7 Mastering Tips on How to Prepare for a Virtual Job Interview

Virtual job interview

As a job applicant in this pandemic, you need to understand that the new normal in the affairs of most countries has affected almost all approaches to every sphere of human activities and endeavours.

Businesses, Fashion, Health, Transportation and even in the personal daily routine of every human.

The adverse effect of the world threatening pandemic COVID-19 which unequivocally come to stay has contributed nothing; but an unprecedented dose of punches to the lingering status of the world employment domain, thus making job security such a survival of the most prepared in the labour world.

Hence, the process of job hunting is such crucial which must be taken with vital treatment so as so earn much chance of being selected for an employment position.

There is a famous adage that, first impression lasts longer. Therefore, adequate preparation for a virtual interview is very crucial and it must be treated as such.

Unlike some years ago when most job interviews were conducted physically, the most used method now is virtual.

Recently, I had a virtual interview and these tips helped me. I would be glad to share them with you and see if they can help you.

So, the question is what should applicants put into consideration before s/he attends a virtual interview?

7️⃣ Mastering Tips for Preparing for a Virtual Job Interview:

1️⃣ Test your devices.

Been aware of the platform at which you would be interviewed, it is necessary to ensure that all your devices are working perfectly. Your mode of job interview is virtual, which requires the use of some technology.

You may want to consider a test run of the devices. It won’t be a good deal to have technical errors on your interview date due to your devices.

What I did prior to my interview was to use the same platform to reach out to friends and inform them that it was a test run of an interview I would be having soon. So, this already set me on the pedestal of good preparation.

Ensure your are audible enough and avoid a request of an increase in your device volume.
You can also try this approach, it works for many people.

More so, check your internet connectivity, audio, and lighting. Employers don’t like an applicant who is not technologically savvy this period.

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2️⃣ Set your scene.

A day prior to my interview, I had checked the location I would be using to ensure a good background and ambience. Your location where you would have the interview is as important as your profile or cv.

You wouldn’t want your potential employer to witness a mess of video bombs of people walking at your background.

You can be in the comfort of your bedroom and still have a virtual interview and your interviewers won’t have a knowledge of such. The ambience and background say a lot about their potential employee. Avoid all unnecessary distractions, especially noise.

3️⃣ Sit prepared.

Nothing discourages an interviewer than a disorganised interviewee. This shouldn’t be your profile. Punctuality is also vital in a virtual interview.

Don’t fall the victim of those who don’t care or nonchalant attitude towards virtual interviews, with the mindset of no physical conversation is involved.

Get sitted ten minutes before your interview. This act contributes to your interview profile expected by your interviewers. It also avoids tension on your path and proof of dedication.

4️⃣ Maintain confidence.

One thing I am known for is my confidence. Over the years of my places of interview, I have received kudos for this virtue. In the same vein, it is pertinent that you develop confidence at interviews either virtual or physical.

Maintain eyes contact and avoid the use or repetition of Uuhmm! When you lack confidence during an interview, your interviewer(s) observes immediately because they are experts.

It tells a lot about how much risks you can take when you are offered the job position. For a virtual job interview, keep in mind that you are communicating with humans but gaze your eyes on your camera.

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5️⃣ Appear prepared.

Appearing informal and unkempt is not a good image you would want to create before your potential employer. Don’t make the mistake of attending a virtual interview and not wear the right outfit. Appearance is part of your cv.

6️⃣ Make research.

You are attending a job interview with an organization, it is your duty as an applicant to make a research about the company and prepare questions when you are given the opportunity to ask.

The only difference is the mode of attending the interview – virtual. But this should not prevent you from engaging in some basic or in-depth research.

Your interviewer would be glad to hear and see an applicant who has painstakingly committed his or her time to know more about the company. It gives you an advantage over other applicants.

7️⃣ Be expressive.

Virtual job interview can be challenging when it comes to expression. This is because the interviewer is not seeing your body language or passion while you are talking.

So, you can use your hands to gesticulate, raise eye brows, maintain good body posture, smile, be focused and remain connected to all that are been said. In summary, be yourself.

I hope these few tips would help you position yourself for your next virtual job interview. I wish you good success!

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