5 Things You Should Do Every Morning

Things you should do every morning

Waking up every morning with different chains of thought can be burdensome with no particular order of getting them sorted because there are things you should do every morning. I have been in that situation many times but I have been able to fix some over time.

Sometimes you might even be unsure of some things you should do every morning when you wake up, not because they do not know what to do; rather they did not give proper planning to their activities the previous night or day. 

In this article, I will be talking about five things you should do every morning when you wake up. They are things I do as well especially when my plans are impromptu. You may find them proximate but probably you did not think of them as an escape plan for you. 

Things you should do every morning

  1. Pray

This might sound religious but it is a way of life that I believe one should engage in every day. Praying does not necessarily mean you have to be present in the physical church to commune with God. You can pray within your closet and comfort of your house. In this context, praying is committing your daily activities into the hands of God to guide and help you through it.

You would be amazed at how your day would look like despite the unplanned schedule. This is also a form of spiritual growth and a balance of all areas of your life.

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  1. Workout

The mind needs to be constantly active and one way to achieve that is by engaging in workouts. It is better to stretch out your muscles and relax your nerves with workouts. After your meditation in the morning, another activity you should engage in is exercise. 

Workout helps the mind and body to be in good shapes. You might not be ready for the day’s activities; but while engaging in the exercise, you would begin to discover how to figure them out, especially when you have been given a target the previous day and had retired to bed disturbed about how to achieve the goal.

Things you should do every morning

  1. Take Note or Document 

If there is one thing I am known for, or that has over time become my habitual life, it is taking note or documenting every idea that runs through my mind. It has always helped me. 

Taking a note of your ideas, mostly fresh thoughts that traversed through your mind immediately you wake up in the morning is vital to achieving your goals. 

There is no stupid or worthless idea, so you don’t have to cancel any idea you thought about. It could even be an idea that is not related to your current situation, but make sure you take a note of it. 

More so, taking a note of your ideas gives you the thought of accountability and responsibility. Apart from that, you would be able to strategise and plan ahead of the day. It sure helps a lot.

  1. Strategise

Strategy is one of the five things you should do every morning when you wake up without any prior plans of your day. But you need to be very careful, smart and diligent with it. Knowing well that your ideas are fresh and unplanned, you need to properly strategise and employ the objective approach to it. 

One of the ways you can strategise without failing is to place a priority on your to-do list. You have to set your plans based on the order of importance, else you would set out to do the less important ones, unconsciously neglecting the most significant in your list.

Things you should do every morning

Another way to strategise is to ensure that you are working on the urgent and most productive goal at a particular time. You do not necessarily have to achieve all your set goals in a day, just map out the most important, urgent and productive item and get ready to work. 

You need to know that while working on your plans, there should not be any form of distraction. Distractions come in various forms such as social media, family, friends, mobile device and even yourself. Ensure your mind is focused on your plans, not busy wandering around the world. You know what I mean – I have such a mind but I am always deliberate to keep it focused on whatever I am doing.

  1. Take Action or Activate

After you have achieved tips one to four mentioned above, it is time for you to bring it into reality. This is the most important of all the five things you should do every morning when you wake up. You must develop the mindset of taking action at every given opportunity. 

No lazy dreamer can achieve his or her dreams if they don’t take action. You may have the brightest idea in the world but if you do not take action, your great world-changing idea would remain in the paper there looking at you. Your idea needs activation. You must activate your dream, idea and thought by bringing it into being. That idea of yours is not for the paper or mind only, it is for the world to benefit from it. So, if you don’t take action how will they be a blessing of your remarkable idea?

You don’t have to start big before you activate your idea, start small. In fact, start little, just take a step, start something and do something. Whatever your beautiful idea or thought is, take action. Do you have a global idea but you reside in the most unsophisticated area, just activate that idea. It is when you take action that your global idea will be seen, recognised and be accepted by the global world.

These are the things you should do every morning.

Take Action!


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