Amazing health benefits of eating locust beans (Ìrú)

Locust beans

Locust beans also known as Iru belong to the natural food seasoning Africa is blessed to have, this is because of its amazing health benefits.

‘Iru’ as commonly called among the Yoruba ethnic group and ‘dawa dawa’ by the Igbos is a natural flavour most households use for their cooking especially in some specific meals or soups such as vegetable soup, okra soup, ofada sauce and melon soup.

I cannot cook the above-mentioned soups without locust beans. The aroma it gives and extra taste make this natural seasoning a wonder in our African mama’s cooking pot.

Apart from the aroma, there are many other amazing health benefits of eating locust beans, also known as Iru.

Amazing health benefits of eating locust beans (Ìrú):

1). Highly nutritious

Locust bean is majorly grown for its pod that has a combination of a sweet pulp and useful seeds. It would interest you to know that the most useful parts of the locust bean are high in lipids of about 29%, protein that consists of about 35%, also carbohydrates of about 16% and other nutrients such as calcium and healthy fat.

Locust beans

2). Improve healthy vision

One of the amazing health benefits of eating locust beans (Iru) is the ability to improve your eyesight. If you have a bad vision and are looking at ways to improve them, locust beans consumption is the way to go. Most times, I eat it raw.

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3). Reduce Hypertension

My mum will always recommend locust beans for people with high blood pressure. In fact, she advises them to blend and make it as sauce without any artificial ingredients. In many years, I’ve seen this work wonders for them.

4). High in fibre

The amazing health benefits of eating locust beans (iru) cannot be overemphasised. This local seasoning contains tannins which are highly recommended for the treatment of diarrhoea. Every portion of carob that is produced into locust bean gum consists of soluble fibre. This kind of fibre is very essential in the enhancement of weight loss and blood sugar levels control.

Locust beans

5). Help heal wound faster

Another study shows that the locust bean tree has the potential of healing wounds faster and also used for treating leprosy.

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6). Prevent stroke

African locust bean has the ability to prevent stroke which is a situation whereby the blood supply to the brain suddenly stops. Research reveals that this local seasoning can help fight against this ailment.

7). Reduce cholesterol

Bad cholesterol is not healthy, so you need to regularly eat more locust beans if you are suffering from such disease. Cholesterol can cause some stoppage within the blood vessels which most times lead to heart-related diseases. But when you eat more, it will help control the amount of bad cholesterol found in the body.

The amazing health benefits of eating locust beans (iru) are way beyond what have been stated here. You should eat and always add it as your natural seasoning in your daily cooking.

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