6 practical ways to snap out of blackouts


Yesterday, I wrote on how I was totally out of content ideas to write on as a result of blackouts. For some hours in the morning, I could not write. Initially, I wrote a sentence, just a sentence. Then, I could not write further. 

Let me say this isn’t my first experience of inability to write but not this long. Reading through some medical articles and studies, I discovered that some factors could be responsible for such moments. 

So, before I discuss how I snapped out of my blackout yesterday, let me quickly say a little about what this is about.


According to medical experts, blackout is a temporary condition that affects your memory. It’s characterized by a sense of lost time. 


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But blackout in writing could mean the inability to flow at the degree at which you write or unable to start a story or article. You would just lose that tempo. 

Let’s quickly move on to the six practical ways I deployed to snap out of my blackouts.

  1. A new conversation

After I tried to write and could not, I decided to have a gist with someone. Fortunately, my cousin was at home with me. She is a registered nurse. I began to ask her questions about her experience in her field. Even though most of what she said was like an introduction to Nursing Science – NSC 201, it really helped me out of the mood. 

  1. Petting

I have a pet in my house, a dog – Maxy. My love for the dog is obvious and it plays so well with everyone. I stepped out of my room to its cage, fed it and played with it. Looking at my dog gave me an inspiration to what the animal kingdom looks like. 

Gradually, my blackout began to reduce, but I knew I needed to engage myself in more activities. I hadn’t reached that climax of idea flow. So, I did the following:

  1. Skipping

Medically, exercise helps the mind. This has been proofs in most fitness instructors’ advice and articles. So, I engaged in skipping. I have a skipping rope for my workout. I skipped for a few minutes and retired to my writing corner in my room. It helped me snap out of my blackout.

  1. Unusual reaction

I’m fond of doing some unusual things when I’m excited, unhappy or just feel like creating memories in the hearts of my loved ones. One of such is screaming. Yes! Screaming. I screamed my heart and felt relieved. 

  1. My readers

My readers came to play in this. I began to soliloquise. I asked myself different questions such as: would your readers feel good if you don’t write today? Will they look forward to your story tomorrow if you write today? You sure know the answers – these propelled me into action.

  1. My original source

I couldn’t have snapped out of my blackout without the help of God. Within me, I prayed quietly to my Father in heaven to help me because I needed to write and be consistent with what I’m doing. I need to be accountable and He sure helped me.

These are the practical ways I applied to snap out of my blackout. Yours could be different from mine, but one thing is sure – keep moving no matter how hard it could be. Even if you are the only one there, find solace in your presence and keep pressing forward.

Do you want to share how you snapped out of your downtimes or blackouts? Why not type it in the comment section below.

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