Amazing things You can do with The New TGIF


Thank God It’s Friday TGIF! Yaay! I’m happy and grateful for the week. A time to rest, relax and spend more time meditating about existing goals and new goals. What about you?

What was your TGIF before COVID-19 became the August visitor in the world? Has anything changed the narrative of how you spend or spent your weekend?

Probably, your weekend used to be clubbing, partying, dates keeping, sporting, worshipping in the church, praying in the mosque, travelling, visiting friends and family and so many others that you do. But all these are no more. So pathetic. Right? You feel so? It depends on what you used to do.

Dear Young Leader, the new TGIF has introduced a lot of things to us which we must embrace and walk in it, else, it might look as though, nothing is been done.

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Pre-COVID-19, a lot of people did not take cognizance of goals that can be achieved, dreams that ought to have been fulfilled and bridges that would have been crossed because of the social activities that clouded our weekend plans.

Now, the day is dawn on us all and the night is about to break – new TGIF living with us. However, I have compiled seven amazing things you can achieve with the new TGIF.

TGIF of spending more time with yourself. Most young people don’t know how much value and potential inside of them. You need to spend more time to discover more about who you are.

TGIF of spending more time with your goals and dreams. The weekdays could be very tedious and you might find it quite cumbersome to pull out time for strategies on how to achieve your goals. The weekend is a great time to do that.

TGIF of spending more time working out and keeping fit. Many people in Lagos, Nigeria, where I live, barely find time to work out during the week because of their work and business activities. So, the weekend is not a bad idea to achieve that healthy lifestyle you so much desire.

Others include:

TGIF of spending more time eating and drinking healthy. The weekend is a great time to prepare that sumptuous meal you craved for during the week. It is a good time to make that smoothie and fruit salad you missed during the week. So, why not get on it and prepare them? After all, life can be short and fun to live in.

TGIF of spending more time visiting the hospital for a medical check-up. Nigerians are poor at this, including me. Truth be told that we should not wait till we become sick before visiting the hospital for some checks.

TGIF of spending more time closing that business deal. Nothing interests a business person than a closed deal. So, close that deal this weekend and have the fun.

Above all, TGIF of spending more time with your maker. God delights in a growing relationship with Him. You may not have the time during the week, but the weekend is ample time to do that.

Spend more time in His presence, study His Word and pray more. Doing this is like a weekend retreat with God. It will always pave the way for you for the new week.

I’m sure you expected me to mention something like: spend more time with the family and so. Sometimes, you have to be selfish so that you will achieve some results those looking up to you expect. But that doesn’t override the importance of family and friends.

Dear Young Leader, have a Funful Friday and Blissful Weekend. Thank God It’s Friday – TGIF!!!

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