A Week After: Murdered At The Toll Gate of Liberty

Lekki Toll Gate

It is exactly a week after “unknown soldiers” fired gunshots continuously at the peaceful unarmed protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate. This article shares the view of the writer, but it worths reading.

A nation or government with no regards for her youth nor their concern needs to be questioned. Having a bad nation can not be as worse as having bad government and worse leadership.

Thus, it can not be outrightly said the Nigerian nation or the process of her creation was as bad as held by some; as the amalgamation of the geographical zones earns the country lots of potential which can be tapped for the great development of the Nigerian State; to being rivaled by some other developed nations of the world. After all, many great nations of today comprise diverse subdivisions of human races.

If it is not going to become an over flogged mention that the “walls of Jericho” standing between the nation and her desired development; along with sending her sons and daughters into slavery in other nations considered as greener pastures is “Leadership” which can not be qualified properly with words but very extremely much worse.

Toll Gate

Nigerian leaderships at all spheres are unaccountable. A quality which can not be denied of these leaderships also is lack of foresight to project consequences of actions; and or, do not care about the consequences of decisions before executions.

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The cankerworm of bad leaderships has eaten so deep to every nook and cranny of the nation’s systems from the lower bottom of leaderships; to the peak of decision makers mostly crystalized by the men of the Nigeria Police Force and other security agencies of government in the nation; which has led to the stage of youth uprising against bad government driven by persons of questionable characters.

Lekki toll gate

Presidential Inaugural Speech

The uprising had began with revolt against the anormalcy of the security agencies; an arm of the executive led by Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) who has romancing history with the youth and the citizens in general.

The recall of this retired general so synonymous with extra judicial activities, abuse of power and ethnocentric; to lead the country to her promised land as sugarcoated by few political aristos; appeared the greatest mistake the Nigerian citizens ever supported through votes on 28th, March 2015; and a repeat of such in 2019.

The popular phrase “I am for everybody and I am for nobody” in his inaugural speech has now become clear to the gullible citizenry.

The carnival like peaceful protest #ENDSARS at the Lekki Toll Gate and other parts of the state; one which earned acknowledgement as one of the most organized and peaceful in the nation’s history had the youth calling the leadership to extinct one of its must dreaded machineries; Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), which had been levied with extra judicial killings, extortion; and harassment of innocent Nigerians had the unified youths, not minding whatsoever background nor differences exercise their fundamental rights of expression; obeyed the compatriots call to render rescue service to their father land from the greed of irresponsible leaders.

All showing love, strength and faith attempting to prevent the labour of genuine heroes and heroines; of what is supposed to be a great nation from being in vain.

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Five-Points Agenda

The exemplary youths through hearty commitment to the solidarity of one nation displayed the might of “lazy youth”; to the course for freedom, peace and unity coexistence at the Lekki Toll Gate and other places across the nation, PEACEFULLY.

The protesters, with faith in God set the noble cause to guide the leaders right; having known the truth and remains resolute not to further be subjected to deceit; had in love and honesty demanded ONLY 5 points agenda for the government to ensure justice based on truth; and not more falsehood as being fed before. Thereby, building a great nation of respect.

However, in attempt of the selfish aristocratic cabals gallivanting as democrat leaders in government; sort all means to quelling the libration spirits of the protesters by infiltrating the peaceful protest with sponsored thugs; a technique to create a reason to impose curfew on the protesters so as to employing force to subdue the uprising.

Yet again, that is the demonstration of the nature of these leaderships; unknown that the youths are very strong willed for whatsoever may be.

The Failed Pledge

Notwithstanding, these leaders hell-bent on declared staged curfew, allegedly brought in their blood sucking teeth of the military; prepared the ground for the massacre Operation Crocodile Smile, human weeps.

Most shocking is the denials to the oath pledge sworn by the concerned government to the citizens and the nation:

To be faithful, loyal and honest.

Toll Gate

The affected State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu had swiftly dressed in his garments of adventures by denying preparation for the atmosphere of the evil act executed by the “Unknown soldiers”; as literally claimed by the Chief of Army Staff Tukur Yusuf Buratai to an incident caught on live streaming cameras.

Hence, claiming the identity and mission remaining “unknown” but we all understand his responsibility to the boss; rather than the nation. Both Sanwo-Olu and Buratai have compromised the allegiance pledge sworn:

To serve Nigeria with all my (their) strength,

To defend her unity,

And uphold her honour and glory (now all in favour of a cabal),

So helped by the devils of Bourdillon and Daura.

These acts of irresponsibility, insincerity, charlatan and lack of foresight to what imposition of curfew; on a protest established on the misconduct and misuse of firearms by the security agencies; to be effected by the same personnels is such as applauding signals to the indisciplined officers of the forces to continue in the manners they have been accused; was duly executed as ordered, which eventually degenerated to chaos by “unknown youths”; as against misappropriated and insulting adjectives as hoodlums and thugs (insult upon assault).

After all, the political elites can identify their hoodlums and thugs properly as used during elections.

The peak of the woes is the speech of the president; read to the nation in demand to his foregoing silence on the massacre by men under his command.

The frail health purported puppet has simply priotized the farmer moni, Trader moni, Market moni…yen yen yen; over the precious lives of the innocent but vibrant youths gruesomely murdered by the tollgate of liberty. What a NATION!

Written by O.T. Abati

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