she had been waiting and Betty thought all she needed to do was wait for 30 more minutes before calling her boss’ line to inform him that she was already at the lobby. She was about to pick the second newspaper to read when her official line came to life. She sighted her boss’ number that she was given via the mail she received for the meeting. That would be the first time she would speak directly with the CEO and she was a little bit nervous.


“Hello sir”, She said quickly finding her composure.

“Hello Betty, Good morning. Where are you?” Mr. Martin asked politely but yet powerful. His voice was thick and straight.

“I am….” She cleared her throat, “I’m actually sitting at the lobby sir.”

“Oh really? Where? Cause I’m in the lobby too.”

Betty looked around for a landmark to use for the description of where she was, ”I’m sitting close to the bar sir.”

“Alright.” He said and hung up.

Betty got up with her handbag in one hand while she was still wondering which way to go. She walked to the center of the lobby when she heard her name from behind. She turned around and she sighted Mr Martin. He had a cellphone pressed on one side of his ears while he signaled for her to come over and he immediately walked back.


Betty had seen the CEO’s pictures before of course but seeing him in real life was a different ball game. What was very noticeable in a quick flash of his appearance from afar to her was his height. Mr Martin was a very tall man for sure. She walked further a little from where she was formerly sitting and got to an open and exquisite dining area of the hotel. Her boss was sitting in the far end of the room. He was still on the telephone as he gestured for her to come sit opposite him.

Betty pulled herself together as she gently walked towards her boss. She pulled out a chair and quietly took her seat in front of him. He was still talking on the phone as she quickly seized the opportunity to take a good look at him. Mr Martin was definitely the type of man one would call very handsome. Even in his native Buba and trouser that he had chosen to wear, he looked dashing.

He had a broad chest that made his athletic body easily noticeable. It was very clear that in her boss’ world, looking good was definitely a great business. He wasn’t a man that had plenty of jewelry. But his simple silver wristwatch along with his wristband sure didn’t come cheap. As Mr Martin lifted his teacup to sip his coffee, it seemed as if he was moving in slow motion. Exactly like what she would describe as the sexiest man in a most sexy movie she had ever seen. She immediately categorized him to be very selfish. How could one man pack all great physical attributes of so many men and own it? Sometimes, God doesn’t just play fair, she thought.

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