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Smart women

7 Extraordinary Things Smart Women Do

Smart women are not just those who catwalk on their six-inches designer shoes, or fling their million dollars cute one-time handbag or even wear the 48-hour most expensive perfume and makeup.

They are not just the sexy babe behind the wheel of the latest ride in town, painting everywhere red.

Gone were the eras when women were stereotyped into their motherly and womanly nature of their gender. Life is in phases and men are in sizes. Things change almost all the time.

I appreciate the efforts our mothers put into their lives especially marriage, in order to create the present life most of us live today.

A huge kudos and a doff of hat for these women who represent precious gold specially created by God.

Smart women are the game changers, trailblazers, great influencers of all times, and the following:


Smart women know their onions in whatever they do either as a career woman or business owner. They ensure they work their way through the ladder of success and growth to fit into the circle of their counterparts. During these phases of growth and development, they keep learning the game.

They provide solutions to the problems in their team and change the narrative. These kind of women become the game itself and define how to play it. They decide what path to follow. Smart women don’t contend about position, rather, they believe that time and chance will make way for them to change history. They are called the game changers.

When you are privileged to meet this category of women, they don’t create time for game losers. So, you need to be one of them – game changer.

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They know that there are hurdles to strike, bridges to cross, and mountains to climb. Smart women know and understand that the road they are about to ply in their chosen ambition or field has never been fully actualised by another woman, and they are dogged about pursuing it.

Smart women visualise the stones on their way to success as stepping stones into their mileage victory. They prefer to set the pace, break the limits and boundaries and lead the road. These kinds of women are not easily trampled upon. They know absolutely what they want to accomplish and they go for it.

They are not easily swayed by the laws, policies and new bills signed into the constitution. Instead, they make good advantage of them and grow a fortune out of them. They are innovators and set pacers. You cannot see them limited by anything, never. Smart women know when to introduce a new strategy to her work and ensure its success.

Smart women


Smart women are not intimidated by the position they occupy or role they are assigned to carry out. They dutifully and successfully take up tasks given to them by either their boss or team member.

They don’t feel neglected in a team when a collective project is ongoing. Instead, they contribute their quota and commit themselves to the success. You will not find them amidst nonchalant workers or lazy colleagues and associates.

Smart women believe in the TEAM spirit and they don’t hesitate to explore what it means to the vision and mission of an organization they fit in.

According to them, TEAM represents: T – Together, E – Everyone, A – Achieves, M – More.

They don’t feel underutilised when they are delegated to work with subordinates or non-executives. Likewise, they don’t wear the peacock feature when they are given the opportunity to work with senior colleagues, associates or fellow game changers.

Their utmost aim is to ensure success of the project is recorded.

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Smart women are not in the categories of moneymakers only. They know what it means to make money, build wealth and alongside influence their worlds. They create their own world and influence it.

For them, influencers are those whose names never get erased from history, even after their demise. They are deliberate about how they live their lives. Existence, to them, is solely making positive impacts. They invest in others first before luxury. Luxury to them is a necessity to have after you have earned it, not at the expense of others and their integrity.

Smart women

They know how much efforts and sacrifices made to the stage they are, and these women accept their success as a result of hard work and smartness. But, they most prefer to influence their world before luxury.

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Smart women don’t feel too contented in their comfort zone, they keep aiming higher and greater. One of their principles of life is networking. They believe that meeting likeminds is another way of living a better life.

According to them, networking will increase their ideas, contacts and interests. They don’t limit themselves to only formal settings for networking.

Smart women break boundaries. They create atmospheres for networking. No place is too odd to network and talk about issues of life. They believe that no one is an island of knowledge.

These forerunners ensure they don’t lose their circles of friends no matter how busy they are. They sure know how to operate the work-life balance.

Smart women


The God factor is significant in the journey of smart women. They believe that they cannot achieve anything without God. Yes, they make plans, strategies and develop themselves, but they don’t overrule the importance of God in their lives and business.

They place much importance on their relationship with God and man. Smart women possess virtues that others can emulate. They do not dwell on their weaknesses. These women trade their strengths and improve on their shortcomings.

Smart women


Smart women are never tired of developing themselves. They don’t make excuses for their limitations. Growth and development are always on their list. They attend training, read books, enrol in fitness classes and take time to rest.

Smart women are more than this list I have stated. They are purpose-driven and focused in all they do.

You can examine yourself with these attributes and improve yourself. Whichever level you are, you are a smart woman.






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