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5 businesses to do as an undergraduate with N10k or less

There are several businesses you can do as an undergraduate, especially during this covid-19 pandemic.

I remember a story my guardian told me some years ago, about how his course mate began to sell dried cow skin, commonly known as ponmo.

The intent of this young man then was to alleviate poverty in his family who struggled to find his academics.

If I may recall, it happened about 20 years ago when the idea of entrepreneurship wasn’t at the reach of almost everyone, unlike the opportunities that abound today.

My guardian told me that his coursemate made a fortune out of the ponmo sales, sponsored his siblings through the higher institution and enlarged his business after graduation.

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I did not have the opportunity to venture into any form of enterprise during my university days, but I have come to learn that starting young is always the best. During this stage, you are permitted to fall and rise, learn and relearn, strategize and re-strategize.

So, without further ado, here are five businesses you can venture into as an undergraduate, even while the world awaits a reopening of all normalcy.


1️⃣ Freelancing
This kind of business does not necessarily require funds. And there are various freelance jobs you can take up as an undergraduate. Just channel your skill and passion to this, and find your pathway. Some freelance jobs are writing, community service, caregiving, and so on.


2️⃣ Farming
Who doesn’t like farming? You may not have to turn yourself into a farmer, but you can become a homemade farmer by venturing into some agricultural businesses that can be run within your house. Such businesses are poultry, fish farming, snail farming and even begin to smoke dry them. Everyone loves natural foods.


3️⃣ Food business
Food is an essential business that no one can do without. No matter how much a city is wallowing in economic meltdown, food is essential. As an undergraduate, you can apply modern approach to yours such as packaging. Reach out to your friends, circles, network and others and talk about your business.


4️⃣ Smoothie making
COVID-19 has taught everyone the importance of having a strong immune system. One of the ways to achieve this is by adding fruits to your daily diet. You don’t need much to do here. Just purchase some fruits, blend them and refrigerate for your customers. You are good to go.


5️⃣ Doorstep delivery
Not everyone has the money to pay the delivery service of some companies. You can offer such service. Go to the market for them, help them purchase items they need, if possible clean up the items such as beef, pepper and so on. Then deliver them at their doorsteps. You do not only get paid for the delivery, but also earn on some items.

I hope this post has helped you. Feel free to comment and share.

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